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New Moon in Pisces

February 23rd, 2020 at 10:31 AM, CDT

Once again, the Sun-Moon couple reign with poise and stability in the middle of an impressive stellium (group of planets) that spans across five signs, from Capricorn to early Taurus. At 4º Pisces, this New Moon invites us to dive into the vast expanse of our inner landscape while being grounded in stable Earth signs (Capricorn and Taurus) where Mars and Uranus are holding the down the fort. Aided by Neptune, still in his own sign of Pisces, where he will be for another few years, and Mercury retrograde who is also in that watery sign, the New Moon opens the doorway into our dreams, giving wings to our imagination, limited only by an infinite inner universe just waiting to be explored.

Flanked on one side by Mars in Capricorn, also at 4º and therefore in a harmonious sextile aspect (60º) with the Sun-Moon couple, this speaks of grounding the Piscean visions into Capricornian realism and practicality. This is an ideal time to explore the unconscious programming that we wish to understand and then release from our field, whether it originates in this lifetime or another (south node of the Moon conjunct Mars).

On the other side of the stellium is Uranus at 3º Taurus, also forming a harmonious sextile with the Sun and Moon, and therefore a trine (120º) with Mars. With both Mars and Uranus in Earth signs, this is really good news for psychonauts who would rather their visions be grounded and remembered than lost forever in inner-space. Grounding means stability, which offers a platform into the next state of being – bringing these visions down to the level of our physical reality gives us the opportunity to integrate them into our entire being and allow them to be part of our conscious awareness rather than a fleeting reality that escapes us as soon as we return to our “normal” state of being. Meditating at this time has the potential for operating lasting change in the way we show up, for ourselves and in the world in general.

During these explorations there will be a tendency to look for the wounding (Chiron and Lilith in Aries) that lies behind the conditioning (programming) we spoke of earlier. What is my relationship to my Self? And what priority do I give to self-care? Am I disciplined in the actions that benefit my body? Venus in Aries squared Jupiter in Capricorn are asking us to consider our physical routines and adjust them to accommodate our body’s true needs. Pluto in Capricorn is also squaring Venus in Aries, which brings opportunity for transformation, particularly in our relationship to our Self – not necessarily an easy process, but one that has the potential to offer us the state of mind and body that we all desire for ourselves: peace, abundant energy and well-being. This would be a good time to refocus attention on the activities that bring us physical harmony and emotional balance. Treat yourself by doing a cleanse, taking up yoga or qi-gong, or creating a healthy body routine that suits your needs and lifestyle. My preference is a month-long Ayurvedic cleanse that I practice twice yearly to reset my body to a healthy routine – and this is the perfect time to do so, at least in places like New Orleans that observe Mardi Gras, just as our ancestors observed fasting at this time of year until the bitter spring greens appear to cleanse our gut of the winter’s heavy fare. Perhaps the most important aspect of all is to remember to give thanks for your body, for the food that graces your table, and for all the beings that have given of their energy and their essence so that you might live and thrive.

Saturn is fast approaching the cusp of his home sign of Capricorn, poised to transition into Aquarius in the coming month, following the Equinox. Interestingly, he is also the ancient ruler of Aquarius, now ruled by Uranus, with whom he is entering into a challenging square (90º) aspect. This speaks of the potential for temptations of comfort and sensual stimulation to distract us from self-care routines, but it can also indicate just the opposite: opportunities to break free from old patterns that no longer serve us, including activities we may have transformed into mind-numbing distractions (obsessive tv, games, etc.) or other addictive behaviors. Presence and awareness of our motivations and the reasons behind our actions is key to changing whatever is not serving our highest and greatest good.

In conclusion, this New Moon in Pisces has all of the elements for a reset of our objectives as it relates to our physical, mental and emotional states of being. By using these energies in a conscious and intentional manner, we can refocus our attention away from mental obsession with the things that we do not like about ourselves towards our inner landscapes and our physical bodies with love and appreciation for that which is working well, thus paving the way for greater harmony and ease of being. Wishing you a beneficial time for cleansing and the positive reset of your total Self!

In Gratitude,

Sarah Songbird

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