Crystal Energy Therapy ~ an introduction to healing in the Aquarian Age

September 3rd, 2017 sarah-admin

Crystal Energy Therapy is the result of two decades of practice, research and intuitive information gathering aimed at the creation of a practical means of using crystals for healing. Before going any further it might be a good idea to define what exactly we mean by “healing.” According to Meriam-Webster’s online dictionary, healing is defined as 1) the act or process of curing or of restoring to health and 2) the process of getting well. But how does the body really heal itself? Is there some sort of program that is operating at an unconscious level to repair physical or emotional trauma? If so, where is it, and how did it get there? Or is healing about divine intervention? Or something else… maybe energy? Whatever it may be, healing happens independently of medicine, sometimes helped by it, sometimes hindered, but medicine is never the cause of healing, just a means to aid the process.

Crystal Energy Therapy or CET is based on several premises, one of which is the idea that crystals have an almost perfect molecular structure that permits energy to be drawn through them and transformed. This enables the practitioner to balance and restructure the energies of an individual, most often resulting in deep relaxation, and sometimes vivid dream-like visions, sensations or realizations are also experienced. CET presupposes the existence of energy and of fields of energy proper to each individual being, but also larger fields that encompass the individuals, and ultimately of a Universal Energy Field that underlies, permeates and supports all of life and existence, on this planet and beyond.  The idea of a resonant field of energy that surrounds and emanates from all living beings* has been around for thousands of years, documented in ancient texts and portrayed in temples across the world. This field is what stores information about our physical body, our thoughts, our emotions and any feelings of connection or disconnection we may have with that which is “outside of” or “greater than” what we perceive to be our “self”. Great mystics and sages have said there is no boundary between the self and the Self, or the expanded version of our perception that has been called God, the Universe, Source, etc.

CET is designed to allow the practitioner to perceive the subtle layers and vortices of the Human Energy Field in order to ascertain the state of the field, its vitality or lack thereof, and any imbalances, or information of any kind that might be present in the field. There are technological means of detecting the presence of the human energy field or “aura”, as it is known by many, such as Kirlian photography; however, Crystal Energy Therapy encourages the use of one’s own intuition, or ability to gather information from beyond the five senses. The more we use this innate tool that we all have, the more we strengthen the “muscle”, and the more refined our intuitive perception becomes.

Like crystals, the human being is an extraordinary manifestation of Nature’s artistry ~ as with all that has been created on this planet, our biology is based on natural laws and principles such as sacred geometry, common to all Life on Earth, the galaxy, and perhaps the entire Universe. Assuming that we were “built” using the same laws and principles as crystals, it would be possible to conclude that, by a phenomenon known as “resonance”, crystals could have healing properties for us. Resonance occurs when two or more bodies come into sync with each other as the result of their vibrational frequencies aligning. As such, they mutually influence each other, and the one vibrating at a lower frequency tends to be raised to the level of the one vibrating at a higher frequency. Crystals, because of their near-perfect structure, naturally vibrate at higher frequencies than most other beings, and therefore bring us into a higher, better-feeling resonance. This is why spending time on a beach is so rejuvenating, because we are literally surrounded by the high vibrational qualities of the sand, which is none other than silica, or quartz. The presence of the cleansing salt water (salt is also a crystal), the sun and the negative ions in the ocean air are also contributing to that sense of well-being, but without the sand, a beach would not be a beach…

Crystal Energy Therapy is not a religion or an ideology. It has no purpose other than to provide an effective means to align oneself and others to the Universal Energy Field or Source Field**, and thus allow our individual energies to resonate with more universal frequencies,  freeing ourselves of imbalance that has created over time unwanted symptoms, whether physical, emotional or mental, and allowing for a greater sense of connection and purpose in life. Using crystals to balance, energize, realign and reconnect our energy fields to Source energy is one of the most effective and powerful ways to understand and overcome the imbalances that show up in our lives, allowing us to recover our sense of health and well-being that we know to be our birth-right.


* I would include crystals here, because although they do not have a biological makeup, they do have a birth of sorts, a period of growth, followed by slow disintegration or “death”.

** See David Wilcock’s book “Source Field Investigations” for an extensive look into this subject.

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Sarah Murray, creator of Crystal Energy Therapy, Astrologer and teacher.


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