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New Moon in Pisces, March 10th, 2024

What are you ready to let go of? What can you release right now, that will lighten your burden and clarify your path? Now is the time. All new Moons have this quality of enabling us to release something in order to bring something even better into our lives. But this one… is THE Moon of release, surrender and letting go. Why? Because she is in Pisces, the ultimate sign of dissolution into the greater whole. Additionally, she is flanked by Neptune, the god of dissolution himself, and Saturn, master of discernment, both in Pisces.

Granted, this can be a time of discomfort, confusion and uneasiness, because we are faced with the Great Unknown, and we must learn to trust or inner compass rather than rely on the mind, intellect or reason to get us through. You might think of this like the final moment just prior to the birth of a baby or even a project, potentially rife with confusion and doubt, but also with hope and anticipation. This is a time when your positive intentions and thoughts will have more weight than you may realize, where it is important to stay focused on your purpose and objectives. It can be a beautiful, magical time as well, allowing us to come into contact with the Great Mystery and our highest truth.

This is the last lunation before the Sun’s annual entrance into Aries, the first sign of the Zodiac. Otherwise known as the Spring Equinox, this really should be the actual New Year for the Northern Hemisphere, heralding the arrival of Spring with longer and warmer days and the prospect of abundance and ease. We have only been celebrating the New Year on January 1st for the past 400 years or so, ever since the imposition of the Gregorian calendar upon society by Pope Gregory XIII, at a time when great thinkers were perceived as a threat to the status quo and time was used as a tool of control. It might be “time” to rethink our calendar, and come up with one that takes into account the movements of both the Sun and the Moon, all the while respecting our natural rhythms and those of the Earth herself. Time is a mental construct - why not have it conform to OUR rhythms, rather than the other way around? Which reminds me of the absurdity of daylight savings time, that went into effect over night in most states in the US, except for Arizona and Hawaii, and several territories.

A key element to this new Moon is the square (90º) aspect that Mars is making with Uranus over the weekend. This is the warrior grappling with obstacles, or having sudden breakthroughs, where those prone to accidents should take special care and athletes may attain unexpected heights in their performance. Our endeavors will be boosted or possibly hindered by these energies, particularly if we don’t pay attention to our inner guidance and intuitive hits. This is truly the key to navigating these days just before the Spring Equinox. Meditate, contemplate, take time to listen to what is alive in your inner world.

With that, I offer you a brief horoscope for this powerful time. These are valid for both Sun and Rising signs.



This dreamy new Moon is in your 12th house of the occulted, hidden parts of yourself. Meditation or deep contemplation may bring heretofore unseen issues to light. With Saturn and Neptune as co-creators, expect such a deep dive to bear its fruit, elucidating potentially problematic dynamics in order to transform them into gifts.


As a Taurean, the realm of your peers, friends and allies is activated by this lunation. This could be a time of dissolution of previous bonds, or creation of new ones. Either way, there is a sense of expansion and connection to a greater whole for you at this time.


Gemini’s will have their intuitive awareness heightened as it relates to their position in the world-at-large, whether through work, business, volunteer activities or simply as community members. As with all new Moons, there are endings and new beginnings, however this one is likely to go deep into the dissolution of relationships, career paths, etc., opening the door to deepened alignment with one’s purpose.


Cancer natives will see this Piscean influence in their spiritual practice or their need to discover the world. This may be the birth of a quest or journey that you begin, for the enrichment of your mind, heart and soul. Shamanic journeys are not excluded! Be creative and find the best avenue for your highest and greatest good.


For Leo’s, there is a notion of karmic give and take. You may gain valuable insight about what you owe or are owed by others; in other words, your quantum entanglements. This might actually be a good time for you to play the lottery, if you have a hunch that you might win!


This new Moon will play out in the realm of relationship for you. Deep revelations about who you are in relation to others, a new relationship or the dissolution of an existing one are in play at this time.


This is about what you are willing to sacrifice for the betterment of your situation. Is the work you are doing worth the effort? You may need to take some time to reflect upon this - sometimes it’s better to cut our losses while we’re still ahead.


Scorpio’s should have fun with this new Moon, or at least experience a change from their usual “dive into the abyss” mentality, and instead allow the sacred feminine to lead them on a journey that feeds their sense of joy and wonder.


These natives will experience this new Moon as it relates to home, family, ancestors and foundations. Perhaps a move is in the workings, or a family member is exiting this plane of existence. Ancestral work can be very fruitful at this time.


Capricorns, you may have important insights when it comes to your place in your culture, your neighborhood or whatever environment you belong to. This could also pertain to your siblings, and a potential change in your ways of interacting.


In your second house of resources, this powerful new Moon has the potential to give you a keen edge when it comes to financial and business decisions, as long as you do not limit yourself to your intellect, and instead open up to receiving information from the great expanse of your inner wealth.


This new Moon offers you an opportunity to grow and deepen your already expansive intuitive abilities. Did you know that Einstein was a Pisces? He did not discount his intuition, and on the contrary used it to complement his phenomenal intellect. This may offer you insights into what you want to become, whether it relates to health, appearance or how you show up in the world.

I am now offering all my services online: Crystal Energy Therapy, Crystal Constellations, Family Constellations and Personalized Astrology. Please check out my offerings, and thank you for reading. Happy New Moon!

In Gratitude,

Sarah Songbird

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