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New Moon in Libra, October 16th, 2020

As October unfolds and Nature dons her brilliant robes before letting go of her external beauty and coming back to her essence, so must we acknowledge and release the things that draw our attention outwards and dive deep into our core essence to witness the truth of what is there. Mercury is now retrograde in Scorpio. No other combination of planet and sign would represent such a profound inquiry into our subconscious desires, motivations and all that moves us to think and act the way we do, except perhaps for Mars retrograde in Scorpio. Mars happens to be retrograde in his own sign of Aries, which is actually facilitating Mercury's deep dive, as Mars is the ruler of Scorpio as well.

Are we ready for this deep dive and the revealing of the truths that it may entail? Ready or not, it's happening! Not only at an individual level, but also in the collective - expect major revelations and deep secrets to come to light especially as it relates to ego and power (Mars and Scorpio) in the upper echelons of government, demanding accountability and justice (Pluto in Capricorn squaring Sun and Moon in Libra). These revelations will undoubtedly have an effect on projected outcomes of the US presidential election, as we become collectively aware of the inner workings of what is now commonly referred to as the "Deep State" - once considered a conspiracy theory, now accepted by many as a reality.

Many energies are at play in this chart, including two T-squares (the most conflictual of the planetary formations) and a Quintile between Mercury at 11º Scorpio and Pluto at 22º Capricorn. This is the most "spiritual" of the planetary aspects, meaning that it represents the carrying out of divine purpose. Being that the degrees of the planets are both master numbers, 11 and 22, this greatly increases the power and intensity of this aspect. Pluto, being the other ruler of Scorpio, indicates that this deep dive I spoke of earlier is divinely orchestrated. One could argue that everything is divinely orchestrated, but this just puts emphasis on the spiritual nature of this aspect and how it can deeply affect us. 11 is the master teacher, and 22 is the master builder. What is Mercury teaching us (or revealing to us), and what is Pluto building (or destroying in order to rebuild, as he is wont to do...)?

The revelations I speak of, which may include disclosure of truths that many of us have suspected for a long time but have not been officially recognized, like the existence of advanced extraterrestrial civilizations, are bound to change life on our planet. Free energy technologies have been thoroughly developed, some of which are being rolled out at this time. Up until now, the commercialization of these technologies would have potentially cost the inventors their lives or livelihoods, as the prevailing economic system now on the brink of collapse had absolutely no interest in free energy. This is all changing and the planets are asking us to get ready to take perhaps the wildest ride that humanity has yet to experience!

Will things ever get back to "normal"? Probably not. It might be a good time to look into what that "normal" was, and whether or not we really want to go back to it. Personally, the thought of being free from the debt slavery and the submission to a plutocratic elite which has been calling the shots for thousands of years feels much better to me, especially if the "new normal" includes being branded by mandatory DNA-modifying vaccinations and tracked down to our smallest action or even thought, forever linked to artificial intelligence. No, thank you!

It's showtime. The planets have been preparing us for this all year. All of the retrogrades we've experienced so far this year and still are (Mars, Mercury, Neptune, Uranus and Chiron are all currently retrograde) have shifted our thought and emotional processes inwardly, as many struggle with (or perhaps revel in) the solitude that Corona has offered us. Some of us have become aware of realities that were up until now considered conspiracy theories, like the manipulation of the media by this now famous "deep state". CIA director William Casey is believed to have said the following: "We'll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false." With the lockdown still ongoing in several parts of the world, and the ensuing economic collapse (especially for small businesses - large corporations such as Amazon, Walmart and the social media giants have handsomely benefitted from this), we are being encouraged and sometimes forced to find other means to insure our and our families' well being. An alternative economy based on mutual support and gifting is slowly emerging and developing into a viable means of not only surviving, but also thriving.

With all of that, we haven't even touched upon the main players in this tragicomedy: Sun and Moon. This New Moon in Libra wants to find balance with others, express her feelings using diplomacy and tact, and create a tribe of like-minded individuals who come together at this pivotal time in history (trine and sextile to the Nodes). Opposing her is Mars retrograde in his own sign of Aries, championing the cause for individual freedom and sovereignty, asking us to heed the cry of the warrior within and prepare for the action that will be unleashed when he goes direct mid-November. This opposition feels more complementary than conflictual, as it takes knowing oneself in order to be able to act and create autonomously within the greater context of one-on-one relationship, tribe and collective unity. This is the opposite of groupthink, which undermines our uniqueness to conform to values and ethics through the forced manufacture of consent.

And with Neptune T-squaring these same nodes, the groupthink that is being imposed upon the whole of humanity at this time by the manipulation of the media through the censorship of ideas not in alignment with that groupthink, is being seriously put to the test.

Neptune, retrograde in his own sign of Pisces, is also showing us what contemplation looks like when we allow ourselves to look deeply within. However, with the distractions coming from our past conditioning and groupthink (South node in Sagittarius) and the information overload we tend to indulge in (North node in Gemini), we must sift through a lot of junk in order to find the jewels (higher truth) that our hearts will resonate with.

In the other T-square mentioned, we find Pluto, flanked by Saturn and Jupiter, all still in Capricorn, in tense 90º angles with Mars in Aries on the one hand, and Sun and Moon in Libra on the other. Mars represents our actions, motivation and vital force. Retrograde, it feels something like a rubber band being pulled taut, waiting until it's ready to be propelled by the kinetic energy stored in the stretching. While this tension is being applied, the opposition to the Sun and Moon we spoke of earlier, in addition to the squares to the big-hitters in Capricorn, is exerting an unbelievably powerful force, not unlike that of a crossbow being cocked. When that arrow is let loose, you do NOT want to find yourself on its path!

In practical terms, what does this mean? As we already saw, the Sun/Moon couple in Libra wants harmony and balance but they must take into account each other's independence and individual freedom in order to achieve that. Coming from the greater collective (Capricorn) is a massive push (Jupiter) to obey, conform and follow the rules (groupthink - Saturn) that were put into place by a ruling class elite eons ago, that does not want to let go of its power (Pluto). Pluto, the Great Destroyer (or Transformer, if you prefer), has been undermining the "too big to fail" institutions since he moved into Capricorn in 2008, the same year the stock market took its infamous plunge. And for the past four years, we have seen the dismantling of a large number of human trafficking rings including the arrest of big fish like Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell, Clare Bronfman and others, as well as the trials and convictions of hundreds of perpetrators and the alleged liberation of thousands of children being held in unconscionable conditions. This is Pluto doing his due diligence to bring to light the dark and hidden agenda of those who would exploit the innocent for their own benefit. Whether you like President Trump or not, this has all happened under his watch, while his predecessors allowed this horrific commerce to grow unfettered, and in fact offered the highest level of protection to perpetrators like Jeffrey Epstein, having benefitted from his services - more than once in the case of Bill Clinton, according to the logs of Epstein's private plane, The Lolita Express.

So who do you imagine is on the other side of the arrow being cocked on the crossbow? You guessed it - the perpetrators of the human trafficking sex trade at the very highest levels of government including countless politicians the world over, artists and celebrities, business magnates, the royal family of Britain and even the Vatican. They obviously have no interest that their crimes against humanity come under scrutiny, but Pluto is relentless and unforgiving. The last time he was in the final degrees of Capricorn was almost 250 years ago, when our forefathers decided to liberate this country from British tyranny. A similar thing is happening today, and many are talking about a second revolution. Hopefully no bloodshed will be necessary to accomplish it this time.

Lets go back to Mercury, whose opposition to Uranus in Taurus will be crucial in the uncovering of data long hidden from general awareness, especially related to the upcoming elections taking place the day Mercury goes direct. Uranus represents sudden insights and realizations, and in Taurus he is working with finances and our system of values and currency. He is shining his light into the tunnel, guiding Mercury on his quest to find and expose the deep truths that have been in the shadows for far too long. We saw just yesterday the exposure of Hunter Biden's financial ties to Ukraine and his father's potential meddling there in favor of his family, thanks to a laptop abandoned at a shop in Wilmington, DE that allegedly belonged to Hunter Biden. We also saw how quickly Twitter and Facebook censored this information and banned it from being shared on their platforms. That should be a red flag that something is not right, something is very wrong indeed, when social media giants allow negative press for one candidate, but not for another. Their bias should have us questioning their power as monopolies of the dissemination of information that impacts all of us, information that should not be withheld from public view.

Self-care is also a big theme in this chart, as Neptune opposes Venus in Virgo, where she is keen on health and taking care of the physical body. Neptune in Pisces is an ongoing lesson on our connection to our higher self, teaching us how to use our intuition to guide us, while Virgo is a much more practical and mental sign where Venus is looking at taking the necessary steps to create optimal health and well-being. So many of us are burnt out overworking, just trying to make ends meet, and/or stressed out about a very unstable and volatile atmosphere where political parties, races, genders and all sorts of "binaries" are being pitted against each other in an attempt to distract us from the REAL issues that we are facing. I am referring to the state of semi-slavery based on the debt economy that most of us find ourselves in, along with the wars, genocide and depopulation agendas that accompany it. By listening deeply to our inner voice, which is sometimes a meek whisper compared to the loud, incessant nagging of our egos that chastise, criticize or otherwise diminish us, we will learn to tune into our heart space for the only guidance we need, and the only one that truly has our best interests at heart. That guidance will lead us to the optimal experiences for ourselves and for the co-creation with others of the world of our dreams. With every thought and action based on compassion, trust, and love, we create a world where respect and mutual agreements to always honor the Earth and those who came before us take precedence over greed and the need for power over others. To love and support one another with an economic system that fosters partnership instead of competition, to take care of our young by including the elders in their lives and vice versa...

this is the world that I choose to create with my thoughts, feelings and intentions. And with Jupiter in the successful Earth sign of Capricorn, in a trine to Venus and a sextile to Neptune, that dream becomes a tangible reality that only needs more of us to tap into and create. The time to do this is NOW ~ I invite you to join me in the co-creation of the New Earth. Aho!

In gratitude,

Sarah Songbird

Please check out my website for information about my services. I offer Crystal Energy Therapy sessions, Family Constellations and Astrology readings.

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