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Full Moon in Pisces, September 1-2, 2020

For this full Moon, Mars is once again a major focal point. While Saturn in Capricorn (structure, order and the status quo) opposes Venus in Cancer (caring for and protection of the family), Mars in Aries (individual expression and selfhood) finds himself in a T-square formation at their mid-point with Lilith, who embodies the feminine archetype of free will, independence and sovereignty. This alignment is the planetary equivalent of what we see playing out in our 3-D realm of human interaction: government and/or authority figures (Saturn) taking actions that may feel oppressive (Capricorn) in the supposed interest of families and humans in general (Venus) for their protection and security (Cancer). The tension created by this opposition is channeled (T-square) through the uprising of individuals and small business owners (Mars) who fiercely defend their individual rights (Lilith) to use their unique abilities (Aries) to make a living and care for their families (Capricorn-Cancer). This dynamic is further emphasized by Uranus, the planet of sudden insight and revolution, in Taurus, the sign of material abundance (or lack thereof) in a tight positive sextile (60º) aspect with our Full Moon in Pisces.

Mars is slowing down and will commence his retrograde journey back through his own sign of Aries on September 9th. Hitherto forward moving, Mars' turnaround will affect our actions which become more inwardly focused on re-viewing, re-visiting and perhaps re-inventing our responses to the dynamic that has been emerging into the collective human consciousness for the past eight months. The three power planets in Capricorn - Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn - all of which have been retrograde for months, will now station direct by the beginning of October. Mars, in his ongoing square with each of these will be testing our abilities to trust our own inner authority, to do the necessary work to bring about our inner transformation, and to regain confidence in our sovereignty and our rights to live our lives as we see fit. These tests will be very challenging for some of us, and transformational for all.

As for the Moon herself, full in the sign of Pisces - corresponding to the Great Mystery, the Unknowable, the Tao - the only aspect tying her in with the other planets, a part from her opposition to the Sun, is an exact sextile (60º) with Uranus in Taurus. This aspect is highly significant as it links the higher mind, including innovative, break-through thinking, with the intuitive and imaginal realms governed by the Moon. In Pisces, she has access to limitless possibilities, while Uranus in Taurus is offering alternatives to how things are being done in the 3-D material reality. The Sun in Virgo, in a positive trine (120º) with Uranus, underscores this dynamic as Virgo, an earth sign, rules health management and the organization of details into a coherent picture, one that would make sense to that higher mind that Uranus embodies.

Enter Mercury, in his own sign of Virgo, opposite Neptune, in his own sign of Pisces! This aspect has a wide orb, with 5 degrees separating them from an exact aspect, but still in force at the time of the full Moon for the next day or so. This is the macrocosm (Neptune in Pisces) vs the microcosm (Mercury in Virgo). In other words, our 3-D minds and associated egos are looking for ways to explain or justify the potential feeling of overwhelm we may be experiencing as the result of the societal changes that the Capricorn trio (Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter) has brought about. This could also be the cognitive dissonance that accompanies the realization that the world is not the one we thought it was, or the process of mourning... because we are truly mourning the death of a life we once knew, which will never be again. Remember the five-step process of grieving first outlined by Elizabeth Kübler-Ross? 1) Denial. 2) Anger. 3) Depression. 4) Negotiation. 5) Acceptance. We may be going through this without even realizing it. At the same time, we may be rejoicing the end of a way of life that does not cohere with our values, but facing the unknown (or the unknowable, here played by Neptune in Pisces) almost always triggers a complex response of fear mixed with hope and other emotions, forcing us to reevaluate, review, reorganize... It's no wonder we have been offered so many retrogrades this year - what a gift from the Universe!

What does this all really mean? The way I see it, we are being given a choice: hand over our liberty and sovereignty to an external authority figure in exchange for a (false?) sense of security and protection (whether from a virus or other manufactured threat); or reclaim our inner authority by becoming aware of the false programming that has infiltrated our minds by supposedly trustworthy sources like the media or the government. You may not agree, and we can always agree to disagree, but I feel it is becoming increasingly evident that the truth about the alleged pandemic is being withheld from us, if only judging by the mainstream media's and social media's systematic censorship of any information that does not agree with the accepted narrative. Our first amendment rights have been trampled by these entities, who take it upon themselves to decide whether or not an opinion or piece of information should be seen or heard. This could be a negative expression of the Mercury/Neptune opposition, where Mercury is looking for facts and details to build his case, while Neptune spins a veil of deception and fear to keep the truth under wraps. Interestingly, Mercury is also squaring the Nodes, which challenge him to stand up for his rights and speak his truth for all time - past, present and future - just as Robert F. Kennedy Jr. did in Berlin this past Saturday and David Icke in London, in front of hundreds of thousands of protesters in both cities. Listening to their speeches, both of which uncover the true purpose of this planned-demic, one feels a revolutionary spirit filling the hearts and minds of the protesters and the passion and dedication that these two men have embodied for decades in their work to lift the veil on a very nefarious plan elaborated over decades (if not longer) by a select few to literally take over the world. That is the actual goal behind the New World Order, if you haven't figured that out by now. The complicit media has been working very hard to debunk this idea and others (like the Q phenomenon). They won't convince me, because I have been watching this unfold over the past 20 years. This conspiracy is unfortunately not a theory.

And yet, there is a silver lining to this story. The positive expression of the Neptune/Mercury opposition is that little Mercury is taking on Goliath (Neptune) and truly stepping into his own for the highest and greatest good of all beings. He has the support of Pluto and Saturn, through a positive trine (120º) aspect, the higher attributes of which are transformation and structure. This is all happening to bring about awareness of the fact that we have been mentally enslaved to the false ideas of scarcity and separation, thus beholding ourselves to a system that benefits a small minority and enslaves the vast majority of humans, who don't even realize they are in bondage. It's time to wake up to our true identity as spiritual beings first and foremost, who have stepped into physical, mental and emotional bodies in this 3-dimensional reality. We may have different reasons for doing so, but what we all have in common is that we are all here, now, together in this dynamic playing our before our very eyes.

I have to say, hats off to the planners of this diabolical scheme - you almost won! But humanity is waking up to your antics. We - as the reflections of Spirit embodied in Mother Earth-created bodies, supported by the love of infinite beings both on- and off-planet, across many dimensions (Jupiter sextile (60º) Neptune) - are not having it any longer. With the blessings of Pachamama and Source Creator, we reclaim the power that we have been handing over to you for eons, as you enslaved Humanity to serve your selfish needs. This ends, here and now. I hereby claim my individual sovereignty and right to decide what measures are taken to support my health and well-being, rejecting any and all claims to the contrary, from any and all entities, for whatever reason. And so it is, for all lifetimes, across all timelines, forever more. Aho.

In Infinite Gratitude,

Sarah Songbird

I am available for Astrology readings, Crystal Energy Therapy sessions and Crystal Constellations. For more details, please see my website ~

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