“My crystal energy healing session with Sarah was a turning point for me. I am so grateful to have had access to a skilled energy healer who could help me in ways others could not. In these times of increasing awareness of our energy bodies, it is refreshing to find healers who can work on this level. The healing and insights I gained through Sarah were a great boost in my journey along the path to wellness.”

April Coburn, Cochranville, PA

“Sarah is a clear, conscious and caring companion to the crystals, working with them to bring in more Light to her clients. Once, when I was on her table for a crystal healing, I heard her using loud tuning forks as she went around my body. After the session, when I asked her about the tuning forks, she said, “WHAT tuning forks?” It was her crystals singing! No lie. Sarah hears, sees, teaches and shares technique, and all in gentle, generous, humble ways. It is lovely to be in her presence, be it on her treatment table or in one of her workshops.”

Gale F. , Hockessin, DE

“My session with Sarah and the crystals was deeply relaxing and enabled me to access an inner healing wisdom that has also helped my body. She respects the crystals and their work together brings healing.”

TJornlin, Chadds Ford, PA

“I have lupus and had been suffering from extreme fatigue, pain, and severe digestive problems for over ten years. In just a few months of working with Sarah my body is beginning to show tremendous improvement! Sarah’s been able to help strengthen both my physical and energetic body(s) immensely. And due to her extensive knowledge of nutrition and herbs, she has taught me about new foods and methods of eating to best rebuild and support my complex dietary condition. Sarah’s impressive ability to connect with and heal my energetic body (and even some aspects left over from a past life as well) has allowed me to more fully understand myself and opened new doors to genuine self healing! Sarah has been a real gift to find on my path to recovery and lasting health.”

Rain Gray, Newark, DE

“Sarah Murray is one of the most incredible women I have ever met. I have gone to her for crystal energy therapy many times over the past several years and she never ceases to amaze me with her knowledge of me and my emotional health, even though I never say a word before she starts. She has always been spot on with her assessments of my current state and her approach to my needs. I will continue to go to Sarah as long as she does this valuable work!”

B. Stewart, Wilmington, DE

“I went to see Sarah out of curiosity about crystals; wondering what a crystal healing would entail.  The results of the November election had me very down , and I prayed for wisdom.
I prayed fervently before going, that “if there was something to crystal healing, let it work for me.”  I really was open to whatever might happen.
When I first got on the massage table, I closed my eyes and immediately , vibrant colors appeared, swirling before me , in my mind’s eye.
First there was bright yellow , followed by bright yellow with a vibrant emerald green center, later turning to fushia pink, followed by purple . 
This was a most unusual occurrence , and I was enjoying watching this “Light Show” of  seemingly tie – dye colors . I seldom see colors when I close my eyes. The few times  I have seen colors , it generally tells me that something unusual is about to happen.  The light show went on for quite some time , as I relaxed further and further into a kind of trance -like state.  Then a word appeared in plain sight . The word was written in beautiful cursive . 
It said, ” Live.”
That was it.

Later , while discussing what I had experienced , Sarah shared her insight with me as well. My root chakra seemed to need quite a bit of attention and she addressed that chakra with great care.  She also shared that she saw some disturbing images from my past life.  It verified what I have always believed since being a child ,  that I died in a very traumatic fashion during World War 2.
This is the second “Seer ” who has told me this in 15 years; seeing the same exact circumstances of my demise , in my prior incarnation. Once again , further confirmation of what I already believed to be true, since my childhood. Apparently , I am still working through the effects of this trauma in this lifetime… And it explains , according to Sarah , why my root chakra was in need of so much attention. 

Sarah also repeated some exact words that I had said , just a few days prior to my crystal healing experience. 
This was mind blowing….
The words were an exact quote of what I had been feeling and had expressed out loud to a family member.
The. Same. Exact. Words.
Came out of Sarah’s mouth!

The days following my crystal healing with Sarah, I got flu – like symptoms followed by a complete emptying of my colon. I contacted her and she concluded that this was part of the detox/healing process .

Sarah Murray is the real deal.

Thank you , Sarah.

Mary Joseph, New Orleans, LA