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Full Moon in Cancer, January 17th, 2022

Our first full Moon of the year takes place in Cancer, her domicile. She opposes the Sun who has just crossed paths with Pluto, god of the Underworld and purveyor of deep spiritual insight. The Sun provides a blast of luminous energy that floods our awareness, while Pluto's proximity to it intensifies the light, enabling it to penetrate deep into our psyche. The conscious mind - all that we are aware of - has been compared to the tip of the iceberg, while the subconscious mind is everything below the surface, including unhealed wounds that can elicit negative emotions when triggered, programs installed since childhood (fears, phobias, unconscious behaviors...), and other responses to our environment. These unconscious states are sometimes referred to as our "shadow". Pluto symbolizes both the shadow, and the ability to bring its contents to the conscious mind.

The Moon, as the mirror to this subliminal flash of awareness, wants to help process the emotions surfacing as a result. In her own sign of Cancer, where caring and nurturing are a way of life, she couldn't be better placed. Opposing Pluto as well as the Sun, our Moon is on the receiving end of the flash, which both energizes us and demands that we be attentive to what may have been heretofore hidden, and is now being held in broad daylight. Perhaps we are being asked to pay particular attention to the shadow lurking behind attitudes of righteousness or self-aggrandizement, which may be hiding some serious issues around trust and self-assurance, for example.

In the collective, we are witnessing what appears to be a build-up in momentum that occurs just before a major shift happens. Several events have contributed to this, not least of which are revelations by Project Veritas that the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency or DARPA rejected a proposal from Eco Health Alliance to help fund gain of function research on bat-borne coronaviruses, because they considered it too dangerous. The project went ahead without them. This information, if authenticated, will prove that Dr. Fauci perjured himself by lying to Congress about gain of function research. This, in addition to the damning book that I mentioned in my last blog post by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. on Fauci and the global war on democracy and public health, may spell out the end for "America's Doctor", whose deplorable track record has all but destroyed public health over the past 50 years while lining the pockets of big Pharma and all those who have chosen to forego true science in favor of material gain.

Shining his light into the abyss, symbolized by Pluto, god of the underworld, the Sun directs his spotlight onto the Truth while the Moon reflects it through the collective psyche, creating a ripple effect, a flicker of awareness that just might be the spark that ignites the fire of "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!" Several countries in Europe have been consistently protesting their governments' overreach and tyranny since the summer, waiting for us Americans to wake up and do the same. Perhaps that time has come, as we are beginning to see protests happen in New York and Washington state, and one planned for Washington, D.C. coming up this Sunday.

Just shy of meeting Saturn in Aquarius, Mercury turned retrograde on January 14th, while in an almost exact square to Uranus. These three coming together is significant, especially in light of the current events. Saturn in Capricorn tends to be authoritarian and repressive, whereas in Aquarius, his perspective is lighter and more focused on self-discipline and upholding values of truth and justice for all. Saturn's influence on communication, especially now that our gaze is focused inward with the retrograde, will aid in sorting through the plethora of shadowy information rising to the surface as the result of the Sun-Pluto conjunction.

Uranus, the god of revolution and innovation, can't do much of either without the help of his little brother, Mercury. The god of communication, information and messaging is absolutely crucial to any revolution calling itself by that name. This little guy was 20 minutes shy of an exact square with Uranus when he reversed his course and went the other direction. His point was made, though, and Uranus was given the green light to continue undermining the status quo.

In a similar manner, Venus is also giving her blessing to Uranus as she continues HER retrograde journey, approaching a trine (120º) aspect with the revolutionary planet. While Mercury's influence is equivalent to a shot of adrenaline, Venus offers a gentle caress to the embattled god, who just spent the better part of the past year squaring off with Saturn, ancient greater malefic and god of misfortune. Her message is one of love and support, letting him know that his efforts are not in vain.

The Saturn-Uranus squares that we endured throughout 2021 symbolize the ongoing conflict happening between the people and authoritarian governments the world over. Saturn in Aquarius, the sign of the People, gave the masses the discipline to continue to fight against the tyranny, counting hundreds of thousands showing up week after week, month after month, to protest the illogical, undemocratic and illegal health policies being rolled out in many countries across the planet. And although Uranus represents revolution and sudden change of regime, true change comes about as the result of focused effort based on conviction of just cause and the desire to do good for ourselves and all future generations.

As the corruption continues to be revealed and the true purpose of the mandates becomes known to the people of the world, globalist-controlled governments can be expected to fall like dominos, perhaps even starting sometime this year. Recently, members of the Spanish police force told a large group of protesters that they were siding with the people against the corrupt politicians, and that they were communicating with police forces in France, Portugal and other European countries. The president of Ghana recently exposed the Rockefeller Foundation's plan for global genocide to his people, who will not be receiving the death jab. This man is either fearless (3 African presidents died in 2021, all of whom were against vaccine mandates) or he knows something. Perhaps he is sensing the turning of the tides, and truly wants to save his people from the evil forces that have enslaved humans for thousands of years, and are now fighting tooth and nail to force us to comply to their wishes of total dominance over the human race.

I personally felt the turning of the tides begin at the end of 2021, when several cycles were coming to a close and new ones were starting, in particular with the new Moon on January 2nd. I have a great sense of hope and confidence that by focusing our thoughts and intentions on the world that we want for ourselves, our children and all future generations, we have the power to create it. That said, we cannot do it alone, and one of the unexpected outcomes of this "plandemic" was the coming together of people across all walks of life, joined by their desire to help and be of service through the creation of local and online groups focused on helping each other get through these difficult times. This, in my opinion, is the seeding of the future of humanity. Not the mind-controlled, AI robots that Klaus Schwaab and his buddies had in mind, but rather authentic human beings who have learned from this tragedy to love one another unconditionally regardless of race, beliefs, skin color or any other divisive factor (including and even especially vaccination status), rising above enmity and coming together as One. This is OUR time to shine, just as the Sun shares his brilliance, reflected into millions of sparkles by the Moon, who is illuminated by the gaze of every human looking up to greet her.

May your days be brilliant and kind. In gratitude,

Sarah Songbird

Please feel free to contact me for a free 30-minute conversation to discuss anything you might be having trouble with. As always, I am here to support you in your quest for getting to know yourself through Astrology, to resolve challenging dynamics using Crystal Constellations, and to find heightened awareness, health and well-being through Crystal Energy Therapy. Please check out my website for more information, and don't hesitate to contact me to set up a reading or session at

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