Basics of Energy Healing

These classes are open to all, and particularly to health professionals and those interested in helping family, friends and clients with health issues. You will gain a better understanding of the Human Energy Field, the intuitive process and how to integrate crystals into your life, for the greatest good of your family, clients and – of course – yourself.

1) What is the Human Energy Field?

Regardless of race, color, religion or culture, we humans have one thing in common: a Human Energy Field. Sometimes referred to in religious or spiritual literature as the “aura”, the Human Energy Field is the interface between our physical bodies, our minds, our emotions and the rest of the universe. This class will focus on the HEF, what it is, what comprises it and how it functions, including the Chakra system and the Auric layers. This is an important prelude to the study of Reiki and other energy modalities.

2) Trusting your intuition.

Have you ever had an instinct, or “gut feeling” about something, and then told yourself “no, it can’t be”, only to find out that your feeling was true? Or made a decision, feeling it was wrong but rationalizing that it was the best thing, only to realize that your first instinct was correct? Learning to trust our intuition is sometimes difficult, because we are taught early on to reject information that is not “rational” or “reasonable”. In this class, you will re-learn how to trust your intuition, your authentic guide who has your best interest at heart!

3) How to use a pendulum.

A pendulum is a simple instrument that can easily be made from a piece of string and a button, or any small object that can be attached to a string. Correctly used, this instrument can help us to determine simple facts, like the presence and depth of underground water, or the location of a lost object. When used appropriately, it becomes the extension of the human energy field, and thus allows us to obtain information about virtually anything, on the condition that the ego is left out of the equation. It is also an amazing tool that allows us to align our energies to the universal order present on the Earth, in the skies and in the whole universe. Pendulums oscillate in exactly the same way that the Earth turns around the Sun, and that galaxies spin. This force connects us to the Universal Energy Field.

4) The healing powers of Crystals.

Crystals come in many forms, from Amethyst to Quartz, Lapis Lazuli, Citrine, and even precious gems like Emeralds and Diamonds. We will learn about the incredible healing properties of crystals, and how to use them to enhance your environment at home or work, in a child’s bedroom, or any place that feels “not quite right”. We will also learn which crystals correspond to which elements of the Human Energy Field, and how to use them to unblock stagnant chakras, or strengthen auric layers. See class number 1 above for more details on the Human Energy Field.

Each workshop is approximately 2 hours long. If you have your own pendulum and/or crystals (smallish – that fit in your hand), please feel free to bring them.

Please contact Sarah for more information.