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New Moon Eclipse in Libra, October 14th, 2023

I don’t know about you, but for me, the past few weeks have been some of the most trying times I can remember. Looking at the Mars-Pluto and Venus-Saturn dynamics, it makes total sense. The upcoming New Moon solar eclipse in Libra will underline an ongoing dynamic between Venus and Mercury, heart and mind, that will help explain the intensity of these aspects. Let’s take a look:

On October 8th we experienced a square (90º) aspect between Mars, the Lesser Malefic, and Pluto, also known as the Great Destroyer. Squares are usually challenging enough, perhaps even more so between the god of war and the master of death and rebirth. Depending on where these are in your chart, the experience will be different, and it may have little or no impact for you. Whatever experience you have that may resonate with this theme, which I will elaborate on, will not necessarily fall on the exact date of the aspect, but perhaps a little before or after, depending on how the transit hits your birth chart.

This hard Mars-Pluto aspect carries potential for explosive or cutting energies coming to the fore, whether through conflict, natural disasters, karmic tipping points (as in flipping the switch on an enduring, unbalanced situation), or other dramatic or traumatic events. These are not necessarily all negative, but if there is work to be done to correct an imbalance, particularly now in Libra season, it will probably feel harsh or abrupt. In my own birth chart, Mars falls into the 11th house of the collective, and Pluto in the 2nd house of resources. With my Sun and 2 other planets in the 2nd house, this was bound to be significant. During the week before the transit, I was scammed (resources) not once, but twice! Unfortunately I wasn’t paying attention, and they (the collective) got me – regrettably, they are very good at what they do.

The horrible events that happened last weekend in Israel are a very real example of how these energies can show up. Here, a tipping point had been reached that gave license to the oppressed party to lash out with deadly force, sadly taking the lives of many innocent victims on both sides. Just to be clear, the planets are not the cause of these events, but rather the indicator that something like this may come about. The human factor (or inhumane, as in this case) is what determines the outcome, and we can see clearly that there are some very dark forces at work here. My prayers go out to the innocent victims, their families, and all those forced into exile as the result of these happenings.

This event and others like it are unacceptable in the world that I want to live in, and that I want to create for my children, grandchildren, and all future generations. This has nothing to do with who did what, because the roles reverse and the same horrors get perpetuated by the victims, who then become the perpetrators. This is a cycle that needs to end, NOW. It has no place in the new consciousness being ushered in by the Age of Aquarius. The time has come for Humanity to reject any and all actions and policies based on hatred, division and separation, and instead work towards bringing us together, sitting down with a peace pipe and working through our differences, knowing that we all have way more in common than not.

This is not utopian – it is actually very realistic, if we can let go of our little ego selves that keep us separate from one another, and that always want to be first, best, most, or whatever superlative you want to use. We need to unlearn what the dominant society has taught us, the one that hates Nature, and get back to our origins. The Earth NEEDS us to do this, as it is crucial not only to our own survival and well-being, but to hers as well. As stewards of this beautiful planet, it is our role and responsibility to take care of her, not through a complex system of carbon credits or by mandating the use of electric cars, but rather by planting more trees and creating oases where humans, plants and animals can live in harmony with one another. The dominant techno-pseudo-science-based culture has led us far from our place of origin, richly rewarding those who lie, cheat and steal from the most vulnerable and forcing the majority into quasi-poverty the world over. To those responsible for perpetuating this absurdity, your time is up. We are creating a New Earth, and if you want to join us, you will need to change your evil ways. You will not get your 3rd world war, no matter how hard you try. Thank you, Mars and Pluto, for making it crystal clear what needs to change at this time.

The other challenging aspect came through on October 10th. As Venus was moving from Leo into Virgo, sign of her detriment (or fall), she was hit by an opposition (180º) to Saturn, the Greater Malefic. Saturn and Mars are the malefics, while Jupiter and Venus are the benefics. This refers to their general nature, and the kinds of situations and characteristics associated with them. For instance, Venus represents love, beauty, harmony, balance and values, and Jupiter expansion, generosity, benevolence, etc. Mars is about action, doing, conflict, separating, and Saturn can be experienced as contraction, oppression and affliction. They all have their positive and negative attributes, and are never considered as all or nothing. However, the Ancients saw them as having overarching characteristics that they deemed either malefic (Saturn and Mars) or benefic (Jupiter and Venus).

Venus, in detriment, being hit hard by a Saturn retrograding into his own sign of Aquarius and therefore gaining dignity, receives a double-whammy. Affairs of the heart, especially new relationships, may have suffered as a result. Heart-break, limitations to the ability to connect heart-to-heart, misunderstandings and misinterpretations were prevalent. Just as a side note, texting SUCKS when it comes to Venusian interactions! On the upside, especially for more long-term relationships, or as it relates to self, this aspect can bring about greater emotional maturity, better boundaries and deeper commitment, sometimes resulting from these difficulties. To use my chart as an example, this opposition was squaring my natal Venus in Sagittarius, resulting in a major upset and subsequent grieving after the loss of my young cat that I let outside after just moving him into his new home. With my natal Venus in my 1st house of Self, I am dealing with major feelings of guilt and sorrow, and questioning my own self-worth. I am also feeling some gravitas and maturity as the result of this loss, as I vow to treat my other 2 cats, aged 12 and 18, with utmost attention and care. This loss has helped me to appreciate and cherish what I have, clearly a lesson I needed to learn. It is the silver lining of the horrendous storm cloud that just came through, which I would not wish upon anyone.

Fortunately, this too shall pass, as Venus moves into a trine aspect (120º) with Jupiter (the 2 benefics!) around October 20-21st. Things should start to feel a bit lighter by then. Today, however, we are looking at the solar eclipse in Libra, to see how we might utilize these energies for our benefit.

When two planets find themselves in one-another’s home signs, this is called “mutual reception”. During this eclipse, Venus is in Mercury-ruled Virgo, while Mercury is in Venus-ruled Libra. Mercury wants to connect and feel balanced, while Venus may have some trouble communicating, AND they are both important to the expression of our values. Giving one another the space to express ourselves and speak our truth is fundamental to mutual respect and understanding. Listening is just as important as expressing. And whether we are listening to someone else, or to what is coming through from within, it is just as important to hold space and receive the message.

In light of the recent challenging aspects, this is a good time to practice active listening. Matters of the heart, thwarted creativity and communications, feelings of injustice or unfairness, maturation, and a greater sense of commitment may be in focus at this time. What have you learned in the past few days or weeks? Sharing with a trusted friend, your partner, or in a group you know values you, can be very healing. And listening to what others express can be equally beneficial, to you and to them. It’s good to remember that we each have sacred gifts to share, and you never know when yours will make all the difference in someone else’s life.

New Moons are always a good time to set intentions for the coming cycle, and as this is an eclipse as well, they will carry into the coming 9 years or so, when the next Libran solar eclipse takes place. So light a candle, reflect on what you desire to manifest this time around, and speak it into existence! May this Libran eclipse bring balance, harmony and love into your life for the coming decade! May all beings be happy, may all beings be free.

In Gratitude,

Sarah Songbird

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