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Full Moon in Virgo, February 27th, 2021

All eyes are on the Moon in this chart, who is the focal point of a Yod, or Finger of God. At 8º Virgo, she brings attention to health, preparedness and discernment, with a strong focus on healing the issues brought up from the past. This is an excellent time to start a cleanse or to begin therapy, as Virgo is eager to work through challenges in order to sort the wheat from the chaff, always aiming for perfection in all things. Out of balance, this can be problematic, bordering on obsessive/impulsive behavior. Fortunately in this chart, we see a nice balance coming from Uranus in Taurus, who is sextiling the Sun and trining the Moon, giving us the freedom to simply be that weird, quirky nerd or that anxious hypochondriac without it having dramatic or troubling consequences.

The Yod, formed by three planets in quincunxes and a sextile, in this chart includes Saturn, Chiron and the Moon, who is the focal point of the two others. She is also in opposition to the Sun, of course, because it is a full Moon. This formation is known to have transcendental qualities, and thus the three planets involved are exalted in a certain way. Saturn, whose home will be Aquarius for the next two-and-a-half years, speaks of time out-of-time and timelessness, showing us that whatever was spoiled back in the day has not only not disappeared, it is coming to surface to be seen and dealt with, and the Moon in Virgo is ready for it. On the other side of the Sun/Moon opposition is the Moon's quincunx to Chiron in Aries, the second arm of the Yod. This aspect brings our attention to the wounds brought up by Saturn and wanting to be recognized, metabolized and released, exactly what this Full Moon in Virgo is aiming to accomplish.

As always in lunar cycles, whatever is happening during a full Moon was seeded by the previous New Moon. By looking back two weeks ago, we can get a fairly good idea of the kind of work being done at this time. This full Moon is all about becoming aware of ancient wounds that have affected us deeply, sometimes over an entire lifetime, or even over several generations, and taking the necessary steps towards healing and reconciliation, especially when these wounds involve emotional trauma. Virgo can sometimes play the victim in a victim/perpetrator scenario. Family Constellations is unequaled for addressing trans-generational trauma, and the victim/perpetrator dynamic is very often involved.

This chart gives us the sense that all is in superb alignment with Divine will, no matter how difficult the act of seeing underneath the conscious surface may be. Saturn square Uranus, the defining aspect of this year, is a game changer however you look at it. But in spite of causing disruption to our "norms" and our habits, which by now - a year after the beginnings of the so-called pandemic - we have integrated as gradients of constant change, it has brought about opportunities that some of us would have never dreamed about in a million years. Some of these changes are very positive. And those that aren't, however unfortunate they may be, often have a silver lining that may be steering us in a direction that our soul has wanted since we became aware of being human. At the level of the Collective, Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius, these changes bring about the disruption and the destruction of the old paradigm, which must first be completely dismantled before a new one can emerge.

And of course, there's Pluto. Dismantling, deconstructing, even destroying the vast edifice that we once knew as society. There are those who are desperately attempting to exert control and take us in a direction that most of us are not keen about following, namely towards a totalitarian top-down absolutely controlled society where we "own nothing and are happy". But what does that really mean? These are the words of Klaus Schwab, the director of the Global Economic Forum, who is pushing for a globalist totalitarian take-over of the world, along with other globalists such as Bill Gates and the Big Tech CEOs. They're not even hiding this anymore, just wrapping it up in a package that they hope we will fall for, Artificial Intelligence and all. The current administration is following this lead like a puppy stumbling after its mama, offering no leadership of its own besides the excessive signing of executive orders. Pluto is making sure that we clearly see this absurdity, knowing that we have a choice between this... and the freedom to determine our own future by standing up for our inalienable rights as naturally born human beings owing allegiance to no government other than our own sovereignty. This would be Pluto's mission, if one could attribute human qualities to a planet, which we often do. Exposing the underbelly of the monster in order to know, without the shadow of a doubt, what exactly we are up against.

And, as everything is perfect in an absolute sense, Mars in Taurus is trining Pluto in Capricorn, allowing for powerful transformation through inspired action with lasting effects and tangible results. This aspect aligns beautifully with the massive uprisings we are seeing across the globe, with millions of people in dozens of countries - Netherlands, Denmark, Spain, Lebanon, Australia, just to name a few - standing up against totalitarian lock-downs based on no tangible science , that have been destroying lives and livelihoods for the past year.

Mercury, after his retrograde phase in Aquarius, is now catching up with Jupiter. On March 4th they will be exactly conjunct, and still in a wide trine/sextile with the Nodes. These are in the axis signs of communication and knowledge, Gemini and Sagittarius. Mercury in Aquarius has vision into the future where human potential is realized. Jupiter amplifies that vision impeccably with the karmic unfolding of the human experience.

Adding spiritual depth to the Yod formed by the Moon, Saturn and Chiron are two quintile aspects (72º), one between Pluto and Chiron - spiritual healing and transformation - and the other between Mercury and Lilith, denoting a strong propensity to stand up for one's rights and to speak one's truth.

In this chart, Venus is peregrin, meaning that she is not aspecting with any of the other planets. Having just moved into Pisces on the heels of the Sun, she quietly offers her support by reinforcing an energetic and emotional bond between Me, Myself and I. Self-care is always important, but during this intense time of facing traumatic wounding of the past, it takes on special relevance and should definitely become a priority. Once again, cleansing of the body, clearing out of one's physical space (after all, it's almost Spring!) and the metabolizing of emotions coming up as the result of therapy or other forms of self-care is going to be a major focus of this full Moon in Virgo.

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