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New Moon in Aquarius, February 9th, 2024

This new Moon heralds in the Dragon, the only mythical, magical creature in Chinese astrology, as the symbol for the Chinese New Year which begins today. This is a wood dragon, therefore related to the energies of the Spring, new growth, new beginnings. We also can sense the dragon, and what he portends. Interesting year ahead!

Before getting into horoscopes, I want to share a few insights I have gleaned from studying this new Moon chart. This is the first new Moon after the entrance of Pluto into Aquarius, forming shortly after the Sun and Moon tipped hat and curtsied to the Elder in his new digs. Each of the personal planets, Mar, Venus and Mercury, will or have already followed suite. This brings me feelings of relief and gratitude, that the age of Aquarius is underway. The square that the Moon and Sun are forming with Uranus in Taurus is an indicator of unexpected events that could potentially lead to breakthroughs on the global arena.

One such event is the controversial airing of an interview of Russian president Vladimir Putin by American journalist Tucker Carlson. Putting aside any feelings or beliefs one may hold about either of these men, this event can be considered a “breakthrough” by the simple fact that no other Western journalist has even considered interviewing the president of Russia over the past 2 years. The impact it will have remains to be seen, but the fact that it was aired on the eve of this humanitarian new Moon in Aquarius speaks volumes.

Mercury is also in a square (90º) aspect to Jupiter, in signs ruled by Saturn and Venus, they themselves in mutual reception. In other words, communication and exchange of ideas that might otherwise be stubborn or pesky are being held gently by the female elder, the crone, the grandmother, with infinite patience and acceptance. This enhances the ability to listen, to hold space for authentic dialogue, and to honor the silence between the words, bringing us into alignment with our true self.

In spite of outward appearances, I feel we are now being guided by these silent, gentle forces, who are showing us the way to our humanity. That can also mean standing up against those who would strip us of our rights and freedom, and throw us in jail for non-compliance to the status quo. This new Moon in Aquarius is the perfect time to set intentions for our human brothers and sisters to come together in peace and build the New Earth that we are dreaming of. May it be so.

The following horoscopes are given according to your rising sign or ascendant, which is determined by your place and time of birth. You can find out for free by entering your birth information at, which will calculate your natal chart. If you do not have your birth time or would rather not use your ascendant, these can also apply to your Sun sign, or the sign the Sun was in at your time of birth.


Aries natives are finding allies in unexpected places and situations that may give rise to opportunities for financial growth and prosperity. Just be sure to vet them before any kind of investment, trusting your inner guidance more than hearsay or ego-talk, or you might be faced with unpleasant and unforeseen outcomes.


If you’re a Taurus, you can expect some sort of career shift, or opportunity for such, that could potentially impact your image of yourself, your health, or where you live. If this is something you desire, now is the time to set an intention for that. Maybe your company offers a new gym membership, or you decide to retire or reduce your workload and spend more time in nature, or on self-care. Just make sure it’s a win for you!


Geminis are entering a phase of deep reflection, drawn by unseen forces that may seem uncanny, supernatural or highly synchronistic. You may feel the need to adopt a spiritual practice, undertake studies, or simply meditate more often. A time of spiritual learning is upon you, so by all means, follow the white rabbit!


For our Cancers, you may unexpectedly find yourself in a position to be able to pay off a debt, financial or otherwise, with the help of a friend or ally who might encourage you, or even provide you with the means to do so. It may also point towards incurring some sort of debt, perhaps involving a group of people. Lastly the potential of an untimely death amongst peers, although unlikely, is not excluded.


Leo, you are looking at the possibility of a new relationship or partnership that is anything but conventional, and that will keep you on your toes! A simultaneous shift in career that may seem completely out of the blue cannot be ruled out. The two may also be related, as a career shift may bring about a new relationship, or vice versa. Either way, it looks like something may be brewing for you!


Virgo, sorry to say this, but your work load just got a bit heavier. This new Moon brings with it either a bigger volume of things that are asking for your attention, or the need for more scrutiny and detail to what you are already doing. This could also be a call to undertake a new health regimen or practice to enhance your physical and mental health. Or perhaps you feel called to train in some sort of body work, such as massage therapy.


Librans are looking at starting a new creative project, or maybe even the conception of a child. Whatever it may be will involve the contribution of another person, likely with karmic ties, such as a mother and father. If not an actual child, this creation will have the feel of something consequent, bonding together 2 or more people in the making of it. As in the 3rd hexagram of the I Ching, Difficulties in the Beginning, special care may be needed to ensure that this project, conception or idea will take root and thrive.


For you Scorpios, this new Moon marks a potential shift in your home or family situation, possibly linked to a change in status of a spouse or significant other. This could be highly beneficial, as in a promotion, or perhaps an unexpected event leads to a change in family dynamics. Whatever the case may be, keep your fire in check and make sure you breathe! Pluto will be in your house of home and family for quite a while, so you might as well get used to change here.


Remember what happened when Pluto entered your 3rd house of community, back on January 20th? It rocked your notions about your immediate environment, whether it be friends, neighbors, or community groups you belong to. This new Moon is offering you a new slate to work with, helping you adjust to new surroundings or reacquaint yourself with the existing community, which hasn’t necessarily changed, although your perception of it has. This may require some degree of diligence to reiterate your values and find resonance with your community.


Capricorns will have fun with this new Moon, as it brings new and innovative ideas around making money, one of your favorite things to do! And with expansive Jupiter in your 5th house of fun and creativity, you are more likely than not to invest any extra earnings into a creative project that will also bring about prosperity of some kind, whether in the form of residual income, or in the creation of a vegetable garden that will feed yourself and your community, for example.


In your 1st house, this new Moon is an eye-opener, a potential game-changer as it relates to your sense of who you are. With Pluto here for the next 20 years, know that you will be going through a chrysalid-like death and rebirth experience of the basic tenets of who you think you are. Sounds daunting, I know! It happened to me, but I’m still here! As if that weren’t enough, Uranus has been traversing your 4th house of home and family for the past 6 years, bringing with him seeds of change and transformation. This has informed your sense of identity, and this new Moon is giving you an opportunity to formulate that in a way that aligns with your values and highest good.


For Pisces, a new Moon in you 12th house may augment your already highly intuitive perception and give you a light to shine onto whatever power struggles may be happening in your community. Your input is needed and will be valued, as long as you are able to stay neutral and not take sides. Your gifts of diplomacy will be necessary for the greater good of all, and much appreciated.

Thank you for reading, and I wish you a very happy new Moon in Aquarius!

Sarah Songbird

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