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Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, 7/4-5/2020

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

This final eclipse in a series of three continues an on-going T-square connecting the Sun, Moon and Mars, this time with Mercury, the Nodes and Chiron also involved. It is also the last of eight eclipses that have happened in the Capricorn/Cancer axis, representing home, family and security on the one hand, and success and mastery on the other. Eclipses are known to have a much longer time of influence (up to six months) than non-ecliptic lunar cycles, since the Sun, Moon and Earth energies are all perfectly aligned. Thus, the information shared here will likely be relevant until the end of this year.

As Mars moved into his home sign of Aries just last week, destined to stay there for the next six months (instead of the usual six weeks in a sign), we can expect continued unrest in the coming months. In fact, we are seeing an increase in violent events as Mars catches up with Chiron, the Wounded Healer. This configuration has the potential of ushering in the next phase of social unrest, the first phase of which was initiated just after the New Moon on May 22nd by the death of George Floyd on May 25th in Minneapolis, MN. You may or may not recall what I said for that New Moon - when Mars enters his own sign of Aries at the end of June, staying there for 6 months..., watch out! The potential for us to see or experience the unrest that has been brewing ever since the beginning of the planetary lock-down is great. Since we are dealing with Chiron, this aspect can signify another dramatic event, or possibly a new turn in the unfolding of this ongoing development, which has already reached global proportions at this time. We are also coming to the realization that if we want to see change in this world, we must take responsibility for our words and actions, and stand up for our values, even (and especially) when they do not conform to the outspoken majority's declarations. Venus in Gemini encourages us to voice these values - in fact, she will not let us off the hook until we have spoken our truth (Venus in Gemini, sextile Chiron and Mars, inconjunct Lilith and Uranus).

As he has been for the past two lunar cycles, Mars is a major player on the global stage, being the focal point/outlet for the powerful solar/lunar ecliptic interactions. This time, however, being in his own sign of Aries, his expression is one of outwardly directed anger and/or passion, replacing the repressed emotions many of us were feeling during lockdown for the past months while Mars was in Pisces. As he quickly catches up with Chiron, also in Aries, these emotions will not only be intensified, but may sometimes be expressed as fear-based actions and words (Mars squaring Mercury retrograde in Cancer). It is our responsibility to become aware of these fear-based programs and release them to the center of the galaxy (South node at 29º Sagittarius, conjunct the center of the Milky Way), where they will be transformed and transmuted.

Interestingly, this full moon eclipse happens late on Independence Day in the US. We all know that the French and American revolutions are very much connected, having both taken place at the end of the 18th century with players common to both. Noticing Mars as the focal point of a T-square with the lunar nodes that day, and Chiron squaring the Sun and Moon, I wanted to see when Mars and Chiron would next meet: sure enough, that happens on July 14th, Bastille Day (Independence Day) in France. For those familiar with synchromysticism, this comes as no surprise, especially in this year 2020, a time of revolutionary change on our planet.

Speaking of revolutions, this chart has surprising similarities to the chart of the inception of the United States. Of course, being on July 4th, the Sun is at the same degree of Cancer, and interestingly Mercury is also retrograde in Cancer, Pluto is retrograde in Capricorn, and Chiron is in Aries. Some astrologers believe this is part of the completion of the American Revolution, as Pluto is also coming into range of his return, which will happen starting next year. With the Sun and Moon in the Cancer/Capricorn axis, a sense of home, family and patriotic sentiment are very tangible. And with Saturn transiting our country's Pluto, we are experiencing the contractions of birthing into a new world, and the United States is literally Ground Zero for that process happening across the planet.

The Moon in this chart is prepared to stand her ground (in Capricorn, an Earth sign) with a sense of protection of the high standards she believes in. She has the blessings of Uranus, the planet of revolution and new ideas around social justice, and Lilith, fierce defender of the Matriarchy (both in Taurus, also an Earth sign). As Luna catches up with the three heavy hitters in Capricorn - Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter - in the days following the eclipse, she illuminates their inwardly focused attention on the huge restructuring and transformation taking place at the highest levels of our psyche, thus offering a glimpse into the world we are creating with our thoughts, emotions and intentions. Meanwhile, the Sun will be completing a beautiful trine aspect with Neptune. Newly retrograde, like the other heavy-hitters, he offers us an opportunity to integrate these visions into our emotional structure, thereby giving them life and offering us a renewed sense of purpose.

Now that we have experienced three eclipses focused around the Summer Solstice, having the potential for long-lasting effects - at least until the end of this year - I feel I can confidently say that life on Earth will never be the same as before Covid-19. We have seen the effects of a global pandemic with the destruction of economies and livelihoods, generalized isolation leading to depression and mistrust of others, the deaths and subsequent inability to honor them properly, and an outbreak of civil unrest. This last occurrence, based on an untenable situation of not just racial tension but of inequality that has held citizens of the world prisoners in a system that punishes the vast majority and rewards an elite minority who hoards the wealth of this planet, is bound to continue until some sort of balance and reparations to the victims are enacted. Whether or not you believe that this pandemic was engineered and/or intentionally initiated, one thing is increasingly clear: it is being used for political gain, and those platforms that risk losing the most are actively suppressing opposing views and solutions, stating that they are dangerous, misinformation, or - worse - conspiracy theories. This term is used to shut down discussion and shame those who ask questions or make statements that go against the most commonly accepted narrative, whether or not it is actually supported by evidence.

These are the times we are in, and instead of falling for the totalitarian viewpoint that "I am right and you are wrong," we are being asked to consider all perspectives, including those we do not resonate with, and regard every single person as having something valuable to offer. We may not agree with them, but does that give us the right to disparage them, using petty name-calling to bolster our egos and make us feel more powerful? What kind of childish ploy is that? And yet amongst so many who identify with one side or the other (remember, true choice can only exist with 3 or more options - our current political system does not comply...) we see this kind of base puerility spreading like wildfire. How about we grow up and speak to each other with civility and respect? And instead of declaring "you're wrong and I'm right," perhaps we could instead ask each other why we hold that point of view, opening ourselves to the potential of changing our minds (ego forbid!) and enriching ourselves with a new perspective. If Socrates were to peek at the conversations being held on social media today, he would surely roll his eyes and wonder how we managed to revert back to our simian bickering after 2500 years of "civilization"... And this is the irony of these times: "To know, is to know that you know nothing. That is the meaning of true knowledge." Socrates.

In gratitude,


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