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Full Moon in Pisces, August 30th, 2023

Ok, so here’s the scoop! This full moon is full of healing potential, especially concerning relationships. Having just left the orb of influence of Saturn, immediately following a Sun-Saturn opposition (August 27th), which brought up some challenging issues that needed our attention, this Moon comes to fullness in a sign near and dear to both benefics, Jupiter and Venus. These two have been in a flirty square (squares are not a problem for the benefics), with Jupiter in Venus’ domicile, Taurus, and Venus herself in flirtatious Leo. Soon Jupiter will be joined by Mercury retrograde, in a trine that bodes well for clear communication (Mercury in Virgo is both exalted and ruler) and healing of the heart. When this trine is exact, September 4th, not only will the Moon have moved on to join Jupiter in Taurus, her sign of exaltation, but Venus will have have stationed and moved direct. This all points in the direction of truthful communication, vulnerability, expression of raw emotion supported by the soft embrace of the sacred Venusian cow and the steadfast and crystal-clear mind of the divine Messenger, Mercury. This is the time to open one’s heart and make a peace offering, make amends, ask for forgiveness, and honestly invite connection to help heal past injury.

After having gone direct (September 15th) and catching up with the Sun in Libra, Mercury will align himself with the solar eclipse in Libra (October 14th), marking the end of a difficult period for relationships. That being said, this doesn’t happen without our participation: we must do the work. We dare to speak our truth, no matter how hard it is. We decline the ego’s insistence upon being “right”, and instead choose to listen. We receive the reflection of our being in the other person, no matter how unpleasant or ugly, and offer in return only our sincere gratitude and love…

I could go on, but I think you get the point. If we want our relationships to “work”, we must be willing to put in the time and effort – the Universe will take care of the rest. And, It is conspiring to make some potentially difficult conversations land in a soft bed of flowers surrounded by a symphony of bees buzzing and birds singing, replacing the stink of composting hurt feelings by the sweet smell of reconciliation.

Please do not take your loved ones for granted. Take advantage of this beautiful convergence of planetary energies to speak your truth, listen with whole-hearted attention, and walk the red road of integrity. You and all of Humanity will benefit, as we move closer, one relationship at a time, to universal Love and reciprocity on this beautiful planet Earth we call our own.

All My Relations.

Additional note:

May the tragedy endured by the Lahainans in Maui be softened by the gentle energies of this Full Moon, and may their determination to get to the bottom of this catastrophic event rife with multiple failings on the part of those in charge, be strengthened by outside awareness and public support to uncover hidden agendas and malfeasance. May we all learn from this that our safety and well-being are not always a given, and that we must be ready to act at a moment’s notice to protect ourselves and our loved ones, defending our homeland (integrity) from enemies without and within. May this be a wake-up call to us all: “Love thy neighbor as thyself.” We come from the same Source – let us be worthy of it.

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