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Full Moon in Scorpio, April 23rd, 2024

Although this full Moon may feel a bit anticlimactic, after the solar eclipse we just experienced 2 weeks ago, it is exactly the one that we need to bring us into a deep contemplation around the shadows that may still keep us from accessing our highest potential. Coming in on the heels of the long-awaited Jupiter-Uranus conjunction, this pregnant Moon brings with her the inebriant longing for windfalls and good fortune coupled with a deeper, perhaps sobering realization that nothing ever happens in the void and that actions have consequences, whether immediate or not.

A Scorpio Moon will want to uncover and expose whatever might be hidden, including what we may be in denial about. However big the Jupiter-Uranus promise is, she is determined to get to the bottom of the disfunction, and will shine her bright light into the darkest corners, leaving no stone unturned. Scorpio is very comfortable in those places, and this Moon has no qualms about bringing our attention to the uncomfortable truths that we tend to brush under the rug, or wait until the “right time” to deal with. Well, I’ve got news for you: now’s the time.

Pluto is also a player in this exploration, as he finds himself at the apex of a T-square (90º triangle) with the Sun and Moon. His contribution? Help the Moon uncover and illuminate every last bit of the patterns and programs that may still be operating at an unconscious level, preventing the full expression of our true nature. We will have gotten a taste of this on Sunday, when the Sun and Pluto were exactly squared. The window of opportunity has opened, and especially immediately following such powerful transits as the solar eclipse and the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction, we would do well to take advantage of this time to deepen our practice, whether it be meditation, contemplation or another spiritual practice, and follow the cues of our intuition to unravel the binds that are holding us back. By doing this inner work, we will more fully reap the benefits of the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction.

Mercury has his word in this process as well. Retrograde in Aries for the past 2 plus weeks, he is now slowing down and about to turn direct on April 26th. Mercury retrograde is always about reviewing, revisiting and reflecting on what has just taken place. As he moves forward, crossing over touch points and planetary positions for the 3rd time, he gives us permission to take another, perhaps deeper, look at what we have just experienced over the past couple of weeks. By the end of this month we will have been offered a considerable gateway of opportunity to really look at what gifts are behind the shadows that we use to justify our lacks, whatever they might be (lack of abundance, relationship, confidence, compassion, patience…).

Sounds like a plan? You betcha! We’ve got our work cut out for us - and it looks like our hard work will be rewarded by a beautiful new Moon in Taurus next month, where Venus will have joined the Sun and Moon in her own sign. Stay tuned for the next edition of Moon Musings!

Until then, many blessings and gratitude for all that each of you does each and every day, to be the awesome human beings that you are! To thank you, here is a thought-provoking interview of Greg Braden, as he speaks of our humanness and how precious it really is.

Special for May: in honor of you MOTHERS, I am offering a 50% discount on all of my services! 1st come, 1st serve. I hope to see you this month!

In Gratitude,

Sarah Songbird

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