Quartz, the only crystal you will ever need (but maybe not the only one you’ll ever want!)

July 31st, 2017 sarah-admin

Quartz crystals are made of SiO2 or silicon dioxide, the second most common mineral of the Earth’s crust (the most common being Feldspar). They are formed deep underground, where the  pressure, heat and the presence of water and minerals allow for their growth. Crystals are formed following natural laws of geometry, and Quartz is based on the number 6, with six sides and six faces coming together at the point.

The most common and versatile of all crystals are quartz crystals. They come in many colors and are used in many ways, including by industry in the manufacture of computer microprocessors, lasers, watches, radar, sonar, etc. Although virtually all of the quartz used in industry is made synthetically, just like its natural counterpart, it still exhibits a property called piezoelectricity: put under pressure, it generates a weak electric current. Exposed to alternating current, it resonates with a fixed frequency that is extremely regular, making it the ideal propellant of watches and other time-keepers.

From a metaphysical standpoint, Quartz transforms, transmutes and stores information, much like it does for computer processors. Its nearly perfect geometrical structure allows energy to pass through it and be transformed and/or transmuted in the process. For this reason, it is ideal for working with the Human Energy Field (also known as the “Aura”), as it draws negative, stuck or blocked energies and raises the frequency of the field. As the energies become unblocked and move  more freely through the field, health and vitality are restored. This is the same principle that is active during acupuncture, Reiki and Touch for Health sessions. Instead of needles or hands, crystals are the vectors of energy in Crystal Energy Therapy, the modality that I use with my clients.

I developed Crystal Energy Therapy over the past 30 years in France and the US. It involves using crystals to balance and energize the Human Energy Field, removing stuck or blocked energy and replacing it with fresh, vibrant frequencies, thanks to the crystals that transform whatever moves through them. Intuition has a large role to play in the method, as a means of ascertaining physical, emotional and psychological states. This allows for a verbal exchange to take place after the energy work, giving the client a new perspective and tools to work with.


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