Astrology: the archetypes of the human experience


Astrology is the oldest symbol system known to humanity. Longtime considered a valuable tool and scholarly endeavor, it was used extensively in collaboration with medicine, alchemy, astronomy and meteorology. Then the Church decided to demonize the practice, and modern day science followed suit, deeming it unscientific and unworthy of attention. Some astrologers claim, however, that today’s politicians secretly use astrology for timing events on a regular basis. One astrologer suggested that Hilary Clinton probably used astrology to figure out the exact moment to accept the Democratic party nomination for president of the United States, which – unfortunately for her – did not have the awaited outcome. 

For me, astrology is an invaluable tool of self-awareness, useful for discovering one’s purpose in life. The natal chart, or birth chart, is the two-dimensional rendition of the interplay of the energies present at the time of birth, as represented by the planets, signs and houses. In other words, the chart is like a blueprint for the unfolding of a human life. Nothing is set in stone, since the language of astrology is about essence and not about deeds, and our free will allows us to choose one path or another, at any moment in time. Astrology can, however, teach us about our tendencies and abilities, and show us where we would benefit from putting our energy.

Based on a system of 12, Astrology combines the 4 elements (Fire, Earth, Air and Water) with the 3 qualities (Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable), resulting in 12 signs, each a unique combination of an element paired with a quality. These are the twelve basic archetypes that describe the human experience. They are represented by the signs (Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces) and are repeated in the 12 houses. These archetypes also exist in the planets, with a slightly different dynamic, as there is not one planet for each sign, but rather a dual rulership system. Other elements contribute to the overall picture, such as asteroids, lunar nodes and the aspects formed between the planets, nodes, asteroids and cardinal points.

Astrology is the art of synthesizing myriad bits of information into a cohesive narrative that allows the native (from nativus: born of) to comprehend the greater forces at work, and thus be able to take ownership of personal traits and tendencies, acting from a place of self-knowledge and self-determination. We are each unique expressions of energy, and astrology can help us understand who we are, how we show up in the world and how we can best utilize our resources to benefit ourselves, our loved ones and all of humanity. It is when we are truly aligned with our highest purpose that we align with God and with all of Creation, bringing true harmony and peace on Earth.



Astrology for the Novice: 6-part series

This is a series that covers the basics of astrology. Starting with symbols and glyphs, we then take a look at the signs, studying the four elements and the three qualities that make up the twelve archetypal signs and houses. We also learn to read the domains of influence, the planets and their aspects, and slowly graduate into interpretation. During each class we will take the time to look at one or more individual charts to illustrate what is being taught and to give students a look at their own astrology. This series will enable you to become fluent in the language of astrology and feel confident to begin interpreting on your own.

Dates for 2019: all classes are held at Earth Odyssey, 306 Chartres St., New Orleans

Astrology for the Novice   ~ Tuesday evenings ~ $27 each, $144 for the series

  1. Intro to Astrology: basic notions 9/10
  2. The Signs through the Seasons, pt. 1 9/24
  3. The Signs through the Seasons, pt. 2 10/8
  4. Houses, Quadrants, Hemispheres and Chart Forms 10/22
  5. Planets and Aspects 11/5
  6. Chart Interpretation 11/19

Please email Sarah at with your name and which class or classes you would like to take. Payments can be made by PayPal ( before the start of the class. Contact me for other types of payment at the above email or text (302) 507-6548.



We take the time to go over the essential elements of your natal chart, including all of the planets, house placements, ascendant, north node and other important points. This reading speaks of your tendencies, abilities and potential liabilities, but it does not offer predictions. I do offer advice on how to work with the energies that are indicated in your chart, and will gladly answer questions about health and well-being. A typical session lasts anywhere from 60-120 minutes. Please provide your birth date, time and place when scheduling a session. Sessions may be done in person, online or over the phone.

Price per session: $189


Email me (Sarah) at or call (302) 507-6548 to set up an appointment.