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Full Moon Astrology for December 12, 2019

Full Moon in Gemini, 12/12 at 12:12:12 in Central Time Zone!

This last full moon of the first decade of the millennium has a very interesting numerological signature, especially for those of us living in the Central time zone. It happens on 12/12/2019 at 12:12:12 AM, so just barely after midnight for us here in Louisiana. Twelve is a very interesting number that has particular significance in the patriarchy, which has its origins in the Sumerian culture. Incidentally, some believe that Sumer, one of the earliest known civilizations, was jump-started by a race of alien beings known as the Anunnaki. Zecharia Sitchin, a scholar and expert in ancient languages, even suggests in his books – based on his translation of Sumerian texts - that they created the human race from their own DNA mixed with that of an early hominid. Fascinating ideas to ponder…

Twelve gods made up the cast of the Greek pantheon, which originated from earlier times. Today, we still experience the imprint of that program in the most practical areas of our lives: measurement of time (12 months of a year, 12 hours on a clock face), distance (12 inches in a foot) and quantity (a dozen). We also have 12 astrology signs in Western and Chinese astrology, and some natural phenomena like the 12 lunar months in a solar year, Jupiter’s orbital cycle of 12 years, the 12 tones in a musical scale… And there are many instances of the number 12 having great significance for 3 of the major religions on the planet, Judaism, Islam and Christianity. There are also the 12 days of Christmas, the 12 apostles, and in our justice system there are 12 jurors and 12 Supreme Court justices. This list is far from exhaustive, but it gives us an idea of how prevalent the number 12 is in our culture.

Twelve is a powerful number with unique properties: in numerology, it represents Divine Creation (1-the Whole + 2-the Binary = 3-Creation). I will not cite the many mathematical properties this number possesses, but as the most prevalent number in the Bible, its importance is obvious. In Tarot, the 12 of the Major Arcana is The Hanged Man, which represents sacrificing Self (or Ego) for the Highest Good through meditation or living in the present moment. Reversed, it represents selfishness and the prevalence of ego. Every number has its shadow side, and the shadow of 12 speaks of egoism, victimhood and disempowerment. Does this sound familiar? It should, because we have been programmed with the negative properties of this number by our patriarchal past, the priests and rulers of which were bent on keeping the masses under their power and control.

Why should this be important to us? Because this full moon in Gemini is offering us a portal through which we can reprogram this powerful number into a vehicle for enlightenment, thus replacing the negative programming having to do with victimhood and disempowerment that has been encoded and emphasized in our culture for centuries, if not millenia.

And now back to our astrology… We have been working with communication and the expression of our truth for the past few months. This last full moon of the decade brings this theme to a pinnacle, as four planets (Venus, Mars, Saturn and Pluto) direct their attention to the Moon (our subconscious mind) in Gemini (communication and community-based experience) with aspects that have us ask the questions, “Am I willing to address the issues that I’ve been skirting for so long because they might destroy me (my ego)? Or, do I choose to skip along to the next adventure and leave a gaping wound unresolved, yet my ego intact?” To add insult to injury, Sun, Jupiter, Neptune, Lilith and Chiron are all in difficult aspect to our Moon, who appears to be taking quite a beating. This leaves her with two choices: either she gets up the courage to finally speak her truth and address these issues that she has been dogging for a while (unhappy relationships, abuse, victimhood…), normalizing and justifying them so as not to rock the boat, OR she puts on her sunglasses and looks the other way. It doesn’t take rocket science to understand that although much more difficult in the beginning, the first option will ultimately lead her to step into her power and her sovereignty, whereas the second option… well, you know – same old same old, only worse, because the wounds keep festering underneath a carefully designed façade of fake veneer, which one day may end up as a full-blown life crisis (often disease), that will force her to take a long, hard look at what she’s been avoiding, because by that time she will be faced with her mortality.

One thing that I have learned over the years is that we never get served more than we can handle. Our ego may think otherwise, but our higher Self knows that ultimately, when we align ourselves with Divine Will (that which is in the highest and greatest interest of all, based on values of love, compassion and kindness), not only is our best interest served, but that of everyone and everything else as well. So what may seem impossible or unreasonable to our mind (ego), our heart knows that we will find ways to honor that small voice telling us that by facing our fears and daring to express our truth, we win. And with Jupiter and Uranus in a positive aspect, we are being offered the perfect circumstances to operate the changes we need in the physical realm. Our actions are divinely guided, with Mars and Neptune also in positive alignment, as long as we express the values of compassion, kindness and love for our Self and Others, even as we address those difficult issues.

The potential for reprogramming the deep conditioning that we have received for hundreds of generations is phenomenal. The times ahead promise to be extremely interesting and potentially challenging for us all. By taking action now and following our higher guidance, breaking through obstacles that once seemed impossible to move, we are disrupting programs that have been running to keep us prisoners of our minds for eons, thus freeing ourselves from the greedy overlords who would keep us in a state of slavery forevermore. Those times are OVER. We are Sovereign Beings, more powerful than we imagine, on the verge of creating the world that we know to be in alignment the highest and greatest good for All Beings. We have a huge responsibility here (Saturn in Capricorn) but the potential for change is equally immense (Sun, Pluto, Saturn and Mercury align in Capricorn on January 12th, 2020). By accepting the challenge to change our individual realities, we are offering to the Collective the means to shift into a totally new paradigm, thus truly ushering in the Age of Aquarius.

In Peace and Gratitude,


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