The PHI Experience

August 16th, 2015 sarah-admin


The PHI Experience is a unique expression of consciousness. Showing itself as a blend of sound healing, story telling, mythology, music and ritual, it will transport you to a place where body, mind, heart and soul become aligned with divine purpose, thereby creating a group experience of the highest caliber.

Three years after 2012, which marked a major shift in planetary energies, as we have moved from the patriarchal paradigm into a new era with potential for massive changes at all levels of existence, we are seeing some of those changes occur. In spite of continued attempts to keep us in the dark about issues that affect us all, such as the selling of the planet to the corporations (Trans Pacific Partnership), bio-engineering (GMO’s), geo-engineering (fracking and chem-trails), weather warfare (HAARP), net neutrality (or lack thereof), pharmaceutical crime (vaccines, etc.), just to name a few, the “powers that were”, as some call them, are scrambling. Major institutions have crumbled under the weight of their own corruption (Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac) and the international banking cartel, also known as the “Cabal”, has been exposed numerous times for fraud in the highest places, and for its role in the systematic destruction of third world economies (International Monetary Fund).

Meanwhile, humanity is waking up. No longer content to take orders and live our lives according to the mandates of an elite minority whose intentions are clearly not beneficial to the human species, nor to much of any other species besides themselves, we have begun to understand that we each have the opportunity and the responsibility to change what we are clearly seeing as a suicide mission. Not by electing officials to do it for us, but by stepping into our own unique power as sovereign human beings, creating heaven right here on Earth. Growing our own food, home schooling, wild-crafting, re-creating local economies, educating future generations about the land that they are borrowing from their children… Our survival depends on how we are able to transmit information from one generation to the next. And this is why we need stories.

The PHI Experience tells a story about the origins and the people of the land upon which many of us were born and raised, or have a connection to one way or another. As Americans, our traditions are very young, and most of them originate in Europe or some other continent. This story is OUR story, one that pertains to anyone living and breathing on the North American continent. It connects us not only to our origins, but also to a power source that we can tap into directly for our own use and benefit. By being a part of the PHI Experience, you will understand and have access to information that will enable you to align yourself with a greater whole and become an active participant in the transformation of our planet into the paradise it once was and will be once again.



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