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Crystal Energy Therapy

Crystals have held our fascination for thousands of years by their energy and sheer beauty. Knowledgeable healers in every culture on Earth have used their powers since time began, and the amazing attributes of crystals can bring healing into our lives now, more than ever before.

In-person or distance sessions:
Sessions can be done one of two ways: either in person, or in the comfort of your own home. Clients report that distance sessions are just as effective as in-person sessions.

How it works:

Fully clothed, you lie down and relax, noticing whatever sensations might come up. With eyes closed, let yourself be carried by the pure healing energy coming through your energy field. You may become aware of tingling, pulling, lifting or light pressure, sounds or visual effects.  When in person, I will occasionally touch you with my hands, to perform polarity balancing of the minor chakras. 

Healing the individual:

Your session will be tailored to your needs, because your energy field will determine the healing that needs to take place. The most important or urgent issues will be the ones to surface first, usually during the initial session. Remember: this is your healing, and your energy field knows what it needs. Become attuned to those needs, and you will be doing a great service to your health and well-being.

Benefits Include:

  • Grounding

  • Relief from pain

  • Profound relaxation

  • Increased awareness

  • Reduction of stress and anxiety

  • Physical and emotional healing

  • Increased stamina and energy


Initial session, 90 – 120 minutes……………………………………$144

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Crystal Constellations

One-on-one practice of this therapy works on the exact same principle as Family Constellations: representing members of a system to render their interactions visible. I represent them with objects; mainly crystals, stones, wooden figures, etc.

The  seeker chooses the objects to represent themselves, and one or several other members of the system, and places them in a way that portrays how they see the relationships. Working with these elements, we are able to disentangle some of the dynamics that are keeping the person stuck or in a place of discomfort, which by the same token settles the energy in the family system.

Family Constellations Therapy is one of the most effective and powerful therapeutic tools I have had the privilege to experience and practice. The Crystal Constellations that I offer are based on traditional Family Constellations and can be very effective at finding resolution for issues that tend to resist it. Please contact me at (302) 507-6548 or to set up your session.

Crystal Constellation: $144


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Group Constellations and Retreats

Family Constellations, in spite of the name, has nothing to do with Astrology, and it does not involve working directly with members of the family. Instead, members of the group gathered to practice are chosen to represent members of the family for one person doing their constellation. 

Morphogenetic Fields:

Research scientist Dr. Rupert Sheldrake, in his ground-breaking work on Morphic Resonance, explains that we all live in systems, or fields of being and interaction. These fields surround and penetrate our physical and energy bodies, and serve as containers for our interactions with one another. The field that contains the interactions of a family is known as the Family System.

Family Constellations or Systemic Family Therapy was developed by German therapist, Bert Hellinger. Having lived with the Zulus in South Africa for many years, Hellinger realized that their way of approaching illness included much more than just addressing the individual, but rather involved the family and sometimes even the tribe as a whole. He created Family Constellations after studying traditional and non-traditional therapeutic approaches and combining them with his findings. 

Family Constellations works on the premise that there are unspoken and unconscious laws that operate in any given system. When these laws are violated and the system is compromised, as the result of unnatural or untimely death, or other traumatic events, the members of the system try to “right” it, so to speak, by unconsciously aligning with the victims of the trauma, be it from one or many generations back. Sometimes we align ourselves with the perpetrators as well, not as the result of any conscious decision, but rather to provide the system with the means to correct itself.

Unfortunately, although we choose them unconsciously from a place of love,  the system is rarely healed through these alignments. What they do offer, however, is the opportunity to be seen as key elements to be realigned. Family Constellations makes the connections and disconnections in the system visible by physically representing certain members of the system and inviting them to interact with each other. It is through these interactions, led by the facilitator, that the family system is able to “see”, through the eyes of the person whose field is represented, that amends are made and wounds are healed. 

How is it done?

Family Constellations is generally practiced in a group setting. It can also be done online in a Zoom session, for example. The focus person or "seeker" chooses among those present several people to represent individuals in their system, including themselves, and has them stand in relation to each other, however that person sees fit. The representatives literally “step into” a field that they know nothing about and begin to feel what the person they represent may have felt at one time. Keep in mind that whether the people represented are still of this world or not, the energy field remains intact.


With the help of the facilitator, the representatives begin to interact with each other. Although not every constellation culminates in a perfect realignment of the family system, there is almost always a change that happens and that is perceived by those still living in that system. For example, a woman who had not spoken with her brother for the past 20 years received a phone call from him, just one week after her constellation. These types of examples abound, and personally I have experienced profound changes in my own family dynamics thanks to this work. 

Group sessions are held both in person and virtually on a zoom call. 

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Your birth chart is akin to a roadmap to understanding multiple aspects of your being, including personality, relationships, abundance, and many more. It is a window of perception that gives you inside knowledge about your tendencies, your dilemmas, your potentials, and basically what makes you who you are. This knowledge promotes self-acceptance and the ability to make choices that are in greater alignment to your purpose, and thus brings about self-awareness and a sense of well-being and understanding of your place in the universe. 

         The astrology that I practice will teach you the basics about your birth chart and offer you the means to better navigate your life path to the benefit of yourself and others. 

Personalized Astrology reading: $180

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