Anatomy of the Human Energy Field

Did you know that the human body is surrounded by an electro-magnetic energy field called the Human Energy Field? This field is a vital element of the body, as it contains most of the information necessary for us to be alive. Otherwise known as the “aura”, the HEF was not measurable until fairly recently, when Kirlian photography and other techniques proved its existence to the western mind.

Ancient civilizations have known about the HEF for millennia. It is described in ancient scriptures of China and India, which give details about the placement of the major energy centers known as “chakras”, as well as the actual field itself, having an egg-shaped form surrounding the physical body.

This field is the origin of all function and activity in the physical body. As such, it is also the seat of any imbalances that may occur, which – if left untreated – will eventually manifest as physical illness. For example, thought is not contained within the limits of the physical brain, but rather exists predominantly in one of the auric layers called the “mental body”; emotion is found in the “emotional body” and so forth.

My work as a Crystal Energy Therapist has led me to explore the Human Energy Field in depth, and it is my honor and privilege to be sharing this information with those who are interested in knowing more about it. Please join me for a fun and fascinating time exploring the mysteries of the Human Energy Field.


Sarah Murray

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