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Full Moon in Leo, February 9th, 2020

Full Moon in Leo, February 9th, 2020 at 2:33 AM, Central Time

This Full Moon analysis will be short and sweet: very few aspects adorn this chart for a brief and concise reading. The Moon is the center of attention in this chart, as well she should be, reigning in the sign of Leo. Leo is about royalty, leadership and self-awareness, the kind that can sometimes turn into self-indulgence and conceitedness if mismanaged. But this Moon, at exactly 20.00º continues the “2” theme of the past two Moons, speaking of partnership and receptive awareness, which counteracts the potentially egocentric tendencies of the sign of royalty.

The Moon opposes her fiery flair to the cool and aloof qualities the Sun displays at 20.00º Aquarius, the sign of innovative, intellectual and worldly pursuits. These two, in their bi-monthly dance, find themselves this month on opposite poles of self-focused passion and concern for the greater good, and yet are harmoniously aligned with Mars, bringing about inspired action aligned with intuition. This is a really good time to act upon gut feelings and follow your dreams.

Saturn, Pluto and Neptune form a very special figure with the Moon, known as a Yod, or Finger of God. This formation has long been considered one of the most sacred aspects of the divine expression of cosmic energies. These three planets are bestowing upon the Moon the powers of Order, Transformation and Divine Connection. Whatever we focus our attention on during the few days surrounding this full Moon will likely have a positive influence in our world, as long as we stay true to our calling and heed the messages coming from our higher Self. As the outer planets focus their energies on our beautiful Moon, we can access these energies through our intuition and non-linear mind.

Also in this chart is an interesting conjunction between Venus, Lilith and Chiron, all in the first degrees of Aries. Venus, the planet of relationship and all that we value, is at the same degree as Lilith, also known as the Black Moon. Both are within 2 degrees of Chiron, the Wounded Healer. This speaks of the idea that our wounding informs our ability to be in relationship while also being independent and strong, especially for women. By addressing the original – often unconscious – wounding of our childhood, we can claim the rights to our sovereignty as full-fledged human adults, instead of relating to others from a wounded child’s perspective. This is obviously a choice – just know that this is a very good time to pursue some sort of therapy or spiritual teaching, or interact with plant medicines on behalf of your higher self.

Finally, Uranus pursues his slow road through Taurus, reminding us that we can only change ourselves and the world by doing the work on the ground and by putting ourselves in service to the Collective. May we always remember that it takes a village…

In gratitude,


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