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Full Moon Eclipse in Taurus, October 28th, 2023

Taurus/Scorpio eclipses, 2021-2023

The last eclipse of the Taurus/Scorpio axis is taking place this Saturday, October 28th, 2023. This series of eclipses started in November of 2021. Now that the nodes of the Moon have shifted into Aries and Libra, the themes have also shifted, putting emphasis on war and peace, treaties, negotiation, legislation, interpersonal relationships, etc. For now, though, let’s see how these eclipses in Taurus and Scorpio have affected us so far.

This final eclipse marks the end of a 2-year period where Fixed Earth (Taurus) and Fixed Water (Scorpio) were the focal points of the eclipse seasons. Both feminine signs, they emanate the kind of power that a king would appreciate in his queen, or that a political leader would want to feel from her supporters. Taurus, ruled by Venus (also known to the ancient Greeks as Aphrodite), is the earthiest sign of the zodiac. Like Aphrodite, Taureans are epicureans, builders and lovers. They tend to be slow-moving and gentle, until they’ve been prodded at one too many times, at which point they will retaliate! They enjoy the pleasures that life has to offer, and can easily get caught up in over-indulgence and addiction if they are not careful. Loyalty and steadfastness are also Taurean qualities.

Mars-ruled Scorpio is a sign of depth and intensity. Like Taureans, Scorpios enjoy earthly delights, especially sex. They are focused on uncovering the mysteries of life and death, and make excellent detectives, scientists and investigative journalists. Death doulas and energy healers are often natives of this sign, having propensity to easily penetrate the veil that separates the physical from the non-physical worlds.

The Taurus/Scorpio axis that we have been experiencing over the past two years has taught us about the contrast between the pure enjoyment of earthly delights and the excruciating pursuit of the harsh truths of the realms of duality and beyond. Fertility, birth, growth, expansion, decay, death and the transitional nature of life, are all key words pertaining to this pair. Addiction, jealousy and obsession also apply, and many of us will have noticed some of these themes in our lives since late 2021.

Are we ready to heed the lessons and reap the benefits of these eclipses? Depending on where they fall in your chart, you will have felt them in different areas of your life. To use my chart as an example, they fell into my 6th (Taurus) and 12th (Scorpio) houses. During that time, I became almost a workaholic (6th house: hard work, sacrifice), working 3 low-paying jobs, just to pay my bills. I also indulged in over-eating (Taurus) to compensate for a lack of time for creative endeavors and simple fun. I was also feeling lost and confused (12th house), at times going through what felt like a dark night of the Soul (Scorpio). All I knew was that I had to keep plodding along with what I was doing (6th house) and stay focused on my goals (Scorpio) with steadfastness and perseverance (Taurus). For more on this subject and to find out what consequences they may have had for you, please watch this video by Adam Elenbaas of Nightlight Astrology, where he breaks it down for each of the rising signs.

The Full Moon in Taurus

Now that we’ve covered the Taurus/Scorpio eclipse axis, let’s take a more specific look at our full Moon in Taurus. This one packs quite a punch, as it carries the energies of 3 other planets in a close opposition, in Taurus and Scorpio, at the same time as the full Moon. This weekend, look for signs of this potent combination.

Alongside the Sun in Scorpio, Mars and Mercury are conjoined and exactly opposite Jupiter in Taurus, next to the Moon. Mars, empowered in his own sign, along with Mercury, point to athletics and physical prowess, sharp verbal exchanges, intellectual performance and a tendency towards verbal jousting. Jupiter can either soften Mars’ sharp edges, or give him a sense of righteousness and ego gratification. Look out for this in your verbal exchanges this weekend, as this has the potential to be hurtful in relationships. And with Venus in her fall in Virgo, the potential for squabbles resulting in hurt feelings is very real.

Another way to interpret these energies is to consider them as our allies for an inner quest to dispel illusion and uncover truths heretofore ignored or hidden. If you work with tarot cards, oracle decks or other forms of divination, this could be a very opportune time to use them. The Moon, exalted in Taurus, will give us access to our intuition, and offer us opportunities to be fully embodied and present. Being in Nature at this time is a wonderful way to enjoy the simple pleasures so near and dear to Taurus.

Pluto’s last stand

With Pluto making his final push out of the sign of Capricorn, after 15 years of wreaking havoc in the world of giant corporations, banks and governments, we are seeing the last attempts of the cabal to force humanity into accepting a one-world government, run by them, of course. Will they succeed in doing so? Only if we let them. And that means playing into their fear-mongering, whether it’s about climate change, a virus, blurred genders or a financial crash. Maybe we just need to ignore the noise, and go about living our lives, being the best people that we can be, and taking care of our business in the here and now. Once Pluto is in Aquarius, January 20, 2024, it will be game over… as long as that’s what we decide as a collective.

Nonetheless, there has been a strange dichotomy happening, with Pluto both empowering the status quo, the “too-big-to-fail” banks, corporations and governments, while, at the same time dismantling it from within. The decay and corruption have become blatantly evident, the banking system in the West is falling apart, the media in this country has become propagandized with a very clear bias, and governments the world over are facing collapse, regime change and war. The apparent instability has not been greater than now, at least at any time since the last world war, with the possible exception of the 1960's. This has been the awe-inspiring power of Pluto, the Great Destroyer, making his way slowly through the institutionalized morass of our society’s culmination.

For those of us with planets in the cardinal signs: Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn, the last 15 years have been quite a ride! In my own chart, I had Sun, Moon, Mercury and Saturn all impacted by this passage, transforming my core identity, my body image, my emotional responses, my verbal expression, and my boundaries and support system, all in very big ways. As Pluto prepares to leave Capricorn and enter Aquarius, yet another guidepost leading us into the Age of Aquarius, we can expect at least one more major psy-op or false flag event on the part of the failing satanic elite. At least they will try, and have been trying with Ukraine and Israel. Our prayers and meditations can and will have a powerful mitigating effect on these events and situations, so keep that in mind as you go about your daily lives.

Please let me know how you feel about this post in the comments, or send me an email at, to comment or to set up a session with me. My services can be found on my website. Thank you for reading, and Happy Eclipse!

Sarah Songbird

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