Beginner’s Astrology

Astrology is the oldest symbol system known on Earth. When someone asks you, “What sign are you?”, they are referring to your Sun sign, or the sign where the sun was transiting at the moment of your birth. In reality, there are many factors that make up the birth chart, and although it is very important, the Sun sign is just one of them. 

The astrology system is complex, and can be daunting when one is first learning about the Zodiac, the Houses and the Planets, and how they all interact with each other to form each person’s unique birth chart. The birth chart is like a snapshot of  the heavens at the moment of your birth. It gives us important information about who you are, not because the planets affect you directly, but because they are the blueprint of the energetic influences at play in the Universe at your time of birth. They imprint upon your energy field as you move from one state (unborn) to the next (born). If you were born in early April, you will be a native of the sign Aries. But the positions of your Moon, Venus, Mars and other planets are different from those of another Aries native, giving you your unique blueprint.

There are 12 signs in the Zodiac, 12 houses and 10 planets, plus a few asteroids of interest. The signs represent archetypal qualities beginning with the Self (Aries), moving through the different aspects of the human experience until we reach the fusion with the Greater Self (Pisces). The houses are the areas in which these experiences take place, and the planets indicate focal points that show us the particular path we have chosen to take.

Astrology teaches us about ourselves: our personality traits, our tendencies, even our physical appearance is often apparent. It also gives us the opportunity to understand one another, and to embrace tolerance and acceptance of others, as our human experience is something that we all share. By using astrology to sound the depths of our beings, we can understand the trials and tribulations that we and our fellow human beings are bound to go through, and celebrate our presence here on this Earth in harmony with the seasons and tides of the Universe.


Astrology for Beginners: January 5th, 2016 ~ 7:00 – 8:30 PM  $20

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