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Full Moon in Cancer, December 26th, 2023

Yuletide Greetings, One and All!


Dame Luna is dignified in her own sign of Cancer for this full Moon. This is a time of positive connection all around, with an abundance of trine (120º) and sextile (60º) aspects between planets, mostly in feminine signs. These 2 aspects are typically harmonious, while squares can be challenging. Since the full Moon represents a time of fruition, as it relates to the ideas, yearnings and intentions that were present during the preceding new Moon, we are seeing some very beneficial effects from our work – well done, everyone!


Let’s take a look at these aspects, beginning with the gorgeous trine between the Sun and Jupiter, both in Earth signs. This aspect speaks of the fulfillment and/or expansion of something  dear to one’s core identity, embodied and rooted into physical reality. Whether an idea, a project, a relationship or anything else, whatever was seeded last new Moon (in Sagittarius) is finding fertile ground. What was happening for you around that time? Take a look back in time (December 12th, 2023) to get a better idea of what kinds of things you were “planting” then.


Since the Sun and Moon are opposite (at a 180º angle, this is the definition of the full Moon), if the Sun is trine - at a 120º angle - to Jupiter, then automatically the Moon is in a sextile (60º) aspect to him. These trine and sextile aspects, as you will notice, are the defining characteristic of this particular full Moon chart. They both indicate harmony and flow, with the trine having slightly more significance, mainly because it happens less frequently. In this chart, the Sun, Moon, Saturn and Jupiter are all beautifully balanced. Jupiter is in Moon’s dignity in Taurus, where she (the Moon) is exalted. This is extremely beneficial for the expansion and realization of our dreams and unconscious desires – which is a good reason to meditate often and receive whatever information wants to come forth into our conscious awareness.


Saturn relates to the Moon and Sun in a very similar way that Jupiter does: through a trine, this time to the Moon, and a sextile to the Sun. Saturn has been sojourning in Pisces for almost a year, where he will be until May, 2025. He brings structure and boundaries to a sign that is typically boundless and without structure. This can be very helpful for empaths who sometimes lack the ability to know what is theirs (emotionally) and what isn’t. This trine to the Moon will heighten our ability to navigate the sometimes dark and confusing territory of the unconscious mind and/or the dream-world – some might call it the astral realm. Creating a routine to access these energies, through meditation, journaling or other means, will be easier at this time than usual. Take advantage of this to begin or to deepen your spiritual practice.


As for Saturn’s sextile to the Sun, in a similar way to Jupiter, he is facilitating the structural grounding and embodiment of the issues represented through Capricorn in your chart, bringing about a long-awaited resolution. What that is, will depend upon your rising sign. For instance, for Aries rising this will have to do with career; for Taurus rising, spirituality; for Gemini, what you receive from or owe to others; for Cancer rising, relationships; for Leo, day-to-day diligence; for Virgo rising, pleasure and/or children; for Libra, family; for Scorpio rising, the mind/ideas; for Sagittarius, resources; for Capricorn rising, identity; for Aquarius, that which is not conscious; for Pisces rising, allies/friends. This succinct overview applies mainly to the rising sign, although it can also be used for the Sun sign, which is the sign that you know yourself to belong to.


Like with Jupiter, the Sun and Moon are working with Saturn to bring about the structure and boundaries necessary to the positive fulfillment of the intentions seeded 2 weeks ago, at the new Moon in Sagittarius. It might be beneficial to track your new Moon intentions and the full Moon results, to see how these energies are impacting your life.


Jupiter and Saturn are wrapping up these gifts with a beautiful bow, just one day after we celebrate the Christian version of the Winter Solstice. The material and spiritual blessings that Jupiter bestows upon this full Moon, coupled with the clarity that Saturn brings, make this one of the most beautifully powerful and beneficial times of 2023 – truly the perfect way to finish out the year. Incidentally, Mercury will be retrograde until January 1st, 2024 – this retrograde is offering us the perfect opportunity for a year’s-end inventory.


Let’s look at a more challenging aspect: Neptune squared to Mercury and Mars. As Mercury continues his retrograde journey back through Sagittarius, he enters into a square (90º) aspect with Neptune, just before conjoining with Mars. Remember, squares are typically challenging and difficult aspects. The combination of Mercury and Mars can indicate incisive language and caustic communication. In Sagittarius, it can be righteous or dogmatic. In a square with Neptune, this can potentially translate into religious fanaticism or blind belief in a cause with little or no critical thinking or reasoning. Negative fall-out is definitely not excluded. Fortunately, the rest of the chart is so harmonious and positive that this will likely be resolved through good will and cooperation, or even fizzle out before it gets any real traction. Let us hope so!


Venus will be helpful in that regard, as she is in a trine (120º) aspect with Neptune, harkening from the deep feeling sign of Scorpio. And although she can feel a bit edgy in Scorpio, where she is in detriment, the flowing aspect with Neptune in her sign of exaltation (Pisces) is enough to soften the edges and foster feelings of love, wanting to find resolution by going deep into the recesses of the subconscious emotional landscape. In spite of the potential for discord, this chart expresses a powerful upsurge of harmony, goodwill, cooperation and love that can decisively override potential conflict arising from the exchange of fanatical or unreasonable rhetoric.


Lastly, Venus is within 3 degrees of a sextile (60º) aspect with Pluto, who – positioned on the last degree of Capricorn – is poised to enter Aquarius on January 20th, 2024. The Great Destroyer has almost finished his work in Capricorn, where he took residence starting in 2008, a full 15 years ago. He will soon be done leveling institutions, bringing awareness to the absurdity of ideas like “too big to fail”, wreaking havoc in the old systems of colonialism (e.g. in Africa) and the global financial system based on the American dollar, now on the brink of failure. Venus says to him, “Fare thee well!” and bestows her blessings for his move into Aquarius, where other things – such as negative programming, unconscious behavior and rigid thinking – will be exposed and disintegrated by the god of Death and Rebirth.


Until then, let us enjoy the beauty and harmony expressed during this beautiful full Moon in Cancer. May she bestow her blessings upon you and your family at this special time of year.


In joy and gratitude,


Sarah Songbird

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