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New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aries, April 8th, 2024

  1. Overview of this New Moon Solar Eclipse

  2. New Moon in Aries

  3. Sun and Moon conjunct Chiron

  4. Jupiter conjunct Uranus in Taurus

  5. Horoscopes

  6. Nineveh and final words

So, here we are, at the threshold of one of the most important, if not THE most important astrological event of the year: the Great North American Solar Eclipse. There has been a lot of chatter on the web, some fear-mongering, some out-right ridiculousness… and some very interesting information. I will approach it from the perspective of symbolism, which Astrology already does, but I will add in my own synthesis of what this means for us individually, through the horoscopes, and also at the collective level.

Firstly, we must realize that this is the beginning of a new phase, one that lasts roughly 18 years. That’s how long it takes for the North node of the Moon to move back (the movement of the nodes is always retrograde) to this sign and begin a new phase. The sign of Aries, the 1st sign of the Zodiac, is a place of new beginnings, and new Moons also have this significance. The Sun is exalted in Aries, where he shows up in rare form, ready to roll.

Mars, god of war and conquest, is the ruler of this eclipse. He, too, is all about new beginnings, moving forward, taking action and getting things done. However, it’s important to see how he is doing in this chart. In Pisces, a Venus and Jupiter ruled sign, which is all about cooperation, compassion and flow, he must bide his time and adapt to the rules of his hosts. He is also just 1º from Saturn, who slows down Mars’ desire to just break away and move forward, full speed ahead.

Mercury, too, has an important role to play. Having just turned retrograde in Aries on April 2nd, he will appear to move backwards through the sign until April 26th. In doing so, he will re-encounter the Sun, Moon, Chiron and Venus, and revisit the degrees of the Solar eclipse and the North Node. Whatever was activated during the eclipse, Mercury is giving us the opportunity to go back and revise the things that may need revision, and perhaps rethink our strategy before moving forward. This dovetails nicely with Mars having to hold back from acting rashly, which is certainly a blessing in disguise: although this eclipse is calling for bold action, for such a powerful movement, we definitely want to have all our ducks in a row before making any type of life-altering decisions!

With that being said, let’s take a look at the specifics of this eclipse:

New Moon in Aries.

This is a time of new beginnings, with a feeling of wanting to move forward and go beyond dynamics that have been weighing us down for some time now… how about 18 years or so? Aries, sign of the Vernal Equinox, epitomizes the emergence into the Springtime energies of new growth and new life, after the past 3 months of hibernation. April 1st was once celebrated as the New Year, before we were shamed for having such beliefs and being in alignment with the actual rhythms of the seasons.

Today, society has become so out of touch with these natural rhythms that we are expected to maintain the same schedules in our lives, year-in and year-out. Perhaps this new Moon in Aries is a chance for us to reset our values and priorities, favoring our innate sense of balance between work, rest and play over a schedule imposed by economic priorities that are fear-based and unnatural, and ultimately detrimental to human health and well-being.

Sun and Moon exactly conjunct Chiron - down to the precise degree and minute!

An extremely rare occurrence, the precise alignment of these three cosmic bodies is nothing short of extraordinary. Chiron is an asteroid named after the centaur in Greek mythology, also known as the Wounded Healer, who sacrificed his own life in exchange for the release of Prometheus from eternal suffering. Prometheus, punished for having given fire to humanity, was bound to a rock where an eagle would come devour his liver each day, only to have it grow back overnight, repeating the process ad-infinitum. Chiron shows us the wounding that becomes activated again and again until we have thoroughly acknowledged and integrated the lessons that must be learned. Once that happens, we are freed from the shackles of our wound, just as Prometheus was freed by Chiron's sacrifice. In our shared experience, this aspect may be showing us the wounding that has been present in the collective for a very long time.

In Aries, the most masculine sign of the Zodiac, this denotes the Sacred Masculine, or Yang energy of the Tao. Interestingly, the Sabian symbol of the degree where the eclipse falls is: A Young Person Feeding Birds In Winter. From “Sabian Symbols” by Lynda Hall, we read: This symbol shows the ability to to help those in need of help, to provide safety, security, nourishment or emotional support, especially to those who may not know how to solve their problems themselves. Nurturing innocence. Feeding energy to situations that feel cold, hopeless and lost. Small efforts bringing their own rewards. Counseling. Taking time out for others.

