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New Moon in Gemini, May 22nd, 2020

If there ever was a time to speak your truth, this is it. With four planets and the North Node in Gemini, verbal expression is a tool that can be used to influence outcomes at this time, whether at a personal level or in the collective realm. That being said, with Venus and other planets being retrograde, much of our talk will be directed inwards. This is not a bad thing, because Venus wants us to reflect upon what values we are upholding and what is really important in our lives, such as our relationships (with self and others), our bodies, how we support ourselves and our families, and how we show up in the world. Retrograde planets turn our focus inward in order to review and revisit the themes they represent. At this time, the powerhouse planets Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter are also retrograde, and Uranus and Mars will retrograde later this year. This massive movement inwards (and although the actual movement of these planets doesn’t change, only the appearance, the effects are tangible) is changing our perspective, allowing us to restructure our lives in order to accommodate the changes that are taking place within us and all around us, and rethink everything about our lives, about the society we want to live in, and ultimately about our purpose and place in the universe.

Let’s take a quick look at the numbers in this chart: 2 has great significance once again, as it did in several charts we saw over the course of this past winter. Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Neptune are all at 2º or 20º, and take a look at the date: 5/22/2020. Today’s date is a 4, therefore about structure and grounding the information we are processing and expressing. Intentions made today will be grounded into the energetic matrix of your universe, so be mindful of what intentions you are putting forward! 2 is about duality, but also about partnership. It is the expression of opposite forces that make up the whole. It can manifest either positively or negatively (again, duality in expression). The positive expression of 2 is partnership. Complementarity. The ebb and flow of everything observable in Nature. Negative expression of 2 happens when one of the sides of the equation wants to stay in place, resisting change and movement, stopping at nothing to maintain the status quo. Sound familiar?

This New Moon opens up the channels of our 5th chakra or throat chakra, that encourages us to express our truth in artistic and creative ways such as writing of all sorts, singing, public speaking and even dancing creatively to move through the density of our current reality. Neptune squaring Venus brings an interesting twist to the plot, as this planet represents the imaginal and creative parts of our psyche, and a square is a challenging aspect. And as we saw earlier, one aspect of the number 2 is duality – this implies that either we are falling prey to the dense and fear-inducing imagery being promoted by whomever gains by keeping us small, or we are tapping into our own inner resources. By ignoring the fear-mongering of the media, we realize that as we wake up and align our energies to our highest and greatest good, we align also to the highest values of love, abundance, freedom and prosperity for all beings on our beloved Earth. This is the dance of Neptune and Venus, and we are being called onto the dance floor!

Mars in Pisces, the sign ruled by Neptune, is hesitant to act, and his MO of fight or flight (duality…) is being seriously challenged here. Squaring our Sun-Moon couple, he is pushing us to think about the messages behind the images that we are being spoon-fed by the powers in place (for now) and to determine for ourselves what is true, balancing our intellectual reasoning with the truth that we feel in our hearts. That being said, when Mars enters his own sign of Aries at the end of June, staying there for 6 months (normally he stays in a sign for about 6 weeks), watch out! The potential for us to see or experience the unrest that has been brewing ever since the beginning of the planetary lock-down is great. It will be our choice as to how to channel those energies in our lives, and whether or not we come together as a unified force to overcome the adversity waiting for us. Mahatma Gandhi’s “Be the change you want to see in the world” will be very à propos in the coming months.

We are experiencing a “changing of the guards,” where the stewardship of our beautiful planet Earth is being taken away from those who have exploited and pillaged her for millenia, with the sole purpose of power and dominion over her and her children, and given to the those whose purpose is to care for her and all beings she has birthed. The meaning of the phrase from the Bible, “The meek shall inherit the Earth” takes on great significance at this time. And yet, meek we are not. Our strength lies in our ability to cast away the programs and conditioning we have received for eons, making us believe we are evil sinners and parasites, and step into our beautiful brilliance as sovereign light beings in a human body. And it is my solid conviction that we shall rise together as One!

In deep gratitude,

Sarah Songbird

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