Crystals, Astrology and Systemic Family Constellations in Service to your Wholeness

Welcome to Pure Healing Insight, fellow travelers on the path toward well-being, wholeness and your highest and greatest good! It is my joy and my mission to offer you the excellent services that you require to bring awareness to your present state of being at the level(s) pertinent to you at this time, whether physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. These services can be done separately or taken as a journey through your Energy Field. They are:

What each of these does, in different ways, is to open up a window into our beings so that we can see clearly the energies that inhabit us. This allows us to become more aware of a path leading to our healing and a better understanding of our journey on this planet.

I am Sarah Murray, founder of Pure Healing Insight and creator of Crystal Energy Therapy™.  This technique is the result of three decades of working with the Human Energy Field, using crystals to balance, harmonize, reorganize the field and download information pertaining to the client’s particular situation. I also teach Crystal Energy Therapy, levels 1 & 2, which was recognized by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) as a modality for which professionals could earn Continuing Education Units or CEU’s. Unfortunately the times have changed, and energy work is apparently no longer recognized by bodywork authorities as a viable education opportunity. However, I continue to teach these classes ~ they are taught as a full weekend workshop where students can expect to learn how to use crystals for balancing and reorganizing the Human Energy Field.

My practice of Astrology is for those wanting a more mind-based approach. That being said, intuition always plays a huge role in all of the modalities that I offer. Our natal chart is the energetic blueprint that we received at our time of birth, which gives us information about who we are, what kinds of energies we are working with, and our purpose here on Earth. I also use Solar Return and Progressed charts to offer more depth to the readings. 

Systemic Family Constellations has been one of the most powerful types of energy work that I have ever experienced. It can be done in a group setting or in a one-on-one session. Family Constellations is a means to discover hidden family bonds and forces, sometimes present over many generations, that may be impacting our lives negatively, then offer the family system the means to reprogram these inherited patterns in a live-giving and positive way.

At Pure Healing Insight, we put forth our objective of healing the Earth and the Earth’s people in order to leave future generations a legacy of health and happiness, and life in harmony with the Universe. To this effect, we are in the process of building a school, named the Tree of Life School of Living.

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