This sounds to me like the perfect representation of Chiron, who was known and revered for his ability to teach and heal others through the transmutation of his own wounds, that were impossible to heal on the physical plane, but that provided him with piercing insight to help others heal their wounds. And ultimately he gave up his own life to save another from eternal suffering… a theme that we just visited last Easter weekend. Some are saying that this eclipse is happening on what would normally be Easter, if a different calendar was being used. Either way, this theme is certainly being activated by the eclipse at this time.

Jupiter conjunct Uranus in Taurus.

The other major astrological event of the year occurs just 12 days after the eclipse: Jupiter conjunct Uranus. These two come together every 14 years or so, but in Taurus, the last time this happened was in 1941. Uranus, the planet of revolution, breakthrough and sudden change, meets Jupiter, the Great Benefic, god of abundance, justice and social order. In the sign of Taurus, this denotes positive breakthroughs and changes in the material realms, from our own personal situations to the state of the world, and everything in between. One analogy could be receiving unexpected funding for creating a pollinator garden in your neighborhood. At a more collective level, a charismatic orator, having come out of seemingly nowhere, convinces officials from both sides of a conflict to engage in peace talks, thereby creating a temporary cease-fire. Taurus, a Venus-ruled sign, is all about cooperation, beauty, abundance and ease. In some ways, this aspect offers the finishing touches to the transformational theme we are experiencing with the eclipse, this time bringing it undeniably into material manifestation.

HOROSCOPES: these apply to your Sun sign or to you Rising or Ascendant sign.


Talk about transformation of Self! Y’all are doing this eclipse in style, and are in it for the long haul! Whether you want to change something about your image or how you show up in the world, you are in the process of some deep healing, or perhaps just getting a glimpse of the healing path you are embarking upon. Either way, you can expect to see a profound transformation take place, particularly in your sense of who you are, in the coming months.


For you Taureans, the healing taking place will happen in ways you may not be aware of immediately. Deep wounds may surface over time, or you will notice a difference in how you approach your unconscious process, perhaps thanks to meditation practice or other inner work.  This can result in unexpected changes in your lifestyle or self-image.


Gemini’s, expect a major shift in your group of friends and/or allies. Feelings may be hurt and loyalties may change, but don’t be too alarmed, this is all in the name of dealing with your wounds, which will make you stronger. There may also be setbacks or challenges in your career or workplace, but you, as a Gemini, have what it takes to recreate alliances that serve you best. Just be careful not to gossip or share too much - this is your boomerang Achilles heel!


For you Cancerians, the transformation will definitely affect your work, your career, or your contribution as a member of society. Unexpected alliances may form to your benefit, and inspire you to make the changes necessary for your life’s evolution. You may also find it beneficial to explore a new belief system or take classes that expand your ability to have a positive effect in the world.


Leo’s are transforming their way of looking at life with the help of a new philosophy or by adding a new tool to their tool belt. Perhaps your wounding is from your religious upbringing, and you discover a spiritual tool that helps you overcome deep-seated anger or fear stemming from your experience. Be gentle with yourself during this transformative phase.


These natives are transforming their relationship to the people and things they may be dependent upon for their perceived well-being. Just know that whatever your wounding is, you can say No! In fact, by putting an end to co-dependent relationships, you are taking the first step towards your own emotional health and well-being. A breakthrough in the area of your spiritual practice may be imminent.


You Librans are looking at a profound change in the way you do relationship. Whether regarding an intimate partnership or not, this eclipse is inviting you to examine your motives for being in relationship, and if there is ego involved, chances are it is not serving you well. That ego can be from both sides, and probably is, since it takes two to tango! Remember to uphold your values when entering into a relationship, and know that relationships also help us to heal.


One of the more difficult placements, Scorpio’s are facing a challenge: what must I sacrifice in order to heal this deep wound? There is something in your life that needs to be let go of, whether a relationship, an addiction, a negative attitude… The good news is that you will be seeing an unexpected and positive change in your relationships, perhaps as the result of your letting go of whatever doesn’t serve you now. Hang in there, Scorpio’s!


The eclipse is taking place in your 5th house of creativity, which brings any creative project - starting a business, settling down and starting a family, creating art, etc. - to the forefront. Breakthroughs can be expected, although it may take longer and require more effort than you originally thought. Be aware of foundational issues, and utilize the Mercury retrograde to revise and revisit your endeavor.


Guys, be ready to have your foundations rocked, with potential wake-ups and shake-ups in your home and family life. This is not a bad thing - the revealing and healing of ancient wounds, perhaps originating from generations past, can bring about the peace and emotional clarity that you’ve been seeking. Some sort of ancestral work, such as Family Constellations, could be useful for you at this time.


