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Full Moon in Leo, February 16th, 2022

At first glance, not a whole lot is going on in this chart. But upon closer examination, we notice - in addition to the Sun-Moon opposition that occurs for every full Moon - an exact conjunction, down to one minute, of Venus and Mars in Capricorn. Venus and Mars represent the feminine and masculine polarity, and when they come together to such a precise degree, at the exact moment of the full Moon, this is very significant.

Another unusual happenstance is that Mars is actually moving faster than Venus, and has overtaken her - just barely. Mars moving beyond Venus almost NEVER happens, as her orbit is smaller and she normally goes faster than Mars. Exceptionally, because of her recent retrograde and subsequent change of direction, she is only now beginning to regain momentum. This, and the fact that they are exactly conjunct at the precise time of the full Moon, is reason to pause and reflect upon the meanings of these two planets in the sign where they find themselves, the Saturn-ruled sign of Capricorn.

So just what are Mars and Venus about? Looking to the meanings of these deities in the ancient world, Mars is the ultimate warrior, the one who goes out and slays the dragon or lays claim to territory. Masculine or "yang" in nature, his energy is aggressive and penetrating. He represents our vitality, our actions and our impulsiveness. Venus is much the opposite, being feminine or "yin", she is receptive and gentle, and embodies desire, relationship and the things we value and deem important. She is the goddess of Love, and could easily be represented by the Empress in Tarot, while Mars could be the Chariot. Together, they represent the divine couple, the interactions between masculine and feminine, the blending of the opposites.

In this chart, they are coming together as one. In order to understand how they are doing that, one must look to the ruler of the sign they are in, who is none other than Saturn, or Chronos, the god of time, order and tradition. Mars has a natural affinity with Saturn and is exalted in Capricorn - he loves to "get things done". Venus, although she has no dignity (exaltation or rulership) in Capricorn, she is relatively at ease here because she rules another earth sign, Taurus. As such, this divine couple (differing from the Divine Couple of the Sun and Moon) are uniting their forces in the sign that sets goals, lays out strategies, leans on time-tested tradition and gets the job done.

This is a time when we lay down our petty disputes, come together and work toward common goals, whether in the framework of an intimate relationship, with friends, family, neighbors, or our fellow citizens. We are united in a shared objective, upon which our lives and livelihoods may even depend, expressing the seriousness and urgency felt in Capricorn.

We are currently seeing this happen in Ottawa, Canada, where a convoy of Canadian truckers protesting the vaccine mandates imposed by prime minister Justin Trudeau became a spark for a global movement for freedom across every continent on the globe. In spite of the fact that a large percentage of these truckers had already submitted to taking the mrna technology commonly referred to as the covid 19 vaccine, they chose to descend upon the Canadian capital en masse to protest the mandates and lockdowns that have plagued Canadians and the rest of the world for the past two years. Justin Trudeau (or Castreau, as some "fondly" call him), allegedly the illegitimate son of the Cuban dictator, Fidel Castro, is trying to fill both of his dads' shoes... and failing miserably. Instead of facing the truckers to address their grievances, he fled Ottawa, went into hiding and blamed it on covid, then insulted the truckers from afar, calling them marginal, racist, misogynistic white supremacists with absolutely no basis for his claims other than photos of a confederate flag and a swastika, probably taken by none other than his own personal photographer.

Meanwhile, reports on the ground in Ottawa (other than the ones the official media is concocting, about stealing food from the homeless and random violence) are showing an incredibly united group of humans helping other humans, feeding the homeless, picking up trash, clearing the snow from sidewalks, erecting bouncy castles for the kids, and sharing high energy vibes in this once-in-a-lifetime occurrence of Canadian togetherness. This open display of brotherly love is what has triggered, in my opinion, millions of protestors in Australia, New Zealand, Austria, Germany, Bulgaria, France, Spain, Brazil and the US to start convoys and head to their nations capitals. Some have reached their destinations and have been actively protesting for freedom and against mandates for days if not weeks, while others have only begun. This definitely looks and feels like the Revolution That Will Not be Televised. All in a spirit of love, good faith and togetherness that no government anywhere has been able to foster, just as Mars and Venus in Capricorn so beautifully demonstrate.

The other notable aspect in this chart is Jupiter, the Great Benefic, in a sextile (60º) with Uranus, the god of revolution and change. Jupiter is well dignified, being in his own sign of Pisces. Cohabiting with Neptune, the modern ruler of Pisces, Jupiter is playing a supporting role for Uranus in this real-time movie, albeit one that may actually be stealing the limelight. As we have seen in previous posts, Uranus in Taurus answers to Venus (the goddess of Love, also known as the lesser benefic). The sextile, being of the nature of Venus, reinforces her beneficial influence. Jupiter, who represents expansion and good fortune, increases numbers and momentum, allowing this revolution to be entirely peaceful yet extremely potent - a threat to those wanting to control every aspect of our lives down to what we think and feel, and what we put into our bodies.

Finally, the actual full Moon aspect, Sun in Aquarius opposite Moon in Leo, is a tribute to We the People and our struggle for freedom. The Moon is the closest celestial body to the Earth, and as such has been thought to represent the people and all that we do on the planet. She governs what is known as the sub-lunary sphere. In Leo, she is fired up for personal sovereignty, independence and freedom. The Sun in Aquarius, of course, is also about humans and freedom, finding novel ways of dealing with issues of governance and power. Undeniably, the coming together of millions of people all over the globe is testament to this full Moon in Leo.

Much like the founding fathers of this country, who were not perfect but who devised an incredibly sound system of governance that was a precursor for democracy in the rest of the world, we are facing tyranny and oppression on the part of governments all over the world. Our constitution has been shredded in the past two years, and yet it was clearly established by those who wrote it as the Law of the Land that supersedes any and all mandates that violate our freedoms, such as the ones that were proclaimed by the current government. The real virus is the corruption and greed that has taken hold in the upper echelons of society and infected all but the most righteous and noble souls, and not a man-made organism created in a lab using gain of function research, unleashed on humanity in order to force us into taking a gene-altering, sometimes lethal and often debilitating injection. That virus, we can deal with. But the one that has infected our so-called leaders has been around for generations and is much more clandestine and deadly. That said, just as our founding fathers and mothers took on the British crown and won, so too will we take on the global elite and take back what was never theirs to take from us, our Freedom.

Sarah Songbird

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