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Full Moon in Cancer, December 29th, 2020

December 21st, 2020 will be remembered for generations to come as the day everything changed. On that day, two events occurred within hours of each other: the Sun moved into 0º Capricorn to mark the winter solstice, and a rare Jupiter-Saturn conjunction formed a "star of Bethlehem" at 0º29' of Aquarius, a beautiful sight to behold. These two come together every 20 years, but the formation of this "star" in a critical degree of Aquarius - the first time they meet in this sign in 800 years - coupled with an already important event - the winter solstice - gives a very unique signature to this day. It was for this day that the Original people of Australia had been planning for many generations to hold a ceremony at Uluru, considered one of the most sacred places on the planet. Legend has it that a million years ago, Pleiadians (from the Pleiades galaxy) gifted a "magic box" to humankind that would have the potential to create a new reality where humans would be able to access a higher vibratory state and live in harmony with each other and the Earth, on the condition that enough of them contributed to manifesting that state during the time of the solstice on December 21st, 2020. This would only happen if 2-3% of humans living on Earth at that time were able to hold loving thoughts and feelings toward one another, and especially toward our beautiful Mother planet Earth. Did we accomplish this? Time will tell! Intuitively I sense that we did, thanks to the global awakening that has been happening for decades but that really ramped up over this past year 2020. As difficult as this year has been for us all, I am confident that it will have been worth it!

You might notice in this chart that the Moon and Venus are the gatekeepers, containing all of the other planets within their sphere of influence. Besides the feminine asteroids, not shown here, these are the only feminine members of the zodiac. In her own sign of Cancer, this full Moon invites us to feel, intuit and use our hearts to process information more so than our minds. No doubt, the mind has an important role to play, however for thousands of years we have focussed solely on the abilities of the mind, lavishing it with privilege over sense-based and intuitive perception and have conferred to it the high and mighty role of "knowledge keeper". Moon in Cancer opposite Sun and Mercury in Capricorn tell another story: all three in feminine earth and water signs, our watery Cancer Moon reigns over earth-bound Sun and Mercury, whose perceptive abilities are channeled through the body and the senses (Capricorn). The body is the gateway for true understanding because when there is nothing to ground into, knowledge remains intangible, baseless and impractical, and therefore has little value. Knowledge that is grounded into the Earth through the physical body is valuable because it can be used for benefit. For example, intellectually knowing how to grow a garden or build a house in and of itself is worthless. Only when this knowledge is applied to the material world through the physical body (hauling soil, planting seeds, laying a foundation...) does it have real value, and otherwise remains ideation instead of practical information.

In this chart you will notice a fair number of square aspects, both applying and separating. Squares indicate challenges, conflict or confrontation, which can be uncomfortable or even unbearable, but with their resolution the payoff is lessons learned and a heightened awareness of self when we are able to face the problems instead of avoiding them. Avoidance is only putting things off until later, because eventually they will come back around, albeit in a slightly different and usually less elegant way! It really does pay to face the music when it happens.

Neptune has been in an applying square aspect with the lunar nodes for months. He is now past the exact degree and moving away, although the aspect is still very tight and in full force. As the modern ruler of Pisces and in his own sign at this time, Neptune is quite powerful and will be for a few more years. Squaring the nodes has been his way of showing us just how potent imagery can be, even when much of it is untrue! The challenge lies in discerning between true information and "fake news", and Neptune is a powerful teacher who asks us to question everything, including the beliefs that we grew up with and the sources of information that we have trusted for years.

Mars is coming out of his square to Pluto, offering us recent experiences of self-growth based on confrontations with government, the law or institutions (Pluto in Capricorn). This type of experience is more and more widespread, with desperate business owners defying lock-down edicts, rightly claiming that big corporations offering the same services are not subject to the same restrictions, and are deemed "essential" while many small business owners are not. This has become even more extreme in places like Australia and England, where you may be committing an infraction just by walking out your front door.

Also in a quintile (72º) with the Moon, Mars and she are opening the door to a subtle spiritual knowing that only the instinctual warrior self (Mars in Aries) combined with the intuitive emotional maturity of the Moon in Cancer can offer us. Notice that these two are the rulers of the signs they occupy, lending even more impact to this powerful aspect. It is also a beautiful combination of water and fire, of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine, and a tribute to the incredible work we have all done in order to get through 2020, the most difficult year of our lifetimes.

Venus is applying her square to Neptune, very near the south Node in Sagittarius. Helping us to remember the value of seeking enlightenment, she finds herself torn between the allure of escapism (one of Neptune's negative attributes) through substance abuse, addictions (including media addiction) or even just avoidance, and the desire to walk the Red Road of integrity, honesty and humility. Remembering who we are by connecting with our ancestors, guides and teachers from the other side of the veil can help us walk our walk and talk our talk.

Also in a T-square to the Moon and Sun is Chiron, the Wounded Healer, in Aries. This astral body is as much a symbol of the Age of Aquarius as any other. His presence in Aries is our opportunity to truly step into our identities as sovereign individuals, healing the false programs given to our ancestors and handed down countless generations: "original sin", lack, scarcity, unworthiness, dominance (male over female, rich over poor, etc.) and many others that have kept us from shining our lights as the spirits embodied in human forms that we are.

Last but not least, a square between Lilith in Taurus and Saturn-Jupiter just entering Aquarius is a challenge for the guru planets (Jupiter and Saturn) to "get it right" by offering Lilith her rightful place as the sovereign Divine Feminine Creatrix. Having been banned to the outskirts of the Universe by refusing to submit to Adam, she is now entreating the High Counsel (Jupiter and Saturn) for a fair trial. The lofty sign of Aquarius is the best place for this trial to happen, and her solid stance in Taurus will certainly go a long way to ensure her reinstatement, as we welcome and integrate the wild warrioress into our own hearts.

Uranus seems rather content with all of these confrontations, of which he is not - for once - the instigator. In a trine aspect to the Sun and a sextile to the Moon, the disruption and chaos he is often responsible for have subsided a bit in order to allow for the growth experiences to happen and - more importantly - be integrated.

The conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter at 0º29' Aquarius marked the end of an era of oppression and top-down governance, and the beginning of what we consider to be the Age of Aquarius. Having these two planets meet there for the first time in 800 years, forming the "star of Bethlehem" that was seen all over the world and heralded as the harbinger of a new era of peace and prosperity, was the event that made 2020 worth the pain and suffering inflicted upon us until the end of this year. The pain continues, but what lessons have we learned as a direct result of these trials and tribulations? They are as many and diverse as there are humans on this planet. Each of us, in our own way, has awakened and/or grown more compassionate and caring about the plight of our neighbors. We have come to a greater innerstanding of the system that had us and our ancestors enslaved into never-ending debt, with false notions of "a better place" when we die. We are learning that that system no longer has a stranglehold on us, and much like Neo in "The Matrix", we can now stop the bullets in mid-air by simply intending it to be so. Instant manifestation is no longer an impossible idea, as we have gained access to the esoteric knowledge once only accessible to priests and monarchs. These things take practice, of course, and not everyone will be able or even want to access these super-powers, but knowing that it's possible to do so and that many have already done it, has cracked the door that the Saturn-Jupiter conjunction in Aquarius just threw wide open.

In loving gratitude,

Sarah Songbird

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