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New Moon in Gemini, June 6th, 2024

Do you believe in Magic? If not, that may change by the end of this Moon cycle! With such a lineup of superstars, including the greater and lesser benefics, Jupiter and Venus, Mercury in his own sign of Gemini, lined up with Jupiter while Venus is conjunct the Sun and Moon, all while the new Moon is happening... All in the sign of Gemini, the Twins, probably the most light-hearted and fun-loving of all the signs. Don't miss the Horoscopes at the end of this article, to find out how this new Moon may be playing out in your life!

One of the highlights of this new Moon period is the Super-success aspect that Jupiter just formed with Pluto, a trine aspect (120º) in the airy signs of Gemini and Aquarius. Although Jupiter is technically in his detriment (exile) in Gemini, this aspect with Pluto lifts him into quasi super-hero status. Why? Because Pluto represents power and transformation, and Jupiter is the Greater Benefic; the harmonious trine aspect enables Jupiter to find his voice, which might otherwise be dimmed by the noise of the constant stream of information provided by Gemini. As a result, instead of feeling confused or overwhelmed by the data, this Jupiter feels empowered to engage in conversations that he might have otherwise found tedious. And with Mercury by his side, clearing the way ahead, Jupiter is even better equipped to handle intentional or unintentional diversions and a host of energy-draining, nit-picking and downright annoying exchanges that might have been slightly challenging for him. That being said, Jupiter is Jupiter, meaning that he can pretty much hold his ground anywhere. For a glimpse at what this may mean for you in your life, scroll down to read this month’s Horoscopes.

A lot is happening in Gemini early this month. The new Moon itself, of course, but also a conjunction between Jupiter and Mercury, just as both are coming off trines with Pluto. This is a good time to consider learning something new, especially something you may have wanted to learn for a while. Jupiter rules the 9th house, place of higher learning, while Mercury represents the left-brain mind. These two coming together in Gemini, sign of the intellect par excellence, bodes well for the acquisition of new skills and mental acuity.

This clearly dovetails with the Jupiter-Pluto aspect, which facilitates our verbal communications and empowers us to take initiatives, like asking someone on a date, affirming our position on an issue, speaking our truth, or daring to show up just as we are. A darker side of this dynamic could be a tendency to engage in gossip, or to try to verbally manipulate people or situations to suit one’s desires. Just being aware of the possibility of this pitfall may be enough to counteract it, or at least minimize any negative consequences.

Also happening is a cazimi (a conjunction between the Sun and another planet) with Venus, otherwise known as the Venus Star Point. This event happens every 584 days, and it marks the movement of Venus from an “evening star” to a “morning star”, and vice-versa. Astrologer Arielle Guttman wrote an amazing book that outlines a new astrological narrative based purely on this phenomenon, called “Venus Star Rising.” She describes how just knowing your Venus Star Point can teach you so much, especially about your relationships and other Venusian topics.

The Venus Star Point occurs in Gemini alongside the new Moon, at the same degree as the Sun and Moon, which gives this lunation an unmistakeable Venusian signature. Venus has been a powerful underlying force in the cosmos for several months now, as the ruler of Taurus, where the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction took place in April, shortly after the solar eclipse. As such, we can expect a strong emphasis on relationships, sexuality, femininity, cooperation, compassion, beauty, art, and the things that we value for our comfort and well-being. And, with so much happening in Gemini, our focus will be on communication and exchange of information, particularly in our relationships.

Another aspect that will be perfecting close to the new Moon is a square (90º) first between the Moon and Saturn, then Sun-Saturn. This square is in mutable signs, which softens the harshness of it somewhat. Lacking a solid foundation in Pisces, Saturn is swimming out in the middle of Neptune’s (and Jupiter’s) watery domain, with Neptune co-present in the sign. The new Moon receives information from Saturn that feels like emotional restrictions, or vague feelings of unease that may be difficult to place. This is coming mainly through relationships, of course, as that is the theme of this month’s transits. There may also be some miscommunication happening, similar to Mercury retrograde, but with a more watery and emotional undertone. Saturn's influence may feel like someone raining on your parade, or perhaps even a bit more dramatic, as in the very à propos Sorceror's Apprentice of Fantasia by Walt Disney. I owe this one to my teacher, Adam Elenbaas, in his brilliant overview of this new Moon.

Lastly, Mars will be squaring Pluto early next week, falling out of dignity into Venus-ruled Taurus. This has the potential of stirring up feelings of resentment or jealousy, or passive-aggressive behavior, still being experienced in the realm of relationship. This would be a good time to take advantage of the presence of Sun, Moon, Venus, Mercury and Jupiter in Gemini, the sign of communication, to have open conversations, to speak your truth honestly and with sincerity. Now is definitely the time to clean up your relationships using “I” statements and owning your part of responsibility in conflicts. Whenever triggers show up, remember to pause, take a few deep breaths, and connect inwardly to ask yourself the question, “What is this trigger showing me about myself?”

Often, these reactions are showing us parts of ourselves that are still wounded, and really just need to be acknowledged and loved. If you are having trouble with that, Crystal Constellations can be a powerful tool to pinpoint specific issues and bring about understanding and acknowledgment of the energies in play.

Now, let’s take a look at this month’s horoscopes! These are based on the whole-sign houses in your chart, and therefore your rising sign, but they can apply to your Sun sign as well.



