Donald Trump, Ho’oponopono and the Great American Eclipse

August 17th, 2017 sarah-admin

I was recently participating in a fire ceremony offered by a couple, friends who have been doing this for the past 11 years, trained specifically by the Huichol Indians for the purpose of creating community and offering a safe place to give and receive blessings. A man arrived late and shared with us that he had spent the day on the phone with his friends who were protesting the hate group gathering in Charlottesville, VA. He expressed his dismay at how the events played out, and how he would have wanted to be there to protect his friends from the blows of the attackers. I felt for him. I felt for the wounded and the dead, and their families. And I felt myself wanting humanity to just get over this stupidity and join together NOW! 

The President was called out for expressing his views “too little, too late.” Far from condoning his actions, I would simply say that he was being true to himself – at least to the self that has been conditioned to think in terms of “us” and “them”. And there is only one feeling at the origin of this belief, that some of us are GOOD and some are “very, very BAD” – and that feeling is FEAR. 

I have heard and read various pleas for “taking a stand” and calling out violence, condemning those who are responsible for the hate crimes. And while I understand where they are coming from, I disagree with their remedies. Countering hate with hate just doesn’t work. Daryl Davis, the black musician who has convinced 200 KKK klansmen to abandon their membership with the klan, says up front: “How can you hate me when you don’t even know me?” His actions speak loudly, and no amount of condemning will ever convince anyone to give up their views, while offering friendship to enemies can work wonders.

That being said, yes, there is a desperate need for awareness. Racism divides us all, as a people, as a nation. What if there was a deliberate will to use it to “divide and conquer” and to keep us from coming together as a people? What if the police brutality used against people of color was part of a larger plan to encourage us to hate each other? I have noticed an increase in reverse racism, which – although totally understandable – doesn’t help us find solutions. And as much as I get the plea for white people to own our role as the beneficiaries of white privilege, I refuse to feel guilt or shame because some of my ancestors were slave owners, and they were. I feel sorrow for those who suffered from their actions, but I cannot be held responsible for what they did. And I would hope that no one feels that because of their heritage, they should be held accountable for the suffering happening today. What we can be held accountable for is our tendency to accept what we are being told without question. Our complicity in allowing “authorities” to determine what is best for us, replacing real food with GMO’s, spraying our skies with toxic waste, forcing vaccines on our children when their innocuity is far from being certain, lacing our water with fluoride whose main action is to make us more compliant with authority… Higher education has been co-opted by extreme right-wing billionaires, Naturopaths and doctors that embrace a natural approach have been dying at a very unnatural rate (suicided, perhaps…), pharmaceutical companies and banks have been immune to any and all condemnation for their fraudulent actions, or get away with a slap on the wrist… To me, THESE are the real issues, and they are very far from being on the forefront, because we are too busy telling each other it’s the other’s fault. 

During his campaign, Donald Trump used racist, sexist and hate-filled language to “fire up” his supporters, some of whom have taken him to task and carried out unthinkable acts of violence. He carries responsibility for this, and those calling him out want him to condemn these acts, but if he did so, he would not be true to his “nature”, or nurture…or lack thereof. This man is obviously ill. As an energy healer, I would guess that his energy field is severely out of balance. He needs healing, but then so do so many other Americans today, as the health care system is failing miserably to keep us healthy. 

We are in the midst of a major shift. In spite of Trump’s obvious inadequacy as president, perhaps he is just what we needed to realize that we are all in this together, and that our only viable solution is to come together as the diverse and beautiful population that we are, with all of our ethnicities, religions, spiritual beliefs, sexual preferences, and skin colors accepted, honored and cherished. Now is the time, as we approach the Great American Eclipse this Monday, to reach out to our neighbors, no matter who they are or what they have been or done, and tell them “I’m sorry, please forgive me ~ thank you, I love you.”*

* Ho’oponopono is the Hawaiian name of this phrase which is said in a ritual to de-escalate bad feelings between people, allowing them to come together to work through their differences. 

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