Valentine’s astrology

With Mardi Gras season in full force and Spring already sprung here in New Orleans, we may feel the need to be completely free and express our uniqueness without the usual social constraints that tend to dictate our behavior for the rest of the year. These two tendencies, on the one hand expansion and freedom […]

Autumn Cleanse

Based on Ayurvedic medicine and the Cycles of the Earth   Practicing cleansing on a regular basis is a wonderful way to eliminate toxins, lose extra weight (or even gain weight, as needed), increase physical stamina, mental clarity and general well-being, as well as create the perfect basis for personal and spiritual growth.   A […]

The PHI Experience

  The PHI Experience is a unique expression of consciousness. Showing itself as a blend of sound healing, story telling, mythology, music and ritual, it will transport you to a place where body, mind, heart and soul become aligned with divine purpose, thereby creating a group experience of the highest caliber. Three years after 2012, […]

The Plant(ain) that Saved my Life

Plantain is probably the most valuable medicinal plant known on Earth. Fortunately it is one of the most commonly found plant species. It grows everywhere, probably including in your own back yard, or between the cracks of the sidewalk in front of where you live. It is also known to most as the lowliest of […]

From Bears to Werewolves (continued from last post)

The following summer (I was sixteen and had just graduated from high school) I decided to take a trip to New England. I got a ride with my friend Ted, a graduate student at the University of Delaware who was doing research in botany. He was going to Boston to visit family and friends. At […]

Socrates’ demise ~

Plants have always inspired me. I grew up on a rural property in Southeastern Pennsylvania, just over the border from Delaware. My siblings and I spent countless hours outside, playing in trees and running in fields. My first encounter with a plant that really piqued my curiosity was the result of a middle school biology […]

Event at Your Inner Light – with Dannion Brinkley

The Here and the Hereafter And How it All Connects New York Times Best Selling Author of “Saved by the Light”, Dannion Brinkley will share his three near death experiences and the profound revelations he received. Having been to the other side he brings a unique persective on Life and Death as we know it. […]

Spring and the Cardinal Grand Cross

 Spring! After a long and grueling winter for many of us, this year Spring is offering renewal and relief in an unusual explosion of colors, scents and sounds. Crocus, Daffodils, Forsythia, Tulips and Cherry blossoms in our yards, streets and gardens, and Lesser Celandine, Skunk Cabbage, Garlic Mustard and the Ephemerals in our fields and […]

Forage and Feast : Wild Edible and Medicinal Plants in Your Back Yard

  Plants have been our most faithful companions since we have been human – without them we would not be here. They provide us with food (not just the fruits and veggies) and oxygen, they purify our water… they even power our cars and heat our homes. I wouldn’t be writing these words without them […]

How are your circadian rhythms?

Hello, and Happy Solstice! The approach of the winter solstice can be a difficult time, not only because we don’t get as much sun-based vitamin D as we do in the spring and summer months, but also because, in spite of what our bodies are telling us – “Do I REALLY want to go to […]