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Hallow's Eve's Full Moon in Taurus, October 31st, 2020

In the depth of this Scorpio season, Hallow's Eve will be illuminated by not only the Moon in her fullest expression, but also by Uranus sharing the light and offering his wisdom. Exactly conjunct at 8º Taurus, Moon and Uranus oppose the Sun at 8º Scorpio, mirroring back to him the promise of new insights and revelations about power dynamics concerning the corruption and use of taxpayers money at high levels of government, as well as the emergence of a new economy based on mutual support and interconnectedness. The number 8 represents wealth, power and infinity, giving further support to these ideas.

An opposition between Venus and Chiron underscores and supports this dynamic. Venus holds the leading role in this Full Moon chart. She not only rules Taurus, the sign where Moon is full, but she also rules the sign she currently occupies, Libra. At 4º, her focus is also on the structural basis of material well-being: money, support, and the means to that end. Libra is the sign of balance, harmony and one-on-one relationship. Opposing Chiron in the sign of Aries, the Empress of abundance and the Queen of relationships is negotiating ways to respect her own needs and boundaries while honoring the sacrifices made by Chiron in Aries, in his quest to know himself deeply and truthfully.

These two oppositions are connected by two quincunx aspects (150º), one from Venus to Moon/Uranus, and the other from Sun to Chiron. It can be challenging to comprehend the meaning of the quincunx. Some say it means "unfinished business", others say it is an uncomfortable passage that suggests hidden meanings or unforeseen blocks. I would interpret these two aspects to suggest that our relationship to money and matter (from the Latin "mater" - mother) is in the process of being transformed and deeply healed. Sacred Economy may be one way of doing just that.

Mars and Mercury, both so outspoken in previous New and Full Moon charts, have become very discreet. Both are retrograde at this time, and only one of them is aspected: Mercury is connected to Saturn through a square, his only aspect, while Mars is peregrin (unaspected). They are also located between the key oppositional planets, giving them an even more removed feel. It's as if our ability to move forward with our ideas and dreams is being put temporarily on hold. Saturn's square to Mercury asks us to articulate these dreams and negotiate for their realization, which will take some time. Now, we are being asked not to act or even create, but to observe, wait, contemplate, meditate.

What is the vision that comes when all is still and the mind is quiet? What is actually true, and what is masquerading as truth? Trick or treat! What kinds of big visions do we hold for ourselves, our loved ones and all of humanity? Neptune squaring the Moon's nodes challenges us to ask these questions with the intention of helping us to sort the grain from the chaff and to learn to trust our inner guidance more than what the outer authorities of the day may be telling us. This Halloween Full Moon is also offering us an opportunity to connect with our ancestors and honor their lives, as Uranus opens the gateway to the other side of the veil.

The threesome in Capricorn (Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter) will soon be dissolving as Jupiter catches up with Saturn and forms the first of their once-every-20-year meetings on December 21st, Winter Solstice, to begin a new 200 year cycle in air signs. Air is about truth, clear communication and mental clarity. This conjunction at 0º Aquarius is considered by some astrologers to be the official heralding in of the Age of Aquarius.

Until then, Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter are still in the powerful sign of Capricorn, where they continue to break down the social structures in place to clear the path for a new way of being on this planet. Their business is not yet complete: this is evident by the quincunx aspect (150º) that Jupiter and Pluto make with the North Node in Gemini, symbol of our future/destiny/purpose. Some speak of a New Earth, very different from the New World Order that the globalists have allegedly been trying to push on us for decades. The "global reset" they announce for next year is the inversion of a New Earth based on Sacred Economy. In other words, this "reset" is the continuation of an economy based on greed and scarcity, where the elite control everything and we give up our sovereignty "for the greater good". Based on the notions of mutual support and individual freedom and sovereignty, Sacred Economy is, in my opinion, the future of humanity. Its tenants are the inversion of greed and scarcity: generosity and the notion of natural abundance, where the needs of all are taken care of and no accumulation of wealth at the top of a pyramid can take place. This has nothing to do with communism, which is just a different version of capitalism.

According to many researchers such as David Icke, Robert F. Kennedy, Sasha Stone and others, Covid 19 is a cover that has enabled participating leaders and nations to implement this "global reset", with the prerequisite of the destruction of the current global economy. We have been watching this scenario playing out this year, from the virus to the lockdowns, to the economic collapse and planned "reset", Is this true? Astrology may not give us all the details, but it can certainly indicate the nature of what's happening at any given time. With the two social planets (Jupiter and Saturn) and the Great Transformer (Pluto) all in Capricorn in 2020, we know that this crisis is not about health, but rather about power. How do we know this? Because if it had truly been about our health, these planets would find themselves in Virgo, and not in Capricorn.

2020 will go down in history as the pivotal year when everything changed. Starting with the infamous Pluto/Saturn conjunction in January which heralded the Coronapanic and its nefarious after-effects, we have witnessed so many unusual and extraordinary astrological events this year, they almost feel commonplace! But no, they have been the signals of perhaps the most significant and transformative time that humans have ever experienced. Ever. We will NEVER go back to the lives we once knew, but do we really want to? The conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius on the Winter Solstice will be a welcome cause for celebration, and a way to end the year with positive intentions and the expectancy of a brilliant future ahead.

That being said, Pluto does not leave Capricorn for good until the end of 2024, and there will be much to do until then, putting into place a new vision of the economic and social structures destined to replace the old ones. Perhaps, if we continue to raise our vibrations to the point of being in full integrity with our highest truth, with each other and the planet, we will no longer need societal guidelines to tell us what to do and how to behave. We will be so in alignment with the highest good of all there is, that our actions and thoughts will be completely transparent and therefore the social structures that we depend upon today will no longer be relevant. This may be a dream, one I believe to be shared by many. And guess what? Today's dreams become tomorrow's reality.

Happy Halloween! In gratitude,

Sarah Songbird

Please visit my website if you haven't done so already ~ I offer individual sessions and workshops on Crystal Energy Therapy, Family Constellations and Astrology. Contact me at (302) 507-6548 or to set up an appointment.

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