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Crystal Energy Therapy workshop (2)

Come learn how to use crystals for balancing and healing the Human Energy Field. This 2-day workshop will give you a solid basis from which to build your healing practice, or simply work on friends and family for their highest and greatest good. See Crystal Energy Therapy section for more info.
Crystal Energy Therapy workshop (2)

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Time is TBD
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About the Event

Crystals are like surgical tools. Their particular molecular structure pulls energy through them, allowing blocked or stagnant energy to be transformed in the process. This is of great value in the Human Energy Field, as it allows us to restore clear energy patterns, mend tears in the energy field, download information from it, etc.  By the end of this class you will have a basic understanding of how to use crystals for healing, either for yourself or others, in private or in a healing practice.  


During this 2-day workshop we will study the Human Energy Field and its components (auric layers and chakras) and work with each other’s energy fields using crystals. We will explore the ways in which our energy fields store information, how to assess energy imbalances, reintegrate missing or displaced auric layers, etc. We will also learn how to become vessels through which healing light can move, for the benefit of our clients, ourselves, and those whose lives we touch.

Cost of this class: $180 ~ Saturday only: $100

Space limited to 10, pre-registration required. To register, contact Sarah: (302) 507-6547 or email purehealinginsight@gmail.com

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