Crystal Energy Therapy

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Crystals have held our fascination for thousands of years by their energy and sheer beauty. Knowledgeable healers in every culture on Earth have used their powers since time began, and the amazing attributes of crystals can bring healing into our lives now, more than ever before.

How do they work?
“A crystal is a solid material, whose constituent atoms, molecules, or ions are arranged in an orderly repeating pattern extending in all three spatial dimensions.” This Wikipedia definition gives us a clue as to how they work: the key here is “orderly repeating patterns.” This is the latticework that allows energy to be transferred and transformed as it moves through the body of the crystal. The energy of the crystal attracts any negativity in the field and raises the vibratory levels until the field is in harmony with itself. From this comes a feeling of deep relaxation and replenishment.

Medical Intuition
As a Medical Intuitive, I gather information from your energy field about the systems, organs, chakras and auric layers that may be out of balance. This information allows me to then use the crystals to pull out negative energy, balance and charge the affected areas, “mend” torn or otherwise damaged parts of the field and create deep relaxation and well-being. We then talk about your particular situation, in light of the information that has come up. This is most effective when I have no prior information about your physical, mental or emotional states, but simply allow your energy field to reveal itself to me.

A typical session
Fully clothed, you lie on the massage table and relax, noticing whatever sensations might come up. To get the most out of the session, close your eyes and let yourself be carried by the pure healing energy coming through your energy field. You may become aware of tingling, pulling, lifting or light pressure, sounds or visual effects, which are all the results of the non-physical energy work. I will rarely touch you with my hands, to perform polarity balancing of the minor chakras. When the energy work is done, I will gently pull you out of your deep state of relaxation and we will talk about what came up for you, and the information I gathered from your field.

Healing the individual
The type of healing done in these sessions is completely tailored to the individual’s needs, because it is their energy field that determines which healing will take place. The most important or urgent issues will be the ones to surface first, usually during the initial session. In subsequent sessions, other information is likely to come up, but these sessions tend to be less involved than the first. The frequency of the visits will be determined by both the client and myself. You will become progressively more aware of the changes in your energy field, and will begin to know intuitively when to come back for further treatment. Remember: this is your healing, and your energy field knows what it needs. Become attuned to those needs, and you will be doing a great service to your health and well-being.

Effects frequently reported:

  • Profound relaxation
  • Regeneration and replenishment
  • Relief from pain
  • Increased awareness
  • Grounding
  • Reduction of stress and anxiety
  • Healing, both physical and emotional
  • Increased stamina and energy
  • Harmonization with one’s environment
  • Improved relationships
  • Expanded consciousness


What should I expect from a Crystal Therapy Session?

Each of us can be affected differently from having a crystal therapy session, but you will typically feel relaxed and “clear” at the end. Some people report feeling rejuvenated, hyper-aware, fluid, etc. One person left her first session claiming that a knot that had been present around her solar plexus area for the past 2 years had completely dissipated. We had previously done counseling work using NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) to give her more choice in her actions, and the crystal session allowed her to free herself of the stagnant, blocked energy.  Another has reported, after several months of treatment, that the symptoms of her diagnosed Lupus condition have greatly diminished and that after ten years of struggling she is looking forward to a full recovery. 

My sessions can be done sitting in a chair, but I prefer to have clients lying on a massage table so they can get the maximum benefit from their experience. The client remains fully clothed, and although I am fully involved with his or her energy field, I usually do not physically touch the client, except occasionally for balancing the minor chakras. A session may last from 60 minutes to 2 hours (usually only the initial session lasts this long), depending on the needs of the client at the time of treatment.

How do crystals work?

These particular mineral growths have a natural form, due to their molecular structure, that is a conduit for the subtle energies of the Human Energy Field or human aura, visible to certain sensitive individuals, and through the use of specialized equipment such as Kirlian photography. Because of the way they are formed, through a very slow process involving pressure, temperature, minerals and water, crystals have an organic, almost living quality about them. They naturally pull the subtle energies from around them through their own energy field and transform them in the process, purifying, balancing and harmonizing them, much like an osmotic filter purifies water. This process happens passively when crystals are put in a home or workplace, or in a therapeutic situation when they are placed on and around the body, allowing the healing force of the crystals to work through the person’s energy fields. They can also be used in a more active manner, whereby the therapist actually handles the crystal, moving it in and around the person’s energy field. What this does is to magnify the therapist’s own healing energies, produced by his or her intentions to help the client heal, thereby increasing the therapist’s potential healing energies many times over.

What effects can crystals have?

