Pure Healing Insight – Mission and Vision Statements

October 17th, 2017 sarah-admin

The mission of Pure Healing Insight is to offer access to intentional healing, wellness and education based on techniques aligned with the highest and greatest good for the individual, the environment and the planet as a whole.

Beginning with local communities and expanding to include an ever-growing population, PHI is grounded by a deep connection to the Earth and her children, and inspired by universal and cosmic awareness of the energies that permeate and condition our existence. By offering affordable services that heal us and connect us to the Source of all that is, PHI fulfills its mission to assist our dear planet and its inhabitants to become whole, healthy and able to achieve a common goal of sustaining life, promoting love and living in harmony with all that is.

Pure Healing Insight offers a model based on 3 basic principles:

  1. Alignment with Higher Purpose
  2. Alignment with and respect for Nature
  3. Heart-based connection to the community

The first and second principles constitute the vertical connection that aligns us with both the Earth and the Cosmos, while the third principle is the horizontal connection present between the hearts of all living beings.

Alignment with Higher Purpose:

This principle is based on the idea that we incarnated into this world at this time in order to accomplish specific goals, and that we can know what those goals are by listening to the nudgings and callings of our Inner Voice. This implies becoming still and silent enough to be able to hear what that inner voice is saying. Certain techniques help us to do this, while others help us to work through personal issues and blockages in order to free up our energy for the TRUE work we came here to do.

  • Energy work: Reiki, Crystal Energy Therapy, Touch for Health, etc.
  • Body work: massage, Cranio-sacral, Zero-Balancing, Chiropractic…
  • Movement: yoga, Qi Gong, Tai Chi, dance…
  • Meditation: guided or not, based on a technique or spontaneous
  • Art and Music: for self-expression and harmonization
  • Therapies: Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Emotional Freedom Technique, EMDR, Tapping, etc.

Alignment with Nature:

Our connection with Nature is the one factor that will most likely determine the future of humanity and of the continued existence of life on this planet. Humans are the only species on Earth which has the ability to choose to live in or out of harmony with Nature. Up until now, the economic model humans have chosen is clearly not in alignment with our natural world, and if we allow it to continue, it will likely lead us down the road towards disaster and annihilation. This end is not inevitable; however, time is of essence and we must choose to steer clear of the profit-at-all-cost model and instead adopt a more complete model that includes environmental and social impacts, and creates life rather than destroying it. The following techniques can help us to deepen our understanding of and connection to Nature:

  • Nature walks and workshops to learn more about plants, animals, stones, weather, ecological balance, etc.
  • Retreats in Nature, Vision quests
  • Gardening
  • Cooking
  • Cleanses for better health and well being
  • Plant medicines, homeopathy, naturopathy…

Heart-based connection with the Community

We can measure the impact of our work by how it affects the Community. One of the goals of PHI is to participate in the creation of a Healing Center that would practice techniques such as those mentioned above in a beautiful natural setting where anyone can access healing, affordable to all, based on a sliding income scale. The center would include buildings for individual sessions, group sessions and administration, and sizeable grounds to allow for gardening, food production, research, a portion of which would be set aside for Nature. The following activities would be integrated into the structure of the center:

  • Volunteering
  • Community outreach: fun days for kids, activities for seniors, etc.
  • Monthly gatherings to celebrate our connection to Nature
  • Fairs, music fests, etc.

The goal of creating this center is two-fold: to offer a place where anyone can come to find healing, but also to learn about the techniques that are used for that purpose. Additionally, the center will host volunteers to perform tasks such as gardening, maintenance, cooking, etc., who, in exchange for their work, will benefit gratuitously from the services offered at the center.

The healing center would function as a clinic, where people can make an appointment (walk-ins may also be welcome) to discuss their issues. A counselor will devise a program based on what was discussed during the intake session, integrating various techniques into the program to bring about optimal conditions for healing and wellness. The program can be implemented over a period of days, weeks or months, depending on the severity of the issues experienced by the client. Day programs will be offered where a client might spend the entire day benefiting from the services and the natural setting.

Since another function of the center is educational, participants can join programs to learn about gardening, food storage and preparation, landscaping, etc., in addition to learning some of the healing modalities used, such as Crystal Energy Therapy, art and music therapy, yoga and meditation, and so on. Certain programs will offer certification, while others are mainly for self-enrichment. All programs are designed in accordance with natural rhythms, the seasons and other factors that determine the best possible outcomes for everyone involved in working, teaching, learning and healing.

Pure Healing Insight is more than just a company, it is a vision. If you share this vision and want to see the ideas laid out here come to fruition, please get in touch! One person can formulate and activate a vision like this one, but its manifestation is dependent on people coming together and working toward a common cause. Could offering healing, working with Nature and learning about ourselves, our fellow human beings and our planet be one that you feel aligned with? If so, call or email Sarah at (302) 507-6548 or purehealinginsight@gmail.com. Also, check out our website: www.purehealinginsight.com   I look forward to hearing from you!


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