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Full Moon in Sagittarius, May 23rd, 2024

Following our magnificent new Moon in Taurus two weeks ago, this full Moon is the continuation of a similar theme: Taurus is in the spotlight, with four planets reiterating the importance of living in the moment, and enjoying the beauty and pleasure this world has to offer us. This time, however, we have a fiery Moon in Sagittarius opposite the Sun, newly in Gemini, setting the stage for a very interesting conversation indeed! One about communication, having conversations, and how these may be playing out in the coming months and years.

Having the two benefics, Venus and Jupiter, exactly conjunct in the last degree of Taurus, is like receiving a farewell blessing. Just before leaving the sign, they remind us of the importance of taking care of our bodies, our dwellings, our natural resources and our dear planet, Mother Earth. They reinforce, ground and embody the breakthroughs that Jupiter and Uranus initiated one month ago 0n April 20th. The coming together of these two in Venus’ own sign precisely at the time of this full Moon is an indication that we are in the process of aligning ourselves with beauty, abundance, sensuality and the goodness of Life, all the while searching for greater awareness and a conscious Innerstanding (standing from within) of the Great Mystery we are a part of.

Facilitating this exploration is an exact trine aspect (120º) between the Sun, just entering Gemini, and Pluto in Aquarius. Gemini, home of the inquisitive mind and domicile of Mercury, encourages us to question the status quo and anything that may be holding over from old and out-dated mindsets. Pluto in Aquarius is here to break down belief systems, assumptions, expectations, negative thought patterns…and anything that might impede or distort the Truth from being expressed and communicated. Sagittarius (the Centaur, or Chiron) is truth-seeking embodied. We can see in this lunation a foreshadowing of the work that lies ahead for the coming decades, where Pluto dismantles and disintegrates some of the distorted ideologies and ungrounded theories that have been promulgated for the past several years. Without focusing more on that topic, let’s just say that this process has already begun, and that theories and ideas that were presented to the populace as “settled science” are now being questioned and even completely turned around.

Soon after this full Moon, Jupiter will be ingressing into Gemini where he will reside for roughly 12 months. The full Moon in Sagittarius is also a foreshadowing of the year ahead, demonstrating the relationship between Jupiter and Mercury, rulers of Sagittarius and Gemini respectively. Think expansion and order within a seemingly random and/or chaotic framework, such as the growth of mycelium, the flow of traffic in a large city in India, for example, or even Astrology itself! Astrology has defined a framework (constellations = zodiac) to derive meaning from an apparently random dispersion of celestial bodies in the nighttime sky. This is the type of theme we are likely to encounter more and more, especially as Jupiter trines Pluto in Aquarius when he enters Gemini this Sunday, May 26th. We can expect conversations around technologies such as A.I., that will greatly impact future generations. Censorship is also a rife topic of discussion, one that Jupiter will have no trouble shooting down with his lightning bolt of truth. These and other topics are likely to surface and become the subjects of conversations that sorely need to happen in order to emerge from the plutocratic era of lock-down, shut-down and shut-up and obey, or else. Remember? Just four short years ago, when the world was crumbling under a dystopian nightmare...

Fortunately, in the coming year, we will have multiple opportunities to engage in actual conversations about what happened, why and what we can do about it now. We will engage in these conversations, which should allow us to find out the truth based on facts, and question the questionable narratives that have been force-fed to us in hopes we would swallow everything whole. This is what Jupiter and Mercury do: they engage in dialogue, that elegant practice that Socrates taught us 2,500 years ago. In doing so, they explore the macro and the micro, the philosophical, social and practical and personal implications of how one person's behavior can affect the whole, and vice versa. This is the time to explore solutions to planetary issues, which lie not at the level of the issues themselves, but rather depend on our willingness to let go of ideas that no longer serve the greater good.

The last aspect I will mention is the exact sextile (60º) between Jupiter/Venus and Neptune. The 29º point of any sign is said to be very important. A planet found here has gathered all of the energy of the sign and is on the brink of transitioning into the following sign, thus changing dignities and having to adapt to a totally new environment. The speed at which this occurs varies with each planet, but the result is always a change from the status quo to something new and different. Three planets in this chart find themselves here, Jupiter and Venus at 29º Taurus, and Neptune at 29º Pisces. Separated by 60º, these planets are in a sextile, which is of the nature of Venus: sweet, harmonious, loving. Neptune seems to be saying to Jupiter and Venus “Love is all you need,” to quote a popular Beatles song. These two in Taurus are reminding us, one last time, to prioritize beauty, embodiment, health and well-bing, caring for one another over competition and “being right,” especially in the conversations that we will engage in, in the coming months.

Much more to be said about that in future blog posts! Thank you for reading!

In Gratitude,

Sarah Songbird

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