The effects of using crystals as healing tools are manifold. As we said, they purify the energy fields around them, and when used in a therapeutic setting they become the “surgical” tools of the therapist. He or she will use them to draw out stagnant or otherwise unhealthy energy; to “sew” gaps in the energy field in order to prevent energy loss; to replenish the field with light, healthy energy; to balance the entire energy field; etc. Only a Crystal Therapist who has been trained to use crystals in this way should attempt this type of therapy, because the improper use of crystals can have nefarious, and sometimes dangerous effects. If you do not have formal training and are interested in using crystals to heal, laying them on and around the body is a good way to start using them, as long as your intentions are positive and healing.

Are there any dangers involved in using crystals?

The inexperienced person trying to use crystals to heal others may run into potentially harmful situations, and should therefore seek professional training before attempting to do crystal healing. Unless the crystals are being used with an intention of doing harm, these situations affect the person trying to use the crystals to heal, not the person being healed. I have run into a few of these situations, and I learned very quickly, in a big way, to respect the protocol I had been taught in order to avoid these problems. The last such experience I had shook me up so much, I stopped using crystals for about 10 years. But I came back around, this time with extra precautions and very specific intentions of using this for the greater good, for myself and for others.

What types of crystals are used?

The most common type of crystal used in the type of therapy I practice is a clear quartz crystal. Because of its transparency, it is very versatile and can be used for just about any type of intervention. Other types of quartz used are rose quartz, tangerine quartz, smoky quartz, etc. Amethyst is a type of quartz that has a purple color due to the presence of iron and aluminum. Citrine is amethyst that had been heated, thereby changing the color to yellow or orange. These crystals are all have different qualities and are used for different things. For instance, smoky quartz is useful for ridding the body of stagnant energy, especially in the lower legs and feet. Amethyst does a wonderful job of “brushing” out the energy field, ridding it of parasitic or lingering influences from an outside source. I use rose quartz when treating the 4th or heart chakra, or with a person who has obvious feminine/receptive energies. Citrine is very useful for treating the solar plexus or 3rd chakra, and Tangerine Quartz is my favorite for the 2nd or Sacral chakra. Many other crystals have various uses, including Tourmaline for trauma and as a mover of stagnant energy, Lapis Lazuli to stimulate and balance the 6th chakra energies, Pyrite or Ruby to stimulate the lower chakras and to ground primal energy, etc. Other types of crystals have various forms and colors – there are hundreds of crystals, each with a particular use and function, but here I am attempting  to explain the process behind their use rather than the properties of each and every one. Some folks wonder about the various forms of quartz that can be found. A typical quartz crystal has a point and a base, and a body with a hexagonal section. The point is made of 6 facets that do not necessarily all meet at the same point, but are all present at the end of the crystal. Some crystals are “made” by carving them from a block of quartz, the crystals of which are so tiny that they form a large unit instead of single quartz crystals. These crystals are faceted to look like regular crystals, except that the base is usually rounded and the point is very regular, since they were made on a machine. Their effect is slightly more diffuse than a true quartz crystal, but they are nonetheless quite useful. Still other quartz crystals, much more rarely, have double points. Their base is found in the middle of the crystal. These crystals can be used as a “bridge” between two different chakras, or 2 different levels of the energy field.


 Crystal Energy Therapy


I encountered a man named Daniel Mantez many years ago when I was living in the south of France. He was giving workshops on how to use crystals for healing. The first workshop I attended  was transformational for me, and actually was the starting point of a long journey toward discovering Crystal Energy Therapy. Practicing the method I had learned from him made me realize that I had no practical knowledge of the physical body, and that pushed me to study Naturopathy and become a Naturopathic practitioner. During my naturopathic training, the school I was attending offered NLP or Neuro-Linguistic Programming, which then inspired me to go through with getting certification as a Master Practitioner of NLP. So I went from working with subtle energies, to healing the body and lifestyle, and finally to helping people change their behavior and become conscious of their full potential. The mind/body/spirit connection was complete.

When I first moved back to the United States, my focus was on making a living to provide for my daughters. As I became more settled, I decided to open my business, Pure Healing Insight, to follow my dream of helping people embrace their true state of health and happiness. The modalities that I have learned while studying in the US and abroad are now the supporting structure of a comprehensive technique that uses the Intuitive Process and Crystals to work deep in the Human Energy Field, to bring forth information that is relevant to the process, and allow true healing to begin. I call this technique “Crystal Energy Therapy”, a method that I teach to therapists for integrating into their practices (CEU’s available nationally), and to all those interested in crystals, wanting to go further in their study and practice of a comprehensive method of healing from within the Human Energy Field. 

We are located in New Orleans, Louisiana and specialize in crystal therapy, healing crystals, and energy healing.


Rates for Crystal Energy Therapy Sessions

Initial session, 90 – 120 minutes………………………………………………….$144

Follow-up session, 60 – 90 minutes…………………………………………….$120

(Note: follow-up sessions must be done within 3 months of the initial session. After that time, the session will be considered an initial session.)

3 follow-up sessions ………………………………………………………..$333

(This package must be used within 4 months following the first follow-up session.)

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