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Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, 1/10/2020

This first full moon of the decade foreshadows the Great Event of the century which happens two days later, the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn. The Capricorn/Cancer axis is characterized by the need for security and the ability to move above and beyond material limitations in an effort to transcend that need. This is why many Capricorn natives (including those with Moon, Rising or several planets in Capricorn) are prone to overachievement, or CEO syndrome: “I must get to the top.” Unfortunately, that rarely brings resolution to an often exaggerated need for security, which keeps pushing us to overachievement and burnout. Resolution happens when we are able to experience the lessons of the wounding that exaggerated our need for security by facing our fears of lack, insecurity and instability. By acting from a place of fear, we reinforce those fears, ultimately calling in conditions that validate them and create similar circumstances as the ones we are trying to avoid.

This full Moon is an invitation to examine your fears around security and stability (1st or Root chakra issues). The Moon in her own sign of Cancer wants to take care of everyone else’s needs but tends to forget her own, believing that the more she gives to others the more they will recognize her hard work and feel compelled to give back and take care of her needs. Alas, this strategy rarely works: we must be willing to take care of our own needs first and foremost, which then frees us to be available to nurture others.

The numerological signature of this full Moon chart is fascinating, and the major themes are partnership, power, stability and success, all of which overwhelmingly support the astrological signature. With three planets at 20º, two planets at 22º and one planet at 2º in 2020, the number two is this chart’s vibration. The number eight is also significant, with Jupiter, Venus and the Lunar Nodes affected.

Two is about the Sacred Feminine, partnership, duality, and the notion of change since the two parts of a whole (Yin and Yang) will always alternate in and out of awareness, leaving space for each other to come into focus. This is called balance in partnership, which is never a static thing, but rather a dynamic, changing reality. Moon and Sun opposing each other at 20.00º are the Divine Couple, each owning their domain and yet willing to support one another as each one phases in and out of focus. Saturn and Pluto, both at 22º Capricorn, are heralding the coming of the New Age of embodied and earth-based spirituality. 2 + 2 = Four, the number of structure and matter, which also happens to be the signature of Saturn and Capricorn. What this means is that while Pluto has been busy tearing down the existing paradigm based on greed and an unsustainable race for power, Saturn is shoring up the foundations so that we may create a new society from the rubble. What that society will be depends on our ability to come together as One while each contributing our unique individual essence to the whole. Chiron at 1º Aries speaks of the healing we have been experiencing as individuals in order to be able to serve the Collective and our highest good at the same time. What is in alignment with my highest good is also the best possible thing I can offer to my community.

Eight is the epitome of infinity, and also represents power. Jupiter aligned precisely with the Lunar Nodes at 8º tells us that Friday’s Full Moon is a potent time to synch our energies to the Infinite Power that exists within each and every one of us, because we will certainly need to draw from it in the coming months. With Mars and Chiron in a positive aspect in fire signs, the things that we do to heal ourselves and the planet are “catching on” in the Collective, becoming more and more visible to the masses who will be needing guidance through these times. Uranus is helping to ground and embody this healing in our physical bodies by opening them up to the energetic recalibration of the base codes of our DNA. Neptune inspires this process by flooding our subconscious with the pure positive light codes coming directly from Source (God, Universe, the Tao…) while Uranus grounds them into our physical bodies.

Venus, at 26º Aquarius, shares the eight (2 + 6 = 8) signature with Jupiter, indicating that we are ready to activate and empower the values of cooperation, innovation and universal love into the collective human mind. This enables us to come together as One in order to create an energetic life boat anchored into real-life groups and communities, many of them already living these values and showing us that the system in place is not our only option. We can choose cooperation over dog-eat-dog competition because each of us has unique gifts and talents that need to be recognized and valued, and used to the benefit of both the individual and the Collective. However, we first need to recognize our own gifts and use them in the world before we can expect them to be seen by others.

We will progressively disengage our brilliant minds from futile endeavors such as the arms/weapons race between nations and employ them instead for finding solutions to more important issues, like caring for ourselves and our planet. The arms race only makes sense when we are in an attitude of fear and separation, which has been the dominating mindset of the old paradigm. This is all changing. We are now being asked to:

1. Finish removing/transforming negative programming (fear-based reactivity), replacing it with universal values such as trust, cooperation and “showing up”, just to name a few.

2. Powerfully embody these values and stand up for what we truly believe to be for the highest and greatest good for ourselves, each other and the planet.

3. Support each other and stand united, knowing that the Old Guard is unlikely to respond to diplomatic attempts to change their ways, but will have no other choice but to surrender to a movement that has become so massive and all-inclusive that resistance is futile.

We are undergoing a massive transformation that is likely to charge our reality in ways that we cannot even imagine. The upcoming Pluto-Saturn event happening this Sunday marks a rare opportunity for us to consciously impact our environment by aligning ourselves with the energies through prayer, ritual, art and any intentional presence you wish to use. In fact, here in New Orleans an epic interactive performance called “The Parade of Innocence” will take place at the exact time of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction:

So to summarize, this full Moon eclipse is a summons to recognize our worth and step into our power, to stand up and claim our sovereignty as human beings, and to come together as One under the Sun. We must respect and honor the Sacred Feminine, also known as the Goddess or Mother Earth, NOW. It is no longer a question of “if” or “when” the sh*t will hit the fan, but “how” we want to show up for this monumental unfolding of destiny. With our free will, we can do whatever we choose, but there will always be consequences to our acts. We must choose carefully because Life on Earth is in the balance and we have a “once in our lifetime” opportunity to make sure our children and all future generations will have a safe and beautiful place to call Home.

In Gratitude,


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