Mercury Retrograde, July 2019

This week I will talk about Mercury as he prepares to go retrograde, this coming Sunday, July 7th. The Mercury retrograde period lasts 3 weeks, about 3-4 times every year. For each retrograde there is a week before and a week after the retrograde, known as the shadows (pre- and post-shadows) where the retrograde can […]

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Crystal Energy Therapy ~ an introduction to healing in the Aquarian Age

Crystal Energy Therapy is the result of two decades of practice, research and intuitive information gathering aimed at the creation of a practical means of using crystals for healing. Before going any further it might be a good idea to define what exactly we mean by “healing.” According to Meriam-Webster’s online dictionary, healing is defined […]

Quartz, the only crystal you will ever need (but maybe not the only one you’ll ever want!)

Quartz crystals are made of SiO2 or silicon dioxide, the second most common mineral of the Earth’s crust (the most common being Feldspar). They are formed deep underground, where the  pressure, heat and the presence of water and minerals allow for their growth. Crystals are formed following natural laws of geometry, and Quartz is based […]

The Plant(ain) that Saved my Life

Plantain is probably the most valuable medicinal plant known on Earth. Fortunately it is one of the most commonly found plant species. It grows everywhere, probably including in your own back yard, or between the cracks of the sidewalk in front of where you live. It is also known to most as the lowliest of […]

The Beauty of Nettles

Did you know that cooked Stinging Nettles contain as much complete protein, pound per pound, as steak? They are also extremely rich in vitamins and minerals, and other phytonutrients that make them a true super-food. This is the prime season to go out and gather your Nettles, but beware: they do sting! Arm yourself with […]

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