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New Moon in Leo, August 18th, 2020

Our New Moon this month is about sovereignty and eloquence. She has the ability to speak her truth with passion and decisiveness, drawing inspiration from the center of the Milky Way as the South Node of the Moon makes its way across that portal. With Mercury in close alignment with the Sun/Moon couple, all in the fire sign of Leo, words become a powerful tool with which to convey messages that have to do with individual freedom and sovereignty. "Don't Tread On Me" comes to mind: the Gadsden flag, created by Colonel Christopher Gadsden in 1775 as a symbol of courage, resolve and defense during the American Revolution, depicts a coiled timber rattlesnake ready to strike, with the phrase underlying the image. Benjamin Franklin praised the rattlesnake as "an emblem of vigilance - she never begins an attack, nor, when once engaged, ever surrenders: she is therefore an emblem of magnanimity and true courage." Are we about to embark upon a second American Revolution?

Several things jump out in this chart: a grand trine in fire, several square aspects and a Yod or Destiny Wedge. The yod in this chart brings the energies of the Moon/Sun/Mercury in Leo and the North Node in Gemini together with Saturn in Capricorn. A destiny wedge is said to be a very powerful formation that brings its attention to the focal planet, in this case Saturn, in a way that speaks of destiny and purpose. Saturn in Capricorn as the focal planet expresses the notion of hard control. Retrograde, however, this control is directed inwardly, perhaps in the form of self-discipline, or possibly internalizing what the external authorities are telling us to do. This is asking us to decide what or whom we trust as our guideposts ~ do I accept external authority to know what is best for me and follow what I'm told I should do, or do I trust my inner guidance and know when I know, because it resonates so purely and deeply within me that doubt can no longer subsist here? Do the two ever coincide? Does my own inner authority contradict what external authorities are saying is true, and if so, how do I reconcile the cognitive dissonance that can result from that realization?

North Node in Gemini, representing the future, also asks us to become clear about which path to follow, potentially choosing between many options. That path is felt and experienced through connecting heart and mind in a joyful expression of "I am-ness", represented by the Sun/Moon/Mercury trio in Leo. This brings us to the beautiful Grand Trine formation that connects our New Moon trio with Mars in Aries and the South Node in Sagittarius, all fire signs. The fire element is highly activated in this chart, and although this element can be very destructive, as we have been witnessing in the world recently with explosions and massive fires happening across the planet, it can also be the source of energized activity and positive awareness about the potential of transformation that we are experiencing at this time. Mars in Aries is completely in his element as the ruler of that sign, embodying the initial essence of selfhood and awareness of the "I", in this case expressed positively as unique and individual existence within a greater whole. Completing this grand trine is the South Node at 27º Sagittarius, exactly aligned with the center of the Milky Way. This connection to the galactic vortex forms a portal through which the wisdom of our ancestors flows freely to inundate our energy bodies, thus preparing us for the Great Transformation happening on December 21st, the Winter Solstice of 2020.

The negative expression of Mars in Aries is ego, which can be exacerbated by the square aspect that he is forming with Pluto in Capricorn. This is the first of three squares that will occur between these two planets before the end of the year, as the result of Mars going retrograde in September. These are opportunities for us to become aware of negative programming such as scarcity and separation, both mental constructs that keep us tethered to an atomistic world view handed down to us by forces wanting to control and harness human expression and interaction for their own designs. These forces, having had the power to act in service to self for the past several millennia, are no longer in control of the human condition. We see that in the desperate actions of the elite who will stop at nothing to enact the vaccination of the world population for a disease that hardly stands up to the flu in terms of mortality. The mass awakening of humanity has considerably lessened their grip and will ultimately bring about their demise, but not before we have each, individually, done the work to recognize, acknowledge and release the programs that were operating in our energy fields and have been for generations.

This is also a time to heal relationships, as Chiron in Aries squares Venus in Cancer. Some relationships will be strengthened and healed, and others will end as it becomes clear that the partners are no longer in a mutually beneficial place with each other, not just from a material or emotional perspective but most importantly from a spiritual standpoint. And with Uranus in Taurus in an exact sextile aspect to Venus, these changes are happening, no matter how hard one tries to avoid the pain of ending a relationship. Venus in Cancer wants to care for the relationship and will take steps to ensure for a gentle transition, whether it ends or moves into a new level of relating.

With Uranus just having gone retrograde, a total of six planets (plus Chiron, an asteroid) are "moving backwards" at this time. When Mars follows suit on September 9th, seven celestial bodies will be retrograde for a few days until Jupiter goes direct on the 12th. Mercury and Venus will be the only planets NOT retrograde, which is a rare happening in our starry realms. What does this mean? The traditional astrological definition of retrograde is "reversal." Reversal can indicate the presence of forces behind the scenes working towards a reversal of the current situation. It can also indicate that people are unaware of what's happening in the collective, in spite of keeping "informed" (propagandized...?) through the media. Another possibility is that some people are aware of what's going on behind the scenes but do not let others know that they are. Perhaps all three of these scenarios are operating at the same time in different sectors of the population, and maybe we individually move in and out of these paradigms as more information comes to the surface to be digested and integrated.

When the three big guys in Capricorn go direct between mid-September and early October, get ready for some major information downloads to hit the collective consciousness. This may be in the form of exterior events or inner awakenings, or both... either way, it is important to stay grounded and keep the body healthy with proper foods (mostly plant-based), sufficient hydration and plenty of exercise preferably in Nature, where our energies are restored and replenished. Regular meditation is also a good idea to switch our brain waves out of beta mode and into alpha and theta modes, where we can take a break from the constant mental activity that plagues us Westerners, strengthening our intuitive and imaginative realms and thus creating more balance in our lives.

This New Moon in Leo is such a beautiful opportunity for us to recognize our negative programming and release it, and to truly step into our own inner authority and become sovereign beings in charge of our own health, happiness and enlightenment. A true leader is not one who barks orders and issues threats, using fear as a motivator. A true leader leads by example, inspiring others to become their own leaders and follow their own inner guidance, which is the only one mandated by the Creator of all that is. I encourage you during this time of releasing the old and seeding the new to ponder the depths of your soul's awakening and prepare for a new being to emerge, just like the Phoenix emerging from the ashes of the transformative Fire within.

In Supreme Gratitude,


If you are interested in going deeper into an exploration of your astrology, please check out my website. I also offer Crystal Energy Therapy and Family Constellations, all based upon the interactions of our energy fields.

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