Pure Healing Insight offers individual sessions, workshops and classes that address the need for a holistic perspective on health, healing and well-being. Rather than separating our needs and functions into categories, we focus on an integrative approach to living one’s life to the fullest. We in Western countries have been cut off from our connection to Source energy by the divisiveness of religious and scientific dogma. The Earth, as our major support system, is the provider of almost everything that keeps us alive and well: air, water, food, fuel for warmth and light, etc. By recognizing our indebtedness to the Earth, we gain the humility necessary to live in balance with ourselves and others.

Individual Sessions:

  • Massage Therapy
    • Swedish
    • Deep Tissue
    • Reflexology
  • Crystal Energy Therapy, using Crystals and Medical intuition to assess, balance and energize the human energy field. Following up with Naturopathy and/or other modalities to help clients move forward with the issues that become apparent during the initial session.


  • Crystal Energy Therapy, level 1
  • CET, level 2
  • Basics of Energy Healing
  • Beginner’s Astrology

  • Forage and Feast! or, the Edible and Medicinal Properties of Native et Non-Native Wild Plants. Plant walks followed by the preparation of a “Wild Meal” from the results of our foraging.

“Sarah is a clear, conscious and caring companion to the crystals, working with them to bring in more Light to her clients. Once, when I was on her table for a crystal healing, I heard her using loud tuning forks as she went around my body. After the session, when I asked her about the tuning forks, she said, “WHAT tuning forks?” It was her crystals singing! No lie. Sarah hears, sees, teaches and shares technique, and all in gentle, generous, humble ways. It is lovely to be in her presence, be it on her treatment table or in one of her workshops.”

Gale F. , Hockessin, DE