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Full Moon in Aries, September 29th, 2023

This full Moon has a Venusian theme, highlighting relationship, beauty, abundance and balance in our lives. With Sun and Mars having their essential dignities* in challenging positions, things may be a bit dicey or confusing as it relates to relationships. In Aries, a Mars-ruled sign, the Moon has a fiery quality with a competitive edge. Mars himself is in detriment in Venus-ruled Libra, opposite the Moon, giving both Moon and Mars a slight feel of the underdog. Even the Sun has a similar quality, in his sign of fall in Libra. In this sign, he is focused on relationship, in whatever way it shows up, good and bad alike. What we are looking at here is the possibility of miscommunications, competition or triggering, but also making amends and forgiveness.

Venus in Leo may or may not be of much assistance here, as her focus is on herself. She does have a positive outlook, and a good connection with Mars. In order to thrive, relationships require honesty and transparency. However, it can be tricky to deliver a message without triggering the other in sometimes unexpected ways. This Venus, shrouded in her own glory in Leo, may be blind to the sensitive nature of a Mars who is not exactly at ease in the sign that Venus rules. And the Moon in Aries, clearly on Mars’ side, may tend to turn up the emotional volume.

This may be a good time to utilize Venus’ ability to soothe bruised egos and offer the means to smooth out disagreements instead of insisting on being right or disregarding the other’s feelings.

To make things interesting, Venus is also experiencing some stress, in the form of a square aspect with Uranus. This is the last of 3 squares that have occurred between these two over the summer, starting July 2nd. There may be a feeling of urgency or intensity as it relates to Venusian topics, like finding a partner, or finding resolution in an existing relationship. Or possibly creating art, or making a comfortable and beautiful living environment, redecorating projects, etc. If you have been busy with this over the summer you may have seen some delays or had some second thoughts, as Venus was retrograde. Hopefully you chose your colors (or your lover, lol!) before Venus went retrograde, as our choices may be a bit skewed during the retrograde period.

My personal experience of this Venus-Uranus square over the past few months has been a complete overhaul of my body's health and image. My personal Venus is in my first house of selfhood and bodily appearance. She has been receiving a positive trine (60º) aspect from this square, which I have come to realize has manifested in the spontaneous modification of my food intake and subsequent loss of weight. I have let go of 20 pounds over the past 3 months, starting just after the first Venus-Uranus square, and my health has also taken a turn for the better. Not that I was ill or in bad shape, but it has been years since I have felt this much energy and stamina, and been able to maintain physical effort over an extended time period (like canoeing on a river for 9 hours...). Not everyone will experience such a transformation, but depending on the placement of your personal planets, this kind of thing can definitely happen!

The outer planets, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, are all retrograde and hovering in the final decan (group of 10º - there are 3 per sign) of the feminine signs, Capricorn, Pisces and Taurus. They are linked by sextile aspects (60º), indicating that they are working synergistically. This is a low-key, low-impact formation, although it may have important consequences for anyone doing inner work over the weekend, as it is accompanied by Jupiter and Saturn, both retrograde as well, and in 2 of the feminine signs mentioned.

Last but not least, Mercury is in the dignity of one of his home signs, Virgo. Opposite Neptune in Pisces, he receives information from the Dreamworld that directs his thoughts and offers intuitive guidance and pertinent messages for the inner journeys and meditations undertaken at this time. Instead of that information being lost in the unconscious realms, it will be actionable intel that he will be able to translate into tangible and concrete manifestation.

May this full Moon in Aries bring about spontaneous healing and insight from the depths of your beautiful soul. In gratitude,

Sarah Songbird

*Essential dignity: describes how a planet expresses itself through the lens of the sign it occupies. In its domicile, it feels at home and is considered dignified. In exaltation, a planet feels very much at home, even elevated and honored, and is thus also dignified. A debilitated planet is either in detriment (or exile), where it is uncomfortable and needs to find different ways to express itself, or in fall, where the planet tends to struggle, but holds wisdom about that sign.

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