The transformation brought on by this eclipse applies to your immediate environment - the people you surround yourself with, the culture you live in, or even the place where you live. A physical move may be on the horizon, or perhaps a change in your virtual landscape, or with the people you deal with on a daily basis. Some temporary financial restraint (such as the cost of a move) may be the result of this change, but it will greatly improve your foundations and sense of stability.


For these natives, expect big transformation around money and finances, which may come at a cost - of having to hold back or control your natural tendency to float off into the Universe! Self-discipline is required for this change to happen, but it will be well worth it! A very positive change of scenery or pace is on the horizon for you.

I would like to touch on one last theme, which is not exactly astrological, but that I believe has significance: the path of darkness of this eclipse touches 7 towns by the name of Nineveh, an ancient city of Mesopotamia, that existed at least 6000 years ago. While the Bible refers to this city as being full of sin and debauchery, modern research has shown it to have been a great center for arts and culture, housing a library of over 30,000 volumes in the form of clay tablets, and it is probably the actual place where the Hanging Gardens of Babylon were built. What might this mean for us today?

Astrology is based on deriving meaning from symbols. Numerology works in a similar way, and Seven is a sacred number: 4 (matter) plus 3 (spirituality) equals 7, the number of fullness and completeness. It is the number of both Athena and Minerva, Greek and Roman goddesses of war and protectresses of the city. The fact that Nineveh shows up 7 times on the path of totality during this eclipse could be telling us that society as we know it, at its pinnacle of cultural, technological and economic development AND the corruption that underlies a civilization based on greed and unfettered consumption, may be nearing its end. And/or, this could mean that we will need to fight in order to protect our communities from the destruction of ethical values and morality that is sweeping across this nation and others at this time. Eclipses have historically been feared for their foreboding of extreme events, such as the inevitable collapse of empires. Is this what we are looking at?

Life will continue, regardless of whether our fragile society does or not. And I say fragile, because excluding the weak, the poor and the suffering, using economic and strategic measures to maintain a parasitic ruling class that feeds off the rest of us, is the definition of unsustainable. Many empires have fallen before, and the one we currently live in, that some call the 4th Reich, based on the mis-use and mis-appropriation of money and resources and the oppression of the weak, is no exception. Human values of cooperation, compassion and caring for one another have been replaced by “win-at-all-cost” and “survival of the fittest” ideologies that represent the corruption of the Sacred Masculine principle, whose true role is to protect and support the Sacred Feminine, giver of all Life. Instead we have been subjected to the Wounded Masculine, that has been competing with and annihilating the Sacred Feminine for many millennia.

We must also beware of the false claims of “equity, diversity and inclusivity” and “climate change” being used to justify further attacks on our sovereignty and our constitutional and human rights. I am proud to say that my state of Louisiana just passed a bill in the Senate, 37-0, that “blocks the WHO (World Health Organization), UN (United Nations) and WEF (World Economic Forum) from imposing Rule, Regulation, Fee, Tax, Policy or Mandate of Any Kind.” This is a landmark event, and the bill will probably pass the House, making it the first bill of its kind to become state law. Hopefully other states will follow suit, and other countries as well. These unelected bureaucrats have no business telling us what we can and cannot do, based on pseudoscience and their own greedy objectives.

What will it take for us to realize the utter futility of the endless wars being foisted upon us from all sides, the lashing out of the Wounded Masculine, who really only wants to be loved and cared for? And respected. These wars are being waged by the same bureaucrats, “leaders” and oligarchs that have driven the majority of the population of the planet into poverty, without our knowledge or consent, draining our tax dollars and destroying innocent lives in the name of revenge and righteousness… enough is enough! The military industrial complex and the corporations and individuals that support it have wreaked enough havoc on our beautiful planet and her inhabitants.

The time has come for a world-wide uprising, not to counter these forces with weapons or violence, but rather to stand up and say, No, Thank You! en masse and in no uncertain terms. Participation in mass meditations has been proven to reduce crime and violence significantly. Coming together in communities to hold peace vigils and discuss solutions to the issues we have been faced with for a while, but especially in the past 4 years (inflation, censorship, illegal and unconstitutional mandates, the poisoning of our food air and water, illegal mass immigration… just to name a few) could be very beneficial.

What would you do? What ideas can you offer to help Humanity transition into its next iteration, Homo sanctus? Please feel free to comment below!

Change is upon us, and this powerful eclipse may very well be the gateway for the transformation Humanity has been dreaming about to finally materialize on the Earth plane.

Thank you for reading, and I wish you all a beautiful, safe and transformative solar eclipse!

In Gratitude,

Sarah Songbird

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