Looks like there may be some positive changes happening in your midst, especially pertaining to your immediate environment: your neighborhood, your community, extended family, or maybe your siblings. You may find yourself striking up random conversations with people who turn out to be important friends or allies. Take note of minor irritations that challenge your sense of autonomy and freedom - they may be here to teach you important lessons about yourself.


With five planets, two of which are the Benefics, in your second house of resources, you may find yourself at the negotiating table for a raise, signing a contract for a new business deal, or discussing ways to advance your career in one way or another. It may feel at times like your efforts are being thwarted by peers or colleagues, however this will most likely resolve itself over time, and you will see doors opening and energy flowing for your highest and greatest good.


Y’all are in for a good month! Talking to yourself is probably not a foreign concept for you, and this month you may be doing a lot of it! This is a good time to contemplate on concepts and ideas that can bring about positive change in terms of your identity, your health, your body image, or anything pertaining to your sense of self. (BTW, if you’re interested in finding out more about contemplation, has lots of resources.) It may feel challenging to “show up for work,” whatever that might be, because you really just want to spend time talking… with and about yourself! No judgment here, there is a time and place for everything!


For you Cancerians, the conversations you’ll be having this month may be happening mostly at the subconscious level. Pay attention to your dreams and to ideas that seem to come out of nowhere - they are actually bubbling up into your awareness so that you can feel into whether or not they pertain to you or can be helpful in any way. You are also working through karmic issues in partnerships, creating or dissolving soul contracts, perhaps cutting ties with those who you feel are holding you back from your spiritual path.


Leo’s will enjoy being the life of the party at social gatherings this month, and if you’re single and don't want to be, this may be a good time to find a partner. Otherwise, some adjustments may need to happen, as you might feel constrained or limited by your relationships at this time, especially those with whom you are quantumly entangled (in other words, with whom you have karmic ties). Just remember that they are reflecting back to you what needs to be seen and acknowledged within yourself. Do yourself a favor: come down from your pedestal and have a conversation with your loved-one - you won’t regret it.


Ok, Virgo’s, IT’S GO-TIME! You are being asked to present your thesis, or to make your case for your next steps on your career path. In spite of your natural tendency towards shyness and discretion, don’t hesitate to talk up a storm! With Mercury as your natural chart ruler, you are good with words! And your livelihood may even depend on it. You will thank yourself later for daring to get yourself out of your comfort zone.


This month, Libra’s will be focusing on philosophical and spiritual considerations, or perhaps wanting to learn more about a particular subject you may find yourself drawn to. Conversations with teachers and/or mentors will prove to be not only fruitful, but also quite enjoyable. Efforts to stay focused rather than just letting yourself float into dreamland will be required, but the results will be well worth it.


Scorpio’s, you are in the process of re-negotiating contracts with soul mates, and talking through karmic debt with those with whom you are entangled. This will often be with family members, but not exclusively. It may feel heavy or draining, but you will be well-served to do this work, in order to bring about peace in your family system. Ancestral healing techniques, such as Family Constellations or Crystal Constellations could be very useful for you at this time.


For Saj’s, this new Moon is all about, guess what? RELATIONSHIP! If you are single, you may meet someone who checks most, if not all, of the boxes you have intended for your future partner. In many cases, this will be someone who is already connected to you, directly or indirectly, through your community (this can mean online as well). And if you don’t meet that special person this month, know that Jupiter will be in your 7th house of relationship until the summer of 2025 - you’ve got time to work on this! If you are in a relationship, this month will offer you many opportunities to talk through what may or may not be working in your couple. The challenges will often have to do with family. If things get too heavy or tense, don’t hesitate to contact me to set up a Crystal Constellation to help you find resolution to the issue at hand.


Cappy’s may experience an important change in what you have been diligently working on to let go of, mostly in the realm of ideas, unwanted programs or thoughts. Your livelihood may be in the process of changing as well, and your focus may become more directed towards community, groups, humanity, and perhaps even Mama Gaia herself. What innovative technique or business will you come up with to “save the planet”, or at least to alleviate some of the challenges we face at a global level? There may be some “interference” from family and friends, but remember to communicate with them, and reassure them that you are capable of whatever it is you are endeavoring.


For the next 20 years, your sense of self will be undergoing a major transformation. This probably applies to all of us, but in your case, it’s definitely a thing! Humor aside, you are also experiencing some positive and uplifting changes in your creativity and what you do to bring yourself joy. This may also indicate the start of a new project, or even the conception of a child. Which would, by the way, explain the first sentence, LOL! Many blessings for your adventures, and may they be fruitful!


Whatever existential or self-identity crisis you may be going through, Pisces natives are looking at potential breakthroughs in communication with members of your family, whether chosen or not. Allow them to help you, and even if family may not be in the picture, do not hesitate to call upon your ancestors for help. This should be a joyous time of reconnection with your foundational lineage, whether in the physical or non-physical realms.

Thank you for reading! I am available for Astrology readings, Crystal Energy Therapy and Crystal Constellation sessions, both online and in person (Arnaudville and Lafayette, LA). Please check out my website for more information, and do not hesitate to leave a comment below - I appreciate your feedback!

In Gratitude,

Sarah Songbird

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