Pre-holidays Ayurvedic Cleanse

September 27th, 2017 sarah-admin

At Nola Yoga Loft, Thursdays, 10/19 – 11/16/2017 ~ $180

The benefits of cleansing  have long been known and practiced throughout the ages. Less drastic than fasting, cleansing has the benefits of it, with notably less  discomfort and none of the potential risks associated with fasting.

Ayurvedic medicine is the oldest medicine known on earth, predating even traditional Chinese medicine. The concepts developed in Ayurveda are simple yet profound, connecting our life energies to the cycles of Nature and the laws of the Universe.

The Ayurvedic Cleanse is a month-long practice divided into four parts, one for each week. Starting with Pre-cleanse, we prepare the body for what is to come by eliminating certain foods and substances, then the actual Cleanse begins, followed by Deep Cleanse if desired, and finally Rebuilding. Ayurveda tells us that each person and body is unique, and responds differently to the environment, including the food that we eat. It also gives us tools to find out which basic type we belong to (Vata, Pitta or Kapha), which allows us to modify our diets accordingly. During this cleanse you will choose what is best for you, whether going to the full deep cleanse, or staying in pre-cleanse mode for the entire month. You will be encouraged to trust yourself and your body to know what is best for you.

Cleanses are best done during the off seasons, Spring and Fall. This is because the cosmic energies are less extreme, and the temperatures as well. We find ourselves at a place where our beings  will benefit the most from taking on a subtle discipline.

Autumn Ayurvedic Cleanse is designed to allow for a gentle yet thorough cleansing of the body, but also of the more subtle aspects of ourselves, thoughts and emotions. We will meet five times over the course of the month. You will be provided with a binder and will receive new material each week, including recipes and information about Ayurvedic practice, all meant to help you on this amazing journey.

What some have said about this cleanse:

“This has truly changed my life.” A.Z., New Orleans

“I am not the same person I was before the cleanse – I have changed, for the better!” E.J. New Orleans

For more information contact Sarah Murray: & (302) 507-6548

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