Astrology for Debutants

Astrology is the oldest symbol system known to humanity. For millennia, it was used in association with the noble sciences of medicine, alchemy and meteorology, and was indistinguishable from astronomy, until certain political and religious leaders decided it was not to be used by the common people. They ridiculed the use of it in public, while secretly continuing to use it privately, and many of them still use it today. That alone indicates what a powerful tool it is!

Astrology for Débutants is a month-long program designed to teach you the basics of astrology, how to interpret your own chart and understand how it reflects your character and personality. Knowing astrology is very helpful to understand self and others, thereby giving us greater knowledge of who we are, our relationships, and what we came here to accomplish.

  • Week 1: The Language of Astrology. Learning to understand the origins and meanings of the symbols (alphabet) that make up the language of astrology.
  • Week 2: Moving through the Seasons. Becoming familiar with each sign, the element, quality and gender it possesses, and how each one fits into the 12-fold pattern of a yearly cycle.
  • Week 3: Domains of Influence. Understanding the 12 houses, the 4 quadrants, the hemispheres and chart forms.
  • Week 4: Planets and Aspects. Personal, social and generational planets, and how they interact in the natal chart.
  • Week 5: Interpreting a Chart. Integration, assimilation and intuition.

Next series starting in November, 2017: each Wednesday evening, 7:30 – 9:00 PM at NOLA Yoga Loft, 2042 Magazine St., New Orleans, LA