A Lock Key Owl, aka ASA

May 5th, 2018 sarah-admin

A Lock Key Owl (Aka Asa)

I have been practicing sound healing, using Tibetan bowls, crystal singing bowls, rattles, bells and other instruments, since 2011. Offering my services to local yoga studios, metaphysical shops and a cancer treatment facility in Baltimore, MD, I have also done in-home private sessions for couples and individuals. I studied sound healing with and received certification from Patricia Norton, Certified Sound Therapist.

My mission: to Live Unconditional Love. I was raised in a non-denominational Christian church, and still consider that to be my spiritual foundation. However, I left the church at age 18 to seek God in other religions. The more I sought out the Highest Being, the more I found myself at my own Highest in life. I help people re-member who they are, their mission, purpose or what they are here to fulfill. I have been recognized as  “A Heart Man” ~ I avoid judging others, and I accept all beings for who they are.

I came to this planet/lifetime already knowing myself and my purpose ~ most of my modalities were already present in my cellular memory. I initiate people to other realms of consciousness, help Spirits transition to their next abode, and change environmental frequencies to be more in alignment with Source. For wherever I AM, I offer my life and energy to assist all beings to be the best they can be, so that we all may vibrate at the same frequency, and thus align ourselves with the Almighty.


My Modalities:


Sound Baths

A sound bath happens when participants are being “bathed” by sound waves from musical instruments and chants (songs).  The participants are encouraged to do some stretching exercises before and after the session in order to allow each person to receive healing energies and let go of stress. They have the opportunity to either lay down or sit up during this session.


Restart Ceremony

Restart Ceremony is a Sacred Ceremony welcoming Deities to the planet.  These Deities are the participant’s higher selves. This is done by first creating a safe container for the individual to purge out toxic obstructions that are blocking their Higher selves to be present.  I use musical instruments, chants, sounds and certain fragrances that assist the participant’s energy (souls) to open up and shine thru the darkness of their subconscious, as the Deities like to hear sounds and smell familiar smells that represent them.  Participants either lay down, stand or sit during this session, whatever feels best to them.

Contact me: Reachhiyah@gmail.com. Reachhiyah on Facebook. 443-776-0032


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