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Full Moon in Aries, October 20th, 2021

This month our full Moon is in the fiery sign of Aries and opposite not only the Sun, but also Mars, the ruler of Aries. The warrior god is weakened by his position in Libra, a sign ruled by Venus; however, being opposite the Moon in his own sign gives him a boost, bringing a sense of urgency and intensity to the dynamic of Self and Other. This dynamic denotes the potential for conflict and hasty emotional responses, particularly in the context of one-on-one relationship. We are being asked to remember to breathe, and take the time to reflect before acting upon an impulse that we may later come to regret.

Reinforcing these oppositions is a T-square to Pluto in Capricorn, from Moon on the one hand and from Sun and Mars on the other. T-squares (90º angle formed by bodies in 3 positions) are challenging formations that usually result in changes, whether sought-after and desirable or not. Pluto, the planet of transformation, death and rebirth, has been reconfiguring the structure of society since 2008 when he entered Capricorn, right around the time of the market crash implicating financial institutions that were deemed "too big to fail" and were subsequently bailed out by tax-payers' funds. We may be looking at similar events in the coming weeks, and hopefully this time we, the People, will not just sit back and let the government and corporate heads act with impunity as we did back then.

Two years from now, Pluto will be in the same position he was in when our nation was born. As the slowest-moving planet, it takes him 248 years to make one revolution around the Sun. As he approaches this landmark in our nation's history, we are seeing similar dynamics that were at play during the American revolution leading up to the signing of the Declaration of Independence. Namely, having to fight against a tyrannical government that serves its own best interest instead of serving the People. The United States of America is unique in that the government was set up by the People and for the People. The definition of "People" has certainly changed since then, and for the better. But the fundamental idea remains, which is that we have inalienable rights that are guaranteed to every citizen, including the right to defend ourselves from a government that has become corrupt, and remove them from power if need be. The tyrannical and divisive regime that has been operating as of late, using the media as their corporate propaganda machine, mandating invasive medical procedures and pitting Americans against each other warrants our serious attention and action.

Mars, the warrior god, is lending his support in this fight, joining forces with Sun and Moon to square off against a ruling class mentality that has become brazen and authoritarian like never before. The most recent administration has been using every tactic under the Sun (bribery, threats, etc.) to coerce us into compliance and force us to accept mandates that have no justification, medical or otherwise, whatsoever. Forcing someone who already has natural immunity to a disease that 99.5% of the population recovers from to take a shot that contains things that may potentially cause them harm or even death is tantamount to rape. Depriving that person from their livelihood because of their refusal to take said shot constitutes grand theft. Either way, our rights and freedoms are being destroyed by the actions of Resident Biden and his team.

Mars is also receiving support from Jupiter, as he trines the warrior planet from the sign of the People (Aquarius). After being retrograde for several months, Saturn, the ruler of Aquarius, moved direct in his own sign on October 10th. He was followed by Jupiter and Mercury in his forward motion, who both went direct on October 18th. The forward movement of these planets can be felt in all areas of our lives, particularly as it relates to new ideas and novel ways of dealing with age-old problems. Although it is often thought that violent protest is more likely to effect change than non-violent means, quite the opposite has been found to be true. For months non-violent protests have been happening all over the world. Millions have been speaking out against the mandates and lockdowns that have been plaguing populations everywhere, in spite of the little media coverage that has been given to this phenomenon. Although conflict is inherent in this full Moon chart, the means to achieve the goals of peace and prosperity for all beings is definitely not by the use of force.

The unification of the People comes not through fear and coercion, bullying or judgment, or suppression of information, but rather through transparency, logical debate of all the facts (not just the ones deemed acceptable by the narrative) and compassionate consideration of our brothers and sisters. It has become quite evident by now that there is an agenda behind the coercion and bullying that a small but loud percentage of the population is exerting on the rest of us. I do not believe for one second that this is about our health, nor does it have our best interests in mind. Too many people have died or been maimed by this shot for that to be the case, far more than what we are being told. If you are being threatened or coerced into taking it in order to be able to feed your family, please know that there is a alternative movement that is forming and is welcoming all those who want to keep their health and autonomy intact. Contact me for more information. I am also offering a free half-hour consultation for anyone who is feeling overwhelmed and doesn't know where to turn. You are not alone.

As always, I am here to support you in your quest for getting to know yourself through Astrology, to resolve challenging dynamics using Crystal Constellations, and to find heightened awareness, health and well-being through Crystal Energy Therapy. Please check out my website for more information, and don't hesitate to contact me to set up a reading or session at

In Gratitude and Love,

Sarah Songbird

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