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New Moon in Libra, October 6th, 2021

With a very unusual stellium (group) of four planets in the sign of liberty, equality and justice (Libra), we are seeking harmony in a world that is offering little if any to satisfy our desire. Mercury and Mars join forces with the Sun and Moon to remind us that harmony must be found first within before it can manifest in the world at large. How is that even possible when that world is desperately trying to steer us in a direction that we may not want to take, and when poised debate based on reason and logic has been thrown asunder with the censorship of any and all information that may challenge the status quo? And where people are losing their lives and livelihoods because of mandates based on the assumptions that "one size fits all" and that Big Brother knows best...?

Truly, this chart is telling us to take the time to go within, no matter what kind of chatter and disruption is happening on the outside. In addition to every transpersonal planet now being retrograde (Jupiter through Pluto, including the asteroid Chiron), we also have Mercury who has been retrograde since September 27th. Since the Sun and Moon are always direct, that leaves us only two planets that could potentially be retrograde but aren't: Venus and Mars. However, they are both still debilitated in each other's signs, which indicates a chart with almost no forward movement and where most of the activity is happening within our own consciousness, whether we are aware of this or not.

As such, this chart is extremely powerful and beneficial for taking inner actions such as setting intentions, prayer and meditation, and dreaming into existence the world that we chose. When I say dream the world into existence, I am not referring to an idle or passing thought of a utopian future that may or may not happen, and that at this point may seem rather unlikely. I am speaking of sustained thought and vision, which if practiced regularly and concurrently with others who have the same or similar dreams, will inevitably result in the materialization of those dreams and visions. According to the laws of the universe, such as the law of attraction, the outcome is 100 percent the result of the thoughts (energy) that created it. I believe the world is the sum total of our collective thoughts and desires up until the present. If enough of us are dreaming about a world of harmony and balance, where war no longer serves any purpose and where humans live peacefully alongside the rest of Creation, then so will it be. This chart invites us to dream that world into being, and to watch how it unfolds in the coming months and years. It will not be easy, and we will be tempted to give up hope at times - but by holding firm and staying true to our vision, it will come to be.

In our search for balance and harmony, Chiron, the Wounded Healer, is stepping up to the plate to offer us the experiences necessary for our evolution. In Aries, he is focused on healing Self, while opposing the Sun, Moon and Mars in Libra, the sign of Other. This brings to the forefront the circumstances necessary for growth in relationships, and whether the result of painful conflict or enlightening conversation, resolution is on the horizon. Remember, we heal our relationship to Self through our relationship to Other, and vice-versa. Yet another reason to go within and contemplate the implications of our communications with friends, family and all those with whom we interact.

Chiron is teaching us to 1) become aware of what is out of harmony or balance, and 2) change whatever programs or beliefs that may be keeping us in patterns of disharmony, such as the belief in scarcity, the program of fear (largely fueled by the media coverage of the plandemic) or of separation, all of which are non-truths. I believe these are thought-forms, much like computer programs, that have been installed onto our hard drive (brain) by religious, cultural and parental conditioning, originating hundreds if not thousands of years ago. Here we have an opportunity to re-program, even rewire our brains and nervous systems to function according to the programs that WE want to be running there, instead of the ones installed without our knowledge or consent.

I do not often talk about Black Moon Lilith, which is not a planet or asteroid, but a mathematical calculation that represents the point of the Moon's orbit farthest from the Earth. However, her position here is noteworthy: in a Yod (or Finger of God) aspect with Neptune and Mercury, this is precisely what is needed for the deletion of the old files of fear, trauma, lack, etc. Lilith represents our hidden inner power, which becomes activated when we stand up for something in opposition to what we know to be untrue or evil. Neptune in Pisces is redesigning the image in alignment to Divine Truth, while Lilith in Taurus is removing the outdated files and grounding in the new image. Mercury in Libra is working with our higher self to rewrite the program to be in alignment with our highest values of freedom and justice for all beings. All three are retrograde, making this a powerful inner process that will eventually manifest in the material world, as long as these thoughts and images are supported and maintained through intentional prayer and ritual. Please keep in mind that whatever you are thinking and feeling during this impressionable time will likely materialize at some point. By holding our thoughts in highest integrity we will create the world that we want to live in and offer to our children, and all future generations. The time to create this future is NOW.

