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New Moon in Leo and Lions Gate Portal, August 8th, 2021

The Sun and Moon meeting in Leo on this Lions Gate Portal, August 8th, 2021, is a significant occurrence, combining two powerful astrological events. Every year this portal opens us up to a time of abundance and good fortune, and having the New Moon fall precisely on the most powerful day of this window is incredibly fortunate. As for all new Moons, this is a time to set forth our intentions for the coming lunar cycle. Additionally, as this lunation is coupled with the Lions Gate Portal, we can make the assumption that this particular New Moon will have repercussions for the entire year ahead. This coming together of the Yin (Moon; the People) and the Yang (Sun; leadership) in the domicile of the Sun (Leo; Divine Light codes) illumined by the knowledge and wisdom coming from the Sirius star system is a golden opportunity for us to step into our divine inheritance as sovereign light beings, casting aside the notions of fear, lack and disempowerment for good.

Who hasn't heard the term "the Dog Days of Summer"? For me it evokes the image of dogs napping on a porch shaded by colossal oak trees on a lazy summer day somewhere in the South... Interestingly, this saying has more to do with the "Dog Star" Sirius, which some consider to be our sister star, than with dogs panting in the summer sun. Sirius is in the constellation Canis major, or the Greater Dog. This star has great significance to the Dogon tribe of Mali in Western Africa, who hold advanced astronomical knowledge about it, only recently corroborated by modern astronomers. The Egyptians named the star Isis, whom they worshipped as their Goddess, or divine feminine principle. Her appearance on the horizon just before sunrise (heliacal rising) at the height of summer was the signal for important rituals to take place. The "dog days" is just about all that is left of the knowledge that once guided our ancestors to consider this star as a symbol of utmost importance to their life and culture.

The Lions Gate portal coinciding with the new Moon on 8/8 of this year offers us a powerful and unique alignment that connects us to ancient knowledge coming from the Sirius star system at a time (new Moon) when our consciousness is open to the dissolution of old belief systems and to the creation of new perspectives. This particular dynamic is reinforced by Venus in Virgo opposite Neptune in Pisces, representing the great Illusion and subsequent disillusionment, as Venus in Virgo scrutinizes our value systems to determine which ones no longer meet our criteria of contributing to a good, healthy and happy life. Greed and competition, once considered the bastions of success in the material world, are being called out for what they truly are: the pillars of a society in decay, where a tiny minority owns the vast majority of goods and resources on the planet, and are so desperate to keep it that way that they will resort to the most diabolical means to do so.

This same minority is desperately trying to exercise control over the rest of us by having created and released a virus, which was never isolated, and persuading us through fear and other mind-control tactics that the so-called pandemic is real. A recent court case in Alberta, Canada, in which the Secretary of Health was subpoenaed and unable to produce proof that the virus actually exists, has gone viral as an example to follow. We continue to see lockdowns, mask and vaccine mandates that clearly violate the Nuremberg Code, the United States Constitution, and other such charters, but we have been shown a way forward to end the tyranny to which we have all been subjected.

The CPR tests used to justify the lockdowns were invented by Dr. Kary Mullis, recipient of the Nobel Chemistry Prize, who clearly stated before his death in 2019 that they were not meant to be used to detect disease of any kind. He warned against Dr. Fauci, who he said was responsible for the death of 100,000 people through the use of AZT, a dangerous drug that had been removed from authorization as a cancer drug and was promoted by Fauci - an important shareholder of the stock - et alia to combat AIDS.

Uranus in Taurus is squaring our Sun/Moon couple in Leo. Both fixed signs, Taurus and Leo are about holding down the fort, so to speak. Uranus is asking what needs to change and how must we revolutionize our monetary system? The WEF (world economic forum) wants us to "own nothing and be happy", while home-ownership is now being branded as a bad idea, wealthy companies are scarfing up the housing and Bill Gates gobbles up as much farmland as he possibly can. On a positive note, there is much talk about the impending implementation of a Quantum Financial System, which may include cryptocurrency. NESARA (National Economic Security and Reformation Act) and GESARA (Global Economic Security and Reformation Act), legislations which were set to be enacted under Bush Jr. on September 11, 2001, will supposedly be implemented soon, once a certain threshold of awareness of the Great Illusion has been reached. With the Sun and Moon in Leo, we have an opportunity to stand up in solidarity with our fellow humans who are suffering from lockdowns and government tyranny, and like the French have been doing for 5 straight weeks, protest unlawful and illegal mandates.

So where does this all leave us? With a choice. Either we bow down to our overlords, who own the media and have the means to shut down and censor any and all information that contradicts their narrative, or we stand up for our freedom to live our lives and take care of our health in the way that we see fit. And maybe that means you get the jab, which is your choice - but shaming those who choose not to get it and excluding them from everyday activities, including buying food at grocery stores (this is already happening in a country near you), is eerily reminiscent of Nazi Germany, and we should ALL be very concerned, whether or not you received the shot.

These are dark times. Many consider this to be our collective "dark night of the soul", and say that world war III is definitely happening, albeit without bombs or military intervention. This is a war to capture our minds, they say, using advanced technology and mind-control techniques. Perhaps... and yet the numbers of people waking up to discover that what once seemed rock solid is disintegrating from under us, that truth is heavily censored and that what we are told by the authorities is based on shoddy science, if any at all. Many have been feeling over the past 18 months that something isn't quite right about the prevailing narrative, particularly when they observe highly trained, experienced and outspoken doctors, lawyers and other professionals (such as Dr. Mercola, Dr. Sayer Ji, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., etc.) being labeled as murderers and enemies of the people, and blacklisted. Or, when they themselves - if they choose to pass on the jab - are called out, shunned, excluded from families and treated like second-class citizens.

Rather than succumb to fear, which has been used widely to keep us in a state of powerlessness, it is time for Humanity to rise up and claim our sovereignty. We can no longer allow ourselves to be torn apart by divisive strategies - nothing more than diversion from the real issues - such as CRT (critical race theory) or the labelling of scape goats (white males in America, the unvaccinated...). This is exactly what the controllers want, because "divide and conquer" is a strategy that has worked for them for millenia. But no more.

As we wake up to their antics and realize that we, connected to our own divinity and to our fellow humans, are FAR MORE powerful than all of these jokers and their money combined - and they know this, which is why they are shaking in their boots and putting on the pressure - we can recognize that it is a choice to play their game or not. They have no real power over us, other than what we give them. We have been tricked into believing that they are better, smarter and more powerful than we are, but in the end we are all humans, and our power lies in our ability to stand up for what we know is right and just. Ultimately it comes down to what are your core values (Venus), what images are you willing to believe (Neptune), and how you implement those beliefs to be aligned with your values.

Personally, I feel that we may be living in a very different world the next time I write a blog post, hopefully for the next Full Moon on August 22nd! May this Lions Gate New Moon Portal flood us with new light codes that inspire us to become the creative, sovereign masters of our own destiny that we were meant to be, rising together in divine light and love for one another and for the planet we call home, our beautiful Earth!

In Gratitude,

Sarah Songbird

As always, I am here to support you in your quest for getting to know yourself through Astrology, to resolve challenging dynamics using Crystal Constellations, and to find heightened awareness, health and well-being through Crystal Energy Therapy. Please check out my website for more information, and don't hesitate to contact me to set up a reading or session at

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