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Full Moon in Virgo, February 24th, 2024

What is special about a full Moon in Virgo? The sign of discernment, Virgo is a place of releasing that which no longer serves, separating the grain from the chaff, so to speak. This Moon encourages us to do so, in whatever way makes sense to us. For some, that means literally throwing out the clutter that has creeped into your living space. For others, that might mean doing a cleanse or fast in order to clear the body of toxins and sluggishness. Perhaps making choices about with whom to keep company at this time is on the table for you.

And, there is a way to go about practicing discernment with this full Moon: using your intuitive guidance. Ruled by Mercury, Virgo is normally a place of rationality, analysis and logic. However, this Moon is different: it is opposite an important stellium (group of planets) in the sign of Pisces, which has quite the opposite signification from Virgo - a sense of vastness ruled by an instinctive flow that takes us out of our intellect and into our right-brained intuition. This is underlined by the fact that both Mercury and Saturn are “under the rays” of the Sun, meaning they are less than 10º away from it. This weakens their vital force until they enter into a conjunction with the Sun and become “combust” or die, and then are reborn on the other side. In other words, their normal impact is lessened, and we are seeing more of their underbellies, which are quite the opposite of intellect and time: intuition, timelessness, and a blurring of clear boundaries.

Adding insult to injury, Mercury finds himself seriously debilitated in Pisces, it being the place of both his detriment and his fall. This means that his normal functions of intellectual focus and clear reasoning can be hindered, resulting in scatter-brain and/or confusion. Neptune, the planet of universal connection and the collective unconscious, is co-present with his cohorts in the watery sign of expanding consciousness, making it even more difficult to exercise the intellect and stay clear-minded. Saturn is adding gravitas to the mix, resulting in a deepened propensity for dreaming and delving into the mysteries of life.

If you are the intellectual type, you may find the coming weeks to be highly challenging. My advice: let go of your need to find answers, to be right. Instead, try allowing yourself to go more with the flow, to stay in a place of not knowing, and to be open to listening to your heart. This is a time where our right brain is being given full reign in order to receive information from a place of fluidity, instead of figuring things out intellectually. There is nothing wrong with that, except that it’s not going to work as well as it usually does! And if you usually have trouble connecting with your intuition, through contemplation, meditation or prayer, this will be an excellent time to begin such a practice, as you will find it much easier now than when Mercury is in his strong suit.

Saturn acts as a portal between the known and the unknown. Being in Pisces enhances his position as a gateway into what is beyond normal consciousness. This is an invitation to delve into the formless realm of the unconscious mind, through art, music, poetry, or with whatever means best suits your sensitivity. This may be a good time to start a dream journal, or listen to that little voice that’s been telling you that the life-style change you’ve been thinking about is long overdue…

The beginnings of unrest and the lifting of the veil…

A coming together of the Masculine and the Feminine, literally or figuratively, with Mars and Venus conjunct in the sign of Aquarius, is very much alive at this time. Both in a square (90º) aspect with Jupiter in Taurus, whatever is brewing with these two planets is being grounded into manifest reality. Aquarian notions of human connection and brotherly love make this reunion all the more significant, especially in light of the unrest happening all over the planet at this time, from the wars and genocide in the Middle East to mass protests all over Europe and in parts of South America and Asia. If we are to survive this time of Great Transformation as a species, we must become aware of certain agendas that would have us fight one another over petty differences rather than come together and work towards the common good. We must rise above the pettiness and name-calling, and all attempts to alienate us from one another, and come together as a united force to be reckoned with. Let us stand firm and thwart the fear-based tactics that are being used to justify taking away our freedoms in the name of security and/or health. The divisions imposed upon us, whether political, religious, racial, idealogical or otherwise, are merely attempts on the part of a global elite to divide and conquer in the pursuit of a much darker agenda, to control all of humanity under one world government.

This is something I would not have spoken about even just a few months ago, however, this agenda, hidden for many decades, has been exposed, and even its proponents are no longer keeping it a secret. Whether you consider the above document to be legitimate or not, examples of its goals being reached have become prevalent in the past 4 years: poisonous substances in our food and water; dangerous chemicals raining upon us from widespread chem-trailing in our skies; the mass “vaccination” and subsequent deaths of over 17 million people world-wide; the rise in sudden or unexpected deaths since that same campaign; dangerous radiation from 5G towers; rampant censorship of inconvenient truths that do not follow the mainstream narrative; the illegal and unconstitutional removal of parents’ rights in deciding what is best for their children; the influx of 10 million illegal immigrants, mostly males of military age, in the past 3 years… the list goes on and on.

That being said, the execution of the final stages of this nefarious plan is far from being assured. It would have behooved these elites to enact the finishing touches of their plan well before Pluto went into Aquarius, the sign of lofty ideals and brotherly love. Large numbers of people are awakening and protesting en masse across the planet, against the inhumane take-over of farming, medicine and other aspects of human life, in the name of ideas like “human-caused climate change”, itself seriously questioned by experts in the field. The take-over of the mainstream media by the oligarchs that run this and other countries has made it difficult, until the rise of the alternative media, for those questioning the official narrative to be able to have any kind of voice. The tables have turned, and now more people listen to unconventional media than to official sources.

The Age of Aquarius has finally arrived. What may seem like total chaos to many, I feel is actually the beginnings of a complete shift in how humanity is coming of age, out of adolescence and into adulthood. Will it even survive this shift? I don’t know the answer to that question. All I know is what I am feeling, which tells me that wonderful things are ahead for us. It will likely get much worse before getting better, at least on a global scale. In the meantime, my intention is to continue to open my heart to the promise of universal and unconditional love for all sentient beings, given to us by this new era we have just begun.

In Gratitude,

Sarah Songbird

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