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New Moon in Taurus, May 7th/8th, 2024

You might call this Moon “The Calm after the Storm.” Peace, prosperity, abundance, flow… these words describe the feeling of this new Moon, especially after the tumultuous eclipse season followed by the revolutionary Jupiter-Uranus conjunction, and finally the last full Moon in Scorpio. During that time, Venus and Mars were both in detriment in each others’ signs, adding to an already tense and eventful timeline. Since then, they have both moved into their respective dignities, Taurus for Venus and Aries for Mars, and are basking in the warmth and light of the first two signs of the zodiacal year. The Moon herself is in her own dignity, here in Taurus, which contributes to making this Moon such a potent one.

Jupiter and Uranus are now parting ways, but they will certainly continue to fuel discoveries and innovative ideas, especially relating to building, making and growing food, practical design, sustainable agriculture such as permaculture, human relationships, values, sharing, caring and the art of living on planet Earth. Venusian topics such as these are finding their way into conversations and even replacing some of the long-standing patriarchal values pertaining to wealth and prosperity, such as “bottom line,” “profit over people,” “destroying the competition,” etc. It’s as if Venus wants to make sure that her message of the changing of the guard is heard loud and clear, all across the land.

She is very powerful during this new Moon. Not only is she the temple priestess (ruler of Taurus), but she is also co-present in Taurus with the Sun, Moon, Uranus and Jupiter. Fast approaching the Sun, she would normally be subjected to becoming weakened as she transitions into the Evening Star, after forming a cazimi (when the Sun and a planet form an exact conjunction) with the Sun. In her own temple, though, she is immune to the harmful rays that would normally burn up any planet nearing the Sun, thereby weakening their vital energy. Not so with this Venus - she is the Queen in her castle, bestowing us all with her warm and abundant glow.

And her message is clear: the Age of Aquarius requires that we find new ways of relating to one another, new models for commerce and the distribution and sharing of abundance, and that we remember our connection to Nature and the Sacred Feminine, first and foremost. Jupiter and Uranus gave us the impetus for change, and now we must implement these ideas and innovations, integrating them with ancestral methodologies that, heretofore rejected by modern agriculture and its dysfunctional ideas of Man vs Nature, are now making a comeback in the smaller farming communities across the nation and the world.

The idea of “going back the Nature” has been around since the 60’s and 70’s, sparked by Rachel Carson’s iconic book, Silent Spring. That time saw the birth and development of a number of communities based on a healthier relationship with the land and with Mother Earth. These ideas and endeavors seemed to have gone “underground” for a few decades, only to resurface with renewed vigor and interest in the past few years, especially since the psyop perpetrated upon the world population by the globalist oligarchs re: the covid phenomenon. In spite of (or perhaps because of?) increased regulations and controls over growing one’s own food, people are repopulating deserted villages, starting small farms and renewing a long-lost relationship and partnership with our beloved Earth goddess, Pachmamma. Indeed, the time is now. And even if you do not have access to a garden or the means to move to the country and start your own farm, you can still improve your health and become a better steward of the land, even in a city, by growing your own food, or buying it from local farmers. The internet is full of ideas and how-to videos to make this a reality, if you feel the calling.

Chiron, the Wounded Healer, and Mercury are exactly conjunct today in Aries, whose ruler, Mars, just moved into the sign himself. One month ago, Chiron was precisely conjunct the Moon and Sun during the epic Great American Solar Eclipse, where he was heralding in new forms of healing and dealing with trauma. Now touching base with Mercury, it’s as if he were giving his final counsel to the Messenger god, making sure he carries this information forth, where it will be received with curiosity and an open mind and heart, by the way-showers and implementers of the New Earth. Quantum healing, Crystal healing, Energy healing, Ancestral healing, and a slew of little known healing modalities will someday be so commonplace that they will have all but replaced modern medicine. One day, there will be no need for medicine at all, since we will be living at our highest potential, and thus will be free of disease. Is this a utopian dream? Perhaps. But Chiron is letting us know that only those dreams that are acted upon and nurtured as if they were “real” will ever become a part of our reality. Dream on, I say!

~ Horoscopes ~

Horoscopes are based upon your rising sign, but can also apply to the Sun sign, especially if you do not know your rising sign or Ascendant. Feel free to contact me for a personalized astrology reading to find out more about your natal chart.


Lucky ducks, this new Moon is in your second house of material and financial abundance! Just remember to stay humble and prudent, because with Mars now in his and your sign, you may be temped to throw caution to the wind. Also, words can be like swords, so use them with awareness and integrity.


In your first house of Self, you Taureans should feel this new Moon as expansive and luxurious, and if that’s not the case, I suggest you book a day at the spa, LOL! Seriously, this is an excellent time to deepen self-care and to honor who you have become throughout the past trials and tribulations. Kudos to you!


The new Moon in your chart suggests that you take some time to reflect on whatever hidden gifts there may be for you, particularly as it relates to relationships, stability and abundance. Meditation and contemplation can help reveal these gifts, which may very well be hiding behind shadows such as fear, inadequacy, lack, etc. As the saying goes, the most beautiful jewel can be found hidden in a pile of rubble.


For you Cancerians, this new Moon falls into your 11th house of Allies. Something very positive may be coming to you via your peer groups and/or people you meet in a social or professional context. Be sure to keep it about the greater good, and not let your professional ambitions lead the conversation.


As always, you are the leader, and your position in your career has just received a serious boost. Whether a promotion, an exciting new opportunity, or simply recognition for your leadership skills, you will be on cloud nine (for a little while!). One word of caution: humility is your friend when it comes to sharing belief systems, because you never know how they will land - better be safe than sorry.


Virgos may experience this new Moon as a spiritual moment, or one you equate with a new understanding, or a greater perspective. The potentially difficult dissolution of karma and/or soul contracts is likely for you at this time, leaving you transformed as a result. Good work, Virgos.


This new Moon is an opportunity for you to step into your destiny and leave behind relationships which have hurt you or kept you wondering about their true intentions. Trust what the Universe has in store for you, because it is truly for your highest and greatest good.


For you Scorpios, you may feel on top of the world in a relationship, whether it be with another person, with yourself, or with Divine Presence. Perhaps the release of expectation on this subject will allow you to accept Life as it is, and embrace in a healthy way whatever comes your way.


These natives have been through a lot, and this new Moon signifies the light at the end of the tunnel, a well-deserved reprieve from the past efforts to make your life better. You may still have a few cords to cut, a few more hurdles to jump, but you are on the home stretch, coming in for the win!


Cappy’s, your freedom and your joy are in the spotlight now. You feel ready to spread your wings and fly. There may be some difficult conversations to have with loved ones, who may not see things the way you do, but ultimately you know where your joy is leading you, and that’s where you’re headed.


Family life is sweet and precious for you Aquarians. Whether blood family or not, the people you are connected to at a deep soul level are showing you how amazing and simple life can be. Take care to leave the criticism behind and savor these unique moments while they last.


Pisceans, you may experience some loss, perhaps of income or resources, but know that your community has your back. They are there for you no matter what, as long as you keep the lines of communication and your heart open to receive. Now is not the time to be proud or to want to “do it on your own,” when you clearly see that you need help. It’s time to accept it with grace and humility.

Many thanks to you all for reading my blog posts! I am honored to contribute what I can to this incredible time of Awakening, and I welcome your feedback. Please feel free to comment below, and/or contact me with any questions.

In Gratitude,

Sarah Songbird

PS ~ for those of you near Lafayette, Louisiana, I am offering an in-person Family Constellation on May 25th, 2024. Please contact me for details ~ I would love to see you there!

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