Jupiter in Aquarius is in a square aspect with Lilith. She is on the receiving end of a powerful influx of energy related to the People, and also to technology. Mercury is trining Jupiter and can also represent technology, particularly that involved with communication. Isn't it interesting to note that Facebook and its subsidiaries Whatsapp and Instagram were taken off-grid yesterday? Speculations as to why are running rampant, of course, while a simple explanation could potentially be found by looking at the interactions of the planets just prior to this new Moon in Libra. More details will be forthcoming, assuredly.

Standing up to technologies based on greed and inherently anti-human, including the introduction of AI into the human body via experimental injections, Black Moon Lilith simultaneously receives a unanimous vote to empower humans to overcome our own perceived shortcomings and welcomes the technologies, such as free energy and scalar healing, that have been kept from us for decades if not centuries. Saturn and Jupiter, both in Aquarius, will be moving direct later this month, on the 10th and 18th respectively. This will herald a shift in the energies, allowing our visualizations to begin materializing into 3-D and 5-D realities. More information can be found here on this subject.

Uranus continues to plow his way through Taurus (the most earthy of the signs), sparking seismic activity, such as powerful earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, the likes of which we haven't seen in decades. In 2001, Dr. Simon Day (University College London) and Dr. Steven Ward (University of California) warned that the eruption of Cumbre Vieja on the Canary Island of La Palma could potentially result in a landslide that would create a huge tsunami capable of devastating the entire east coast of the United States with projected waves of 50 meters high. These findings were downplayed by other scientists since then, but I can't help but wonder about the synchronicity of events here. Similarly, Uranus is preparing to wreak havoc on the global financial system in the coming weeks. We can expect inflation and disruptions in commercial trade (already happening), and perhaps a financial debacle that will make the crashes of 1929 and 2008 seem like picnics.

These two seismic events, the tsunami and the financial crash, would be typical expressions of Uranus in Taurus, particularly as he opposes the Sun and Moon in Scorpio for the next new Moon on November 4th. Venus, in the last degrees of Scorpio (considered malefic in traditional astrology), is the silent ruler of this chart. Almost every planet, except for Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto, answers to her alone. This could literally go either way. Perhaps we are looking at the annihilation of the entire East Coast of the US, plus many other coastal localities in Europe and South America. Maybe we are staring into the fang-lined jaws of the great beast of global finance, about to collapse, taking down as many with him as he can. Or... we are being asked, challenged even, to turn this thing around.

We are witnessing the last gasps of a civilization that has been running for thousands of years on the blood, sweat and tears of a huge majority of humans for the profit of a very small minority. That minority is hell-bent on creating a new world order following the 2030 agenda known as the Great Reset, which is nothing but a globalist take-over of the world where corporations get to decide our future instead of humans. Disguised as an earth-friendly yet "smart" system allowing us humans live in modern cities and to "own nothing and be happy", it draws people in by creating fear, and then offering a solution by coercing us to give up our rights and freedom as we comply to their demands. Black Moon Lilith says "No Freaking Way!" and Venus says "Patience, my Love". The interesting thing is, the globalists know their days are numbered. With their fear and control-based mentalities, they cannot attain the spiritual maturity it takes to live in the world that Humans are now creating with our thoughts of world peace, harmony and love.

The age of Aquarius awaits us with open arms. But in order to gain access to that 5-D reality, we must first prove to ourselves that we are ready, by raising our frequencies through the arts of forgiveness and unconditional love, both attributes of Venus. The time is NOW ~ let us begin by following the guidance that this chart offers us. The inwardly focused energies we see displayed here are in service to a vision of peace, harmony, abundance and prosperity for ALL.

In Gratitude,

Sarah Songbird

As always, I am here to support you in your quest for getting to know yourself through Astrology, to resolve challenging dynamics using Crystal Constellations, and to find heightened awareness, health and well-being through Crystal Energy Therapy. Please check out my website for more information, and don't hesitate to contact me to set up a reading